Top 10 tourist places in Kerala

Resting in the southern part of India, with the high hills of Western ghats bordering in the East and the Arabian Sea in the West, Kerala is a beautiful land. Its lush green environs, balmy beaches, and enchanting backwaters earned it the sobriquet ‘God’s own Country‘. Once you visit the land you will feel that the terminology has no tinge of exaggeration in it.

Most tourists, with a limited holiday time, find it difficult to decide which place to visit in Kerala. Surprisingly, the region has something to offer to everyone. Its rich history, monuments bearing brilliant architecture, evergreen forests, and adventure activities provide an opportunity for everyone to have a sojourn of their dreams.

Here is a list of the very best places to visit in Kerala. It makes sure that you will get to experience all the joys that the land has to offer.


Cruising through the backwaters of Alappuzha in the traditional boats is an experience unique to Kerala. The boats, called ‘Kettuvellams‘, have all the facilities of a house, including a bedroom, kitchen, sit-outs. A trip that lasts a whole day is at once exciting and relaxing. Most tour agencies provide traditional Kerala lunch with Karimeen Pollichathu – a local delicacy. Surely, you will find yourself rejuvenated after such a cruise.


Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala. Home to several historical monuments and palaces, it is the best place for history and architecture lovers. The Kuthiramalika Palace, Kowdiar Palace, Kanakakkunnu Palace, and Sree Padmanabha Swami temple are awe-inspiring monuments that proclaim the history and architectural brilliance of the people of Kerala.


If you want to see the blend of old and the new, Kochi is the best place for you. It consists of places like Fort Kochi and Mattanchery- where you will find ancient Jain temples, Jewish synagogue, and Churches from the colonial era- and a metro city with huge shopping malls, metro rail service, amusement park, and many such modern wonders.


For someone tormented by the loud noises, pollution, and hurry-burry of urban life, Munnar is a perfect getaway. Situated at an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level, the hill station has some enchanting sights that allure tourists to it. The view of the mist kissed hills and verdant valleys soothe the soul. You can involve in boating, cycling, and trekking, which will bloat out the last ounce of stress from you.


Wayanad is a lovely place for nature lovers and anthropologists. The Edakkal caves, which consist of rock paintings from the Neolithic period, are the greatest attraction here. The land is replete with many waterfalls, hills, lakes, and forests. Make sure to visit the Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, where a variety of animals including tigers, elephants, bison, and different types of birds can be spotted.


If you yearn to spend some time on a beautiful beach, Kovalam is the place for you. The exotic seashore with its white sandy beach extending many kilometers is the perfect spot for sunbathing and beach sports. The shallow water is safe for a refreshing swim. You can also enjoy the exquisite view of the sunset, which paints crimson shades in the blue sky.

Guruvayoor Srikrishna Temple

Guruvayoor temple is one of the most prominent Hindu temples in Kerala. The shrine has many legends associated with it including its origin. Devotees believe that the town was chosen by lord Krishna to ensconce his temple at Dwaraka. You can meditate in the tranquil environment and marvel at the brilliant architecture of the temple complex.


Located in the Palakkad district, Malambuzha is an exciting place to visit in Kerala. The Malabuzha dam, which is surrounded by lush greenery is at once stunning and alluring. The garden nearby is best for picnicking. It houses the famous Yakshi statue. You can enjoy the landscape on a cable car ride, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the whole region. Children will love the toy train ride and the fish-shaped aquarium that displays many varieties of aqua fauna.

Thrissur Pooram

Conducted annually in the Vadakkumnatha temple in Thrissur, the Thrissur Pooram is an exciting festival that attracts a huge crowd. The extensive fireworks, one-day-long percussion, decorated elephants, and colorful Kudamattom make it a unique event. You can plan your trip to Kerala during May to get a first-hand experience of the exciting festival

Nehru Trophy Boat race

The Nehru trophy is a traditional boat race conducted during the Onam season. It is exhilarating to see 100 oarsmen throwing their blades in unison with the tune of traditional folk songs called Vanchippatu. Though several categories of boats participate in the event, the race of Chundan Vallams (snake boats) is the most thrilling. It will be an experience of a lifetime if you get to attend the festival.


The aforementioned are the most alluring places and events that are worth a visit during your Kerala tour. You can either choose those destinations you like or visit all of them if you have got the time. It assured that you will enjoy every single moment in the charming land. Hence make sure to include these places in your itinerary on a visit to Kerala.



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