Palakkad Tourist Places

Known as the rice bowl of Kerala, Palakkad is famous for its vast paddy fields and beautiful villages. The district acts as the gateway to Kerala as it has a low mountain pass in the Western Ghats. The pass leads to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Palakkad hence is a mix of Kerala and Tamil cultures. There are many places in the land attracting a great many tourists.

The Silent Valley National Park is the foremost attraction. Its tranquil environment houses diverse flora and fauna and is an idyllic holiday destination. The historic Palakkad fort, constructed in French style and the adjacent museum are worth a visit. The Malambuzha dam and garden are a majestic sight. The tribal village of Attappadi beckons travelers to it with its unique culture and charming environment. Thus Palakkad is one of the unique tourist places to visit in Kerala.

Tourist Places in Palakkad

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    Silent Valley National Park

    Silent Valley National Park is a foremost tourist destination in Kerala. Located in Nilgiri hills, it is spread over an area of 89.52 square kilometers and has a buffer zone spanning 148 square kilometers. The tropical evergreen forest is home to rich biodiversity and has many rare varieties of flora and fauna. It is also part of the Western Ghats World Heritage Center, which was recognized by UNESCO in 2007. The endangered Lion-tailed Macaque is found in the region. Moreover, 16 bird species, 34 types of mammals, 730 kinds of insects, and a large variety of trees and plants make the place a nature lover’s paradise.

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    Malampuzha Dam

    Malampuzha Dam is the largest water reservoir in Kerala. With a total length of 2070 meters, the dam is also the longest in Kerala. It was constructed in 1955, with a capacity of 8000 cubic meters. The total catchment area is around 145 square kilometers. There are many tourist attractions near Malambuzha like the garden, Yakshi sculpture, Fish-shaped aquarium, and so on. The cable car ride here gives an eagle’s eye view of the beautiful area covered in lush greenery and well-kept meadows.

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    Palakkad Fort

    An ancient monument situated at the heart of Palakkad town, the Palakkad Fort is a busy tourist destination in Kerala. The construction is believed to be very old but was renovated to its present form by Hyder Ali, the Sultan of Mysore, in 1766. Because of its strategic location, it was captured by various colonizers. The thick walls and the surrounding moat filled with water makes the fort unique. The interior of the fort is well landscaped and is best for picnicking.

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    Attappadi is a reserve forest area that is also home to the tribal population of Kerala. The mountain valley area is also a scenic location nestled below the Nilgiri hills. There are some alluring sights in the area, the prominent one being the high Malleswaran peak. Tourists gather here to get a peek at the mountain standing high among the clouds. Few adventure enthusiasts venture to climb the hill, which is not recommendable. The tribal population, consisting of mainly Muduga, Irula, and Kurumba people, attracts anthropologists to Attapadi.

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    Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

    Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a protected area spanning 391 square kilometers. Many tourists make it a point to visit the place while on their Kerala tour as it provides a rare opportunity to see tigers in their natural habitat. The virgin forest on the foothills of Western Ghats is an exquisite beauty. Four indigenous tribes also find their home in this jungle. Settled as six separate colonies the Kadar, Malasar, Muduvar, and Mala Malasar live in perfect harmony with nature. Tourists can involve in trekking and safari and imbibe the exuberant view and breathe in the clean unpolluted air. Hence the place is best to enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala.

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    Jainimedu Jain Temple

    Located three kilometers from the town center, Shri Chandraprabha Digambara Jain temple is a 15th-century shrine. It is dedicated to the Jain Tirthankara by the name Chandraprabha. The temple, which is 32 feet long and 20 feet wide, was built by diamond merchants from Karnataka. It is believed that during the time almost 400 Jian families lived in the vicinity. The tourists are attracted to the historic idols of Jain Tirthankaras and Yashinis in the temple. It is thus the best place to learn about the cultural plurality of Kerala.

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    Nelliampathy is a beautiful hill station in Palakkad that is worth a visit. The mist kissed hills and green valleys here is enough to make anyone ecstatic. Tourists love to visit the coffee and tea plantations in the vicinity. The uniformly pruned plants feel like a green blanket over the hill slopes. Hence the place allures photography enthusiasts. Seetharkundu is the best point to enjoy the view of the deep valley. According to the legend, Rama, Lakshmana, and Seetha rested at this point during their exile. Kesavan para and Pothundi dam are the other attractions in the area. Adding to the beauty of the landscape, few streams flow through the forest. The clear and cool water of these streams invites tourists to take a refreshing bath.

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    Kollengode Palace

    Constructed in 1904 by the Raja of Kollengode, the palace is an architectural marvel in Kerala. King Vasudeva Raja gifted the bungalow to his daughter after the building was completed. In 1975, the Department of Archeology converted it into a museum that houses a collection of murals acquired from all over Kerala. The building is also a treasury of artifacts, megaliths, and manuscripts written on dry palm leaves. The collection of Veerakkallu — the stone sculptures commemorating the war heroes — in the museum is quite astonishing. A combination of traditional Kerala and European architecture make the building stand out from other monuments. Hence the tourist place is the best destination to know about the culture and heritage of Kerala.

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    Dhoni hills

    Dhoni hill is an idyllic location suitable for trekking. The path provides an exciting view of untouched nature. Located close to Malambuzha, many tourists combine the destinations and visit them on the same day. The waterfalls here, named Dhoni falls, is a major attraction. The four kilometers long trekking trail to the cascade is a great adventure. Hence many enthusiasts embark on this trip and have reported feeling satisfied.

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    Kalpathy Temple

    Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanathaswamy temple, popularly known as Kalpathy temple, is a famous Hindu temple located in Palakkad. The 15th-century temple is the site of Kalpathi Ratholsavam — a celebrated temple festival in Kerala. The ten-day festival is marked with the famous event of the devotees drawing the temple chariot through the streets of Kalpathy. The legends associated with the temple and the famous festival attract many pilgrims to Kalpathy Temple.

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    Meenvallam Waterfalls

    An elegant waterfall hidden in the 8 kilometers inside the forest, Meenvallam is a lesser-known destination in Kerala. It has a height of 45 meters and cascades down five steps. The forest surrounding the falls is worth an expedition. The music of the falls combined with the fresh air and the eye-catching greenery make the location suitable for a picnic. Because of the exciting beauty of the area, more and more tourists are visiting the place making Meenvallam falls a growing tourist location.

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    Pothundi Dam

    Constructed in the 19th century, the Pothundi dam is one o the oldest dams in India. It was built for irrigation purposes. Currently, the dam provides water for 13,500 acres of land. The core wall of the earth dam is built with a mixture of jaggery and quick lime, which makes it unique. The lush greenery surrounding the dam has a high number of teak wood trees. As many varieties of fishes are found in the reservoir, fishing is a lucrative activity here. Tourists throng the place to enjoy the elegant view from the top of the dam.

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    Located near Malambuzha, Kava is a picturesque location that attracts tourists visiting Kerala. It is the best place to enjoy the beauty and tranquility that the South Indian state is famous for. With lush greenery, mist kissed hills, river zig-zagging through the valley, Kava is a nature lover’s paradise. Many from far and wide come to the place to unwind and relax from their hectic urban life. The calmness that the place provides is second to none.

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    Kanjirappuzha is a quiet countryside in Palakkad. It is a great place to experience the slow, almost bucolic, nature of the village life in Kerala. Nature has blessed the land with abundant beauty. The green meadows, tall trees, and hilly terrain allure tourists to the region. A masonry earth dam, known popularly as Kanjirappuzha dam, adds to the beauty of the hamlet. Run by the fisheries department, the dam has an established fisheries development program, which consists of a nursery.

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    Pattambi Nercha

    Pattambi Nercha is a famous annual festival associated with Pattambi Mosque. It is an occasion of great joy for the people in the town. Celebrated in memory of Aloor Valiya Pookunjikoya Thangal —a saint who lived in the Malabar region — the event is attended by thousands from many different religious and cultural backgrounds. The town embraces the festivities with beautiful illuminations and colors. Traditional percussions, colorful tableaus, and elephants wearing caparison add to the beauty of the procession. It is thus a great opportunity to experience the culture of Kerala.

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    Yakshi Statue

    The Yakshi statue located in Malambuzha garden is one of the most famous sculptures in Kerala. Created in 1969 by eminent artist Kanayi Kunhiraman, the Yakshi lures millions of tourists and art lovers visiting Kerala. The colossal statue captures both the bewitch ing beauty and ferocity of Malambuzha Yakshi— a mythical demon that drinks the blood of those who falls for her seduction. Carved in stone, the skill and time that took to actualize the figure are awe-inspiring. Hence this is the best tourist place for anyone interested in the art and culture of Kerala.

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    A quaint hamlet located on the banks of the river Bharathapuzha, Ottappalam is a developing tourist destination in Kerala. From the vast paddy fields to swaying palm trees to the gently flowing river, everything here is spellbinding. The scenic location has a reputation among photography enthusiasts and hence many south Indian movies were shot here. Ottappalam also hosts Chinakathoor Pooram, one of the famous temple festivals in Kerala.

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    Thirupuraikkal Temple

    Sri Kachanam Kulam Thirupuraikkal Bhagawathy Temple, known locally as Kannagi Amman temple, is a historic Hindu shrine in Kerala. It is significant as the only religious place of worship in Kerala dedicated to Kannagi in her true form. The traditional pooja ritual of the temple is fascinating as is the main festival. One of the famous religious gatherings in Palakkad, Valiya Aarattu attracts thousands of devotees. Many tourists visit the temple to marvel at the age-old architectural brilliance of the construction.

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    Sree Randu Moorthy Temple

    Located on the banks of the Sokanasini river in Thiruvalathur, Palakkad, Sree Randu Moorthy temple is a renowned Hindu temple in Kerala. The two forms of Goddess Parvathi, Annapooreshwari and Mahishasura Mardini, are worshiped here, earning it the name. This peculiarity does not, however, eclipse the fame of the temple’s architectural beauty. The traditional Kerala style of construction gives the temple a unique charm. The adjacent temple theatre called Koothambalam adds to the structural beauty of the place. Another attraction that lures tourists to the area is the huge Mizhavu, a traditional percussion instrument.

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    Fantasy Park

    Famed as the first-ever amusement park in Kerala, Fantasy Park is a great place to visit on the Kerala tour. It is one of the best locations for those looking for an exciting one day adventure. There are a variety of rides in the park suitable for all age groups. The water rides are of particular interest to children. Watching the 16D Cine Magic Ride is exhilarating. Those who love to travel among the stars can pay a visit to the planetarium and learn a lot about the origin of the universe.

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    Chittoorkavu Devi Temple

    Chittoorkavu Devi Temple is an exceptional location in Palakkad. The temple is also famed as the war memorial. According to the legend Kongan Nadu, a kingdom on the eastern side of the Western Ghats, attacked Chittoor. The ill-equipped Chittoor people nevertheless resisted the attack and defeated the Kongan army. The commoners believe that the victory was because of the grace of the goddess Durga. To this day the Konganpada festival is celebrated annually. Chanthattom is an important ritualistic offering in the temple. The idol turned deep black because of the incessant offering by the devotees over the years.

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    Rock Garden

    Located in Malampuzha, the Rock Garden is the first of its kind in South India. The renowned sculptor Neck Chand Saini designed the garden and was opened to the public in 1996. It displays a large collection of figures of different Kerala art forms, deities, birds, animals, and working-class people. What lures tourists to the spot is that all these beautiful artifacts are made of discarded materials like plastic bottles, cans, rubble, cables, Electric fuse carriers, pieces of granite, stone, and so on. The surrounding mountain ranges filled with greenery adds charm to the location. Hence many tourists on their Kerala tour visit the place.