Kozhikode is also known as Calicut is a historic land in Kerala famous for its trade relations and spices. It is renowned for its multi-religious and multi-ethnic culture since the early medieval period. Many relics proclaim the historic importance of the land. Kozhikode is also famous for its exotic beaches. Kappad beach, where the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed in 1498, is a great place because of the natural charm and historical significance. This event effectively opened up a trade route between India and Europe.

Pazhassiraja museum portrays the life and story of the great ruler Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma and that of the land with the many archeological remains such as old paintings, antique bronzes, and so on. The famous Mananchira square, Mittayi Theruvu, Thikkotti lighthouse, Mishkkal mosque, Lokanarkavu temple, Muchundi Palli, and so on are great attractions in the land. Nature lovers can have a great time in exceptional places like the Sarovaram bio park, Peruvannamuzhi dam, Mananchira Lake, and the banks of the beautiful Kallai river. Thus a tour to Kerala will not be complete without a visit to the fabulous land of Kozhikode.

Tourist Places in Kozhikode

  1. Kozhikode

    Kozhippara Waterfalls

    Located in the Chokkad stream, Kozhippara waterfall is a scenic location in Kozhikode. It offers the view of the clear water flowing between the hills and cascading from a cliff. The unique charm of the lush green surroundings and calm environs makes it the best place for picnicking. Adventure lovers also can have time here as the location is ideal for swimming and trekking. Hence the mist-covered region is a favorite destination among travelers visiting Kerala.

  2. Kozhikode

    Thikkoti Light House

    The Kadalur Point Lighthouse, known locally as Thikkoti Lighthouse, is a historical monument located in Koyilandy in Kozhikode district. The 34-meter-high tower is constructed in a circular stone masonry style. The metal halide lamp on the top is the light source of the lighthouse, which became operational in 1907. It is believed that it was established after a shipwreck on the shore. The monument, painted in bands of black and white, later became a tourist spot. Travelers come to the region to enjoy the view of the seashore from the top of the tower. The seashore and the historic lighthouse are some of the best attractions one can find in Kerala.

  3. Kozhikode

    Mananchira Square

    Located in the heart of Kozhikode, Mananchira square is a park of exceptional beauty in Kerala. The foremost attraction in the area is the Mananchira pond, a manmade waterbody that is 3.5 acres in the area. The square is adorned with a beautiful garden, an artificial hill, an open-air theater, and so on. As if these attractions are not enough, the park also has a Musical fountain and a sculpture. Thus the place becomes the center of cultural and social gatherings during weekends and evenings. The tourists who love to enjoy the nightlife in Kerala hence visit Manachira Square.

  4. Kozhikode


    Situated 10 kilometers from the city, Beypore is a historic place in Kozhikode. The shore is famous among travelers even before 1500 years. There are many records of Chinese, Europeans, and Arabs doing trade in the port. Another intriguing aspect is the shipbuilding yard, which became world-famous because of the high quality of ships made here. The beach is famous for its fine white sand, lining coconut trees, and crimson sunset. Thus the history and scenic beauty of Beypore attract many tourists to the region. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

  5. Kozhikode

    Peruvannamuzhi Dam

    A charming location situated 60 kilometers from the Kozhikode, Peruvannamuzhi Dam is a famous tourist destination in Kerala. The reservoir is surrounded by lush greenery, which gives the place a unique charm. One of the preferred activities in the region is boating in the reservoir. Nature lovers will also enjoy the crocodile farm and the bird sanctuary adjacent to the dam. A garden commemorating the freedom fighters called Smaraka Thottam arouses the respect for those who laid down their lives in the struggle against oppression. Hence Peruvannamuzhi Dam is one of the best tourist places to visit in Kerala.

  6. Kozhikode

    Kappad Beach

    The calm beach of Kappad beckons tourists with its exceptional beauty. The long sandy shore, with waves lapping on relentlessly, is sure to capture the heart of anyone. A plethora of beach activities like kiting, swimming, beach volley and so on add to the excitement. The history of the beach is as intriguing as its charm is alluring. Vasco Da Gama, the famous Portuguese explorer land on the beach in 1498, effectively marking the start of trade relations and subsequently the colonial rule in India. The location hence became a center of trade and commerce between India and Europe. Thus Kappad beach is a must-visit location on a tour to Kerala.

  7. Kozhikode

    Pazhassi Raja Archeological Museum

    Consisting of a varied collection of artifacts, Pazhassi Raja Archeological Museum and art gallery is a fascinating location in Kozhikode. Exhibits from the Megalithic age and Indus Valley Civilization – including coins, metal sculptures, burial urns, and umbrella stones – can be found here. More recent artifacts include weapons and uniforms used by the British and French soldiers. The Panchaloha idols also arouse the curiosity of the visitors. Another interesting fact is that the building was not constructed as a museum but as a bungalow back in 1812. It is now one of the best places to learn about the history of Kerala.

  8. Kozhikode

    Mishkal Mosque

    One of the few surviving medieval mosques in Kerala, the Mishkal mosque is an exciting tourist attraction. It was built by the famous Muslim merchant in the 14th century. The religious place is regarded as an important cultural and historical monument in Kerala. A construction without minarets and cupolas, the architecture deviates from Persian style and is unique to medieval mosques. It has 4 stories, 47 doors, 24 carved pillars, and a decorated façade. Thus the historical and architectural importance of the mosque attracts many tourists visiting Kerala.

  9. Kozhikode

    Regional Science Center and Planetarium

    Started with the objective to arouse scientific curiosity in the general public, the Regional Science Center and Planetarium is an uncommon destination in Kerala. It showcases some curious phenomena as well as fun experiments that are designed to make the visitors awe-stuck. Adjacent to the science center there is a planetarium that conducts a spectacular 3D show that explains the origin and features of stars. Other sections in the complex include a library, children’s activity nook, telescope for star gazing, and so on. Hence, it is indeed the best place to inculcate scientific temperament in children.

  10. Kozhikode

    Matri Dei Cathedral

    The 5-centuries-old Matri Dei Cathedral is a charming tourist destination in Kerala. The history and architecture of the building are quite exciting. Constructed in 1513 AD, the church witnessed many historical events and the ascension of colonial power. It contains a 200-year-old Portrait of Saint Mary. With its high towers and arched windows, the architecture of the building follows the Roman style, which is not commonly seen in Kerala. The church also is a pilgrim center where devotees from far and wide come to pray. Hence the place attracts history lovers, architecture enthusiasts, and pilgrims alike.

  11. Kozhikode

    S. M. Street

    Expanded as Sweetmeat Street, Mittayi Theruvu is a shopping street in Kozhikode. It is one of the most famous shopping streets in Kerala with its history going back to centuries. The Zamorin—the King of Calicut— invited the Gujarati sweetmeat makers to set up their shops in his kingdom. Thus the street just outside the palace walls became a center for their sweet shops centuries back. Nevertheless, today the street is a busy shopping destination with shops selling from sweets to spices to electronics to textiles. The government of Kerala has undertaken a renovation project aimed at making the street more attractive to tourists visiting Kerala.

  12. Kozhikode

    Lion's Park

    Located close to the Kozhikode beach, Lion’s Park is an amusing location for children. The place consists of several exciting rides for them. Hence in the evening, the air is filled with the excited laughter of kids. It is also great for grown-ups to relax and have a leisurely time. As it is near the beach, the sunset from the park is a great beauty. The shops nearby sell icecreams and salted treats that are indigenous to Kerala. Parents and children alike love to taste these delicacies.

  13. Kozhikode

    Kakkayam Ecotourism Center

    Kakkayam is a great tourist destination that attracts nature lovers. Filled with lush green forest and varied wildlife, everything about the place is exciting. The famous Kakkayam dam, which is at a height of 746 meters above sea level offers a picturesque sight of the green hills. Because of its captivating beauty, it has earned the World Heritage Site title by UNESCO. The nearby Malabar wildlife sanctuary, spanning 18,340 acres, is a destination with enchanting beauty. Another attraction near Kakkayam is the Urakuzhi Water Fall. Tourists love to spend time bathing and swimming in the cool water. Hence Kakkayam is one of the best tourist spots in Kerala.

  14. Kozhikode

    Conolly Canal

    Constructed in 1850, the Conolly canal is a mesmerizing location. It was built as part of the West Coast Canal network to create a waterway between Kozhikode and Kochi. The once busy route for cargo movement is now a tourist attraction because of its exceptional beauty. The turquoise blue water lined with emerald green shores creates a tranquil atmosphere. Tourists enjoy the boat ride through the placid waters. Hence the beauty of the Conolly Canal is as captivating as its history is intriguing.

  15. Kozhikode

    Kozhikode Art Gallery

    The Art Gallery in Kozhikode is one of the busiest tourist locations in the district. Art lovers cannot miss this place as it is a repository of a large collection of exceptional works. The greatest attraction is the paintings of the great artist Raja Ravi Varma, which allures everyone with its life-like appearance. Experts comment on Ravi Varma’s choice of dark shades and his ability to integrate western aesthetics with Indian iconography. Most of his works were cultural adaptation that attempted a pictorial narration of mythological and historical events. The Art Gallery is the best place to enjoy the paintings of the genius up close.

  16. Kozhikode

    Tali Temple

    Tali Shiva Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the heart of Kozhikode city. Though the devotees have considered the place divine for more than 1500 years, the temple was built in its present form by the Zamorin of Calicut in the 14th century. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the posture in the sanctum is that of Umamaheswara. The ancient construction that follows the traditional Kerala style of architecture is fascinating. The large temple pond is believed to have the power to cure diseases. Hence many devotees from far and wide come to the temple to pay their respect and to take a dip in the pond.

  17. Kozhikode

    Thusharagiri Waterfall

    Nestled in the lap of Western Ghats, the Thusharagiri waterfall is nature’s bounty. As the Chalippuzha river diverges into three waterfalls, it creates a snowy spray giving the cascade the name Thusharagiri — snow-capped mountain. The three waterfalls are Thenpara, Erattumukku, and Mazhavilchattam. Thenpara, which falls from a height of 75 meters, is the highest fall. Because of its enchanting natural beauty, travelers visiting the area enjoy a tour of the region. Another famous attraction in the region is Thusharagiri Bridge, the tallest arch bridge in Kerala. Tourists love a walk through the bridge and enjoy the awe-inspiring sight it offers.

  18. Kozhikode

    HiLite Mall

    Spanning an area of 130,000 square meters, the mall is the second largest of its kind in the state. The place is a shopping and hangout center for natives and tourists alike. This gigantic structure houses more than 200 shopping outlets and an expansive gaming and entertainment center for children. Foreigners enjoy a visit to the place as they will find outlets of almost all international brands here. Companies that are uncommon in Kerala like Puma, Nike, Reebok, McDonald’s, KFC, and so on have their stores here. Hence the arcade is the best place for those interested in shopping.

  19. Kozhikode

    Sargaalaya Crafts Village

    Spreading over an area of 20 acres, Sargaalaya Crafts Village is a small hamlet that was transformed into a tourism center. It was established in February 2011 at the cost of 15 crores by the tourism department of Kerala. As the name indicates, the countryside is the best place to understand the traditional crafts in the state. Over 60 stalls here sell different kinds of products that the tourists find fascinating. The Crafts Design and Technology Development Center located in the village gives training to the craftsmen on traditional methods. Tourists love the annual Sargaalaya International Arts and Crafts Festival, which brings together artisans from all over the world. Many rare and amusing varieties of craftwork can be found in the festival conducted at the end of the year. Hence Sargaalaya Crafts village is the best place to learn about the traditional crafts of the land.

  20. Kozhikode

    Krishna Menon Museum

    Named after the eminent freedom fighter and former Defence Minister of India V. K Krishna Menon, the museum is an extraordinary place for a one day visit in Kozhikode. It is situated in the East Hill and houses many amusing artifacts, most of which are donated to the monument by V. K Krishna Menon himself. The complex also houses an art gallery, 3D theatre, a Children’s park, and a granite monument gallery. Many works of the great artist Raja Ravi Varma can be found in the art gallery. An amazing 45-minute 3D show that explains the evolution of life on earth and the history of the museum enthralls tourists. Because of these exciting prospects, the place attracts a great many tourists to the region.

  21. Kozhikode

    Muchundi Mosque

    Munchundi Palli is an ancient mosque dating back to the 13th century. The place where the mosque is located, Kuttichira, is a medieval Muslim quarter in Kerala. A historic relic in the form of a granite slab dating back to the early 13th century records that the Zamorin of Calicut endowed the Muslims in Calicut. The architecture of the mosque, which follows the traditional Kerala style is enchanting, if not enthralling. The mosque is thought to be associated with Shaikh Zain-ud-Din Makhdum II, the author of the famous book Tuhafat-al-Mujahidin.