Kasargod is the northernmost district in Kerala. Its culture is influenced by that of Karnataka, the neighboring state. People here mostly speak Malayalam, Kannada, and Tulu. Other dialects like Beary and Konkani are also spoken here. The land is famous for its historic forts, ancient religious places, and locations of enthralling natural beauty. The largest fort in Kerala, the Bekal fort that spans over an area of 40 acres, is the famous attraction here. Constructed in 1650, the place is a historical monument. Chandragiri fort, Hosdurg fort are the other such forts built during the same period.

One of the oldest mosques in India, the Malik Deenar Mosque is located in Kasargod. Madhur temple, Nellikkunnu mosque, and so on are the other important monuments in the district. The art form of Theyyam is also famous here. Many beautiful places here are nothing but nature’s bounty to God’s own country. Kammadam Sacred grove wildlife sanctuary, Kottencheri hills, Cheruvathur, Parappa Wildlife sanctuary, Malom wildlife sanctuary, Ranipuram, and so on are some of the places to visit if you are a nature enthusiast. They will excite the tourists with their immaculate beauty and rare varieties of flora and fauna.

Tourist Places in Kasargod

  1. Kasargod

    Ananthapura Lake Temple

    Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple or Anantha Lake Temple is a famous Hindu shrine in Kasaragod. Located in the middle of a lake, the place is believed to be the original site where Ananthapamanabha settled down. It is amusing to see the temple standing majestically in the middle of the lake, which is about 2 acres in area. It is believed that the temple was originally larger than its current dimensions. The ruins of the old structure testify to this hypothesis. The architecture of the shrine, which follows the traditional Kerala style, is brilliant. The intrinsic wooden carvings narrate the story of Dasavatharam and allure art lovers. The tranquil atmosphere, amusing architecture, and history of the place make Ananthapuri Lake temple one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

  2. Kasargod

    Malom Wildlife Sanctuary

    Replete with lush green tropical forest, Malom is a perfect getaway location to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. A trek through the forest is highly recommended as it provides an opportunity to see some of the rare birds and animals. Malabar hornbill, peacock, flying squirrel, rhesus monkey, and wild pig are some of the species here. Recent excavations in the nearby Maruthom hill have found some stone scripts dating back to 300 BC. Hence the place attracts history enthusiasts too.

  3. Kasargod


    Founded by Indian philosopher and saint  Swami Ramdas, Anandashramam is a spiritual retreat located in Kanhangad, Kasaragod. The ashram established in 1931 is a serene destination perfect for meditation. Those who are tormented by the hectic life and tired of materialist pursuits will find peace in the tranquil environs of the place. Anandashramam provides free food and accommodation to the visitors. After the Mahasamadhi of Swami Ramdas in 1963, his disciple Mataji Krishnabai headed the ashram until her demise in 1989. Thus the place holds the memories of these two spiritual masters.

  4. Kasargod

    Veeramala hills

    Veeramala hill is a small mountain in the district of Kasaragod. The picturesque view of the hill from the valley is one of the factors that drive tourists to the location. On the hilltop, one can find the ruins of an 18th-century Portuguese fort. It was a military stronghold that they used to consolidate their power over the area. The green meadows, flowing river, and quiet atmosphere make the place a perfect spot for picnicking.

  5. Kasargod

    Madhur Temple

    Madhur Sree Madanantheshwara-Siddhivinayaka Temple is a famous Hindu shrine in Northern Kerala. Located 7 kilometers from Kasaragod town on the banks of river Mogral or Madhuvahini, the main deity of the temple is Ganapathy. The idol of the lord faces south. There are several sub-deities in the shrine, including Madanantheshwara. Many interesting myths are associated with the temple, which makes it a curious destination. Another prominent aspect of the temple is its architecture. It is of 3-tiered Gajaprishta type, which resembles the back of an elephant. The intricate wooden carvings depicting stories from Ramayana are excellent. Tourists also love the traditional offering of the temple — a tasty treat called locally as Appam.

  6. Kasargod


    Though it is the fifth largest town in the Kasaragod district, Ajanur is characterized by the exhilarating natural beauty of Kerala. The vast paddy fields bordered by tall evergreen trees, their leaves moving rhythmically with the breeze, men, and women living peacefully without a care in the world, are some of the sights that beckon tourists. The famous temple of Madiyan Koolom is located in Ajanur whose principal deity is Bhadrakali. Hence the place is best for anyone who is interested in the life and culture of the villages in Kerala.

  7. Kasargod

    Hosdurg Fort

    Located in Kanhangad, the Hosdurg fort is worth a visit. The ancient round bastion has a long history. It was built by Somashekara Nayaka from the Keladi Nayaka Dynasty, who had unquestionable dominion over the region during the 15th to 18th century. Though the fort is in ruins, one can still observe that it was a stronghold of the dynasty that helped them to fend off enemies and protect their territory. Thus Hosdurg fort is the best place for anyone interested in the history of the land and the legend of the Nayaka dynasty.

  8. Kasargod

    Pandiyan Kallu

    Pandiyan Kallu is a huge rock that is visible above the sea in Kottikkulam in Kasaragod. The legend about the rock is associated with the famous Thrikkannad Tryambakeshwara temple. The people here believe that the Pandya dynasty attacked the temple during their reign. The diety of the temple cursed one of their ships and turned it into a rock. Hence the boulder came to be known as Pandyan Kallu. The destination is a favorite spot for swimmers. Many love to swim to and rest in the Pandyan Kallu. The place hence is a popular tourist destination in Kerala.

  9. Kasargod

    Nellikkunnu Beach

    Nellikkunnu is a quiet beach in the Kasaragod district. It is one of the places where tourists come to unwind and relax. As there is not much commotion in the seashore, those who love some solitude visit the destination. It is sparsely crowded during the evenings when people gather here to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. It is curious to watch the sun going down at once adding a crimson hue in the blue sky and reddish shades in the crimson sea. The region is hence suitable for picnicking. Thus the place is the best location for anyone wanting to spend a day relaxing and recuperating.

  10. Kasargod

    Bela Church

    Our lady of Sorrows Church or commonly Bela Church is one of the famous Christian shrines in Kasaragod. As it is located just 15 kilometers away from Kasaragod, the church receives many visitors. Constructed in 1890, the shrine is one of the oldest churches in the district. The historical importance, as well as the architectural beauty of Bela church, is quite enthralling. Renaissance architecture is visible in the church façade and its large windows. The tranquil atmosphere of the church makes anyone visiting the region meditative.

  11. Kasargod

    Maipady palace

    Maipady is a historical monument worth a visit in Kasaragod. It was the palace of the Kumbala kings. The single-story structure with tiles on top is an architectural beauty. The traditional Kerala Naalukettu construction, with a courtyard in the center, is amusing, if not enthralling, for foreigners. Even in the scorching summer, the interiors are maintained at a comfortable temperature by ensuring the correct flow of air and by using special tiles made of clay on the roof. Historical importance and architectural peculiarities beckon tourists to the destination.

  12. Kasargod

    Mallikarjuna Temple

    Believed to be constructed by the Ikkeri kings in the seventeenth century, the Mallikarjuna Temple is one of the most prominent temples in Northern Kerala. It was built to facilitate the worship of warriors, even though the shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In ruins for a long time, the temple was renovated in 1977. Yakshagana — a traditional theatrical form that combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, and various stage techniques — is performed in the temple premises. Inside the Valyabalam the walls are adorned with the figurines of Sankaracharya, Ayyappa, Ganapathy, Shiva, and Durga.

  13. Kasargod

    Thalangara Park

    Thalagara children’s park is an amusing location for those traveling with kids. There are many rides in the park that will excite the little folk. Parents can relax on the park benches and imbibe in the beauty of the sunset, while their children enjoy themselves on the rides. The view of the Arabian sea from the point is enthralling. It is better to visit the location during the evening as the atmosphere is serene during that time. As the place is not so well known, it is not usually crowded.

  14. Kasargod

    Chandragiri Fort

    A seventeenth-century fort spreading over an area of about seven acres, Chandragiri Fort is a must-visit-location in Kasaragod. It is at an elevation of 150 meters above sea level and is located by the side of the river Payaswini. It has witnessed many battles between Kolathunadu and Thulunadu. Later it came under the administration of the Vijayanagara empire. The construction of the fort is quite amusing; the walls are reinforced with laterite and can resist any forms of attacks. Though the destination is now in ruins, the Kerala government has understood the historical importance of it and is renovating the fort to its original form.

  15. Kasargod

    Malik Dinar mosque

    Malik Dinar Grand Juma Masjid is one of the oldest mosques in India. Consecrated in 720 AD, the place is a prominent shrine for Muslims. The mosque contains the grave of Malik Deenar, a saint who has seen the companions of Prophet Muhammad. The vast compound contains the religious study center, orphanage, and cemetery. Though new structures have been added to the main complex, the old mosque built in the traditional Kerala style architecture is preserved with utmost care. The historical importance and religious prominence make the place a much-visited destination in Kasaragod. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Kerala.

  16. Kasargod

    Kammadam Kavu

    Kammadam grove is a thicket of a variety of vegetation. It is part of the Bagavathi Temple and is considered a sacred place by the devotees. One of the biggest of its kind in Kerala, the Kammadam Kavu is a rich ecosystem that supports a wide range of fauna like snakes, rats, bats, and flora including shrubs, medicinal plants, evergreen trees, and so on. It proclaims the traditional Kerala way of protecting nature. The ancients in Kerala understood the importance of keeping the ecosystem without human intervention so that all other living things can flourish. Many tourists visit the grove and rate it as one of the most enjoyable tourist places they have visited on their Kerala tour.

  17. Kasargod

    Muhyaddin Juma Masjid

    Commonly known as Nellikkunnu Mosque, the place is a famous religious center for the Muslim community in Kerala. The origin of this historical monument can be traced back to the 17th century, but the exact date is not known. The mosque is dedicated to the saint Muhyuddin Abdul Qader Jeelani. Tourists visit the shrine for its historical and religious significance. It is believed that Thangal Uppapa — a famous Muslim holy man from Kollam — is buried here. The famous ritual in the shrine is the Thangal Uppapa Uroos, which remembers the demise of the saint. Occurring once in two years, usually, during the month of Dhul Hijjah, the event attracts many pilgrims and tourists from far and wide.  Hence the mosque is worth a visit during the tour to Kerala.

  18. Kasargod

    Kottancheri Hills

    Kottancheri is an exquisite hill station in the Kasaragod district. Replete with green meadows, verdant valleys, and the blue sky, the tourist destination is a beauty unlike any other. It is quite amusing to see the shadow of the clouds moving briskly across the meadows. Naturalists will surely have a great time in this serene environment. It is hence marked as one of the best places in Kerala for picnicking. Trekking is also a favored activity in the location. Because of the cool and pleasant climate, trekkers will not get tired quickly here. Even after a long stroll, you will feel perfectly energetic.

  19. Kasargod


    Valiyaparamba is an idyllic coastal island in Kasaragod. The island is not widely known except among the locals. So it is the best place to avoid crowds and enjoy the charm of nature in solitude.  Separated by the Kavvayi backwater from the mainland, the destination is the epitome of the beauty of backwaters in Kerala.  The region is fed by four rivers and has many small islands. One of the most enjoyable activities in the region is enjoying the sunset from the Valiyaparamba beach. Hence the place best for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of Kerala.

  20. Kasargod


    Manjeshwar or Manjeswaram is a famous town in Kasaragod. Historically, the place was a settlement of Jainas. Two ancient Jain temples can be still found in the region. The Manju Nath temple is the prominent one among them. The Anekallu bridge, which connects Kerala and Karnataka, is a charming tourist attraction. A stroll through the beach road is quite exciting. Photography enthusiasts enjoy capturing pictures of traditional tea shops and other old buildings in the path. Other famous attractions in the place are the Holy cross church, Shri Mahalingeswara temple, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Masjid, and so on.