Kasargod is the northernmost district in Kerala. Its culture is influenced by that of Karnataka, the neighboring state. People here mostly speak Malayalam, Kannada, and Tulu. Other dialects like Beary and Konkani are also spoken here. The land is famous for its historic forts, ancient religious places, and locations of enthralling natural beauty. The largest fort in Kerala, the Bekal fort that spans over an area of 40 acres, is the famous attraction here. Constructed in 1650, the place is a historical monument. Chandragiri fort, Hosdurg fort are the other such forts built during the same period.

One of the oldest mosques in India, the Malik Deenar Mosque is located in Kasargod. Madhur temple, Nellikkunnu mosque, and so on are the other important monuments in the district. The art form of Theyyam is also famous here. Many beautiful places here are nothing but nature’s bounty to God’s own country. Kammadam Sacred grove wildlife sanctuary, Kottencheri hills, Cheruvathur, Parappa Wildlife sanctuary, Malom wildlife sanctuary, Ranipuram, and so on are some of the places to visit if you are a nature enthusiast. They will excite the tourists with their immaculate beauty and rare varieties of flora and fauna.