With a rich history, fast-developing cities, and beautiful natural locations, Malappuram is a great tourist place in Kerala. As per the survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Malappuram metropolitan area is the fastest-growing city in the world. It recorded a stunning 44.1% growth between 2015 and 2020. But this rapid growth does not affect the rural parts of the district. Thus it still preserves the natural beauty that is unique to the State.

Many places in Malappuram will enthrall historical aficionados. The prehistoric rock-cut caves in Melmuri, Ponmala Oorakam, and Vengara, the 1500-year-old Jain temple on Oorakam hill, remnants of Zamorin’s palaces are a few of the attractions. The ancient Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple, 500-year-old Pazhayangadi Mosque, Kadampuzha Bhagavathy temple, and so on proclaim the rich culture of the land. The natural beauty of the place is kept intact in Arimbra hills, Nedumkayam forest, Kadalundi bird sanctuary, and Biyyam Kayal.

Tourist Places in Malappuram

  1. Malappuram

    Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

    Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is an exquisite location in Malappuram. The exceptional charm of the sanctuary, which is spread over a cluster of islands, is sure to enthrall nature lovers. The area is home to almost 100 species of native birds and nearly 60 varieties of seasonal migratory ones. Heron, sandpiper, cormorant, gull, and tern are the migratory avifauna. Whimbrels and Brahminy Kites attract tourists with their beauty and grace. Apart from the birds, there is a variety of crab, fish, and mussels in the surrounding water. The estuary formed where the river Kadalundipuzha joins the Arabian sea is fascinating. Hence this is one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

  2. Malappuram

    Ponnani Valiya Juma Masjid

    Valiya Juma Masjid is a historic mosque located in Ponnani, Malappuram. Built almost 600 years ago by Zainuddin Ibn Bin Ahmed, the place is of great religious importance for the Muslim community in Kerala. The beautiful shrine is built in traditional Kerala style architecture. The extensive use of quality wood makes the construction unique. Many ancient artifacts including a 500-year-old lamp, believed to be used by Zainuddin Makhdum II, adorns the mosque. The annual festival of the mosque, known locally as Ponnani Andunercha, occurs before the start of monsoon. Many pilgrims from wide and far attend the event. The ancient mosque is hence a good place to learn about the pluralistic culture of Kerala and also the development of Islam in the state.

  3. Malappuram

    Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple

    Dedicated to Navamukundan, the Thirunavaya Temple is an ancient Hindu shrine located on the banks of the river Bharathapuzha. The temple finds praise in the early medieval Tamil literature. Mamankam, the famous festival conducted every 12 years since the 8th century AD was hosted on the premises of the shrine. It is also the venue for Balitharppanam — the ritualistic offering for forefathers. The architecture style is eye-catching and alludes to the traditional Kerala style. Many tourists visit the place out of historic curiosity while others yearning to meditate in its tranquil environment.

  4. Malappuram

    Arimbra Hill

    Arimbra is a picturesque location in Malappuram. Located at a height of 1050 feet above sea level, the place is famous for its rolling hills, lush greenery, and cool breeze. As its charm matches with that of the famous south Indian hill station of Ooty, Arimbra is often referred to as Mini Ooty. The spots near tourist destinations like Thiruvonamala, Cheruppadi Mala, Kakkad, Kunnumpuram, and so on are great for hiking. The exquisite viewpoint is hence a buzzing hill station filled with tourists who are on a visit to Kerala.

  5. Malappuram

    Biyyam Kayal

    Biyyam Kayal is a placid lake located near Ponnani in Malappuram. The expansive turquoise blue water body with its lush emerald green shores is a treat for the eye. This view is even more beautiful when the sky turns crimson during the sunset. Tourists love contrasting colors at the time. During the Onam season, a traditional boat race is conducted in the lake, which lures thousands to its banks. The watersport is one of the exciting, if not the most exciting, festivals that one can witness in a lifetime. Hence Biyyam Kayal is irrefutably one of the best tourist spots in Kerala.

  6. Malappuram

    Kadampuzha Devi Temple

    Kadampuzha Devi Temple is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage center in Kerala. Dedicated to Goddess Parvathy, the shrine is visited by thousands of devotees every year. The peculiarity of the temple is that it has no idol in it. The Goddess is worshiped in a pit. There are many legends associated with the religious place; some connecting it to the Indian epic Mahabharatha and others to the great philosopher Sankaracharya. The tranquil environment of the temple and its rich architecture makes it a landmark that most tourists visit during their sojourn in Kerala.

  7. Malappuram

    Nedumkayam forest region

    The dense rainforest of Nedumkayam is a great place for enjoying the virgin beauty of Kerala. Part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the area encompasses a splendid variety of flora and fauna. It is best to take a stroll through the thicket and imbibe its beauty to the fullest. Hence many tourists prefer to trek through the region. The Mundakadav waterfall — a charming cascade located deep in the forest — is an awe-inspiring sight. The extensive teak plantation in Conolly’s Plot is also a great attraction to the place.

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    Located at the heart of the city, Kottakkunnu is a tourist destination famous for its scenic view. The green mountain ranges at a distance paved walkway, and a garden replete with beautiful flowers of different shades makes the place a wonderful picnic spot. Many attractions like an Open-air theater, Lalitha Kala Academy art gallery, Kids park, Adventure park, and 16D cinema make it a must-visit place for tourists. Moreover, the remnants of the first fort built by the Zamorins adds a historical relevance to Kottakkunnu Park.

  9. Malappuram

    Collin's plot

    Collin’s plot is one of the oldest teak plantations in the world. Located inside the Nedumkayam forest, the area is named after H. V Conolly — former district collector of Malabar. He is the one who conceived the idea of planting teak saplings by clearing the forest in 1842. The place now houses some of the tallest teak trees; one of them with a girth of 420 centimeters. As if the enchanting sight is not enough, the Kerala Forest Department has built a hanging bridge on the path. Constructed across the Chaliyar river, the bridge is the longest of its kind in Kerala. Thus the Conolly’s plot is a great location to spend some hours during the Kerala tour.

  10. Malappuram

    Keraladeshpuram Temple

    Religious places in the land, especially the ancient ones, iterate its culture and heritage. Located in Thanur in Malappuram, the Keraladeshpuram temple is such a monument. It is one of the most ancient Hindu shrines in the land. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it is associated with many myths, which connects it to the epic period. Though any written record is unavailable about the time, most recent history marks the temple during many events like the Portuguese settlements, Tippu Sultan’s attack, and so on. It is believed that St. Francis Xavier visited the temple in 1546. Because of the historical importance of the temple, it finds a prominent spot in the tourism map of Kerala.

  11. Malappuram

    Nilambur Teak Museum

    Established in 1995, the teak museum is the first of its kind in the world. It contains comprehensive information on the uses of teak wood. Also, the history of teak plantation Kerala, since the British colonizers planted the first sapling in the state in 1840, is available here. The articles on display are informative, and the exhibits are fascinating. The information is not only scientific but historic and artistic as well. Hence the museum is worth a visit during the Kerala tour.

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    Replete with green meadows, rolling hills, and charming sights, Kodikuthimala is a beautiful hill station in Kerala. The tourist destination with its exceptional beauty earned the nickname Ooty of Malappuram. Located 522 meters above sea level, the view from the watchtower is quite exciting. The place got its name when the British hoisted their flag on the hilltop during a survey. Trekking to the highest point of Kodikuthimaloa is the most exciting activity for adventure lovers. As the terrain is uneven, the trail is quite challenging. Thus the place attracts nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts to it.

  13. Malappuram

    Pazhayangadi Mosque

    The 500-year-old Pazhayangadi mosque is a monument that holds the Islamic history of the land. Differing from the construction practices in Kerala at the time, the mosque is built in Mughal style architecture. The huge white dome on top, arched windows, and the decorated façade make the construction a favorite tourist destination in Malappuram. Also, the mosque is situated in a beautiful locale. The lush green surroundings, if not the unique architecture, allure visitors to the destination. Kondotty Nercha — the famed festival associated with the mosque— is attended by thousands of devotees from far and wide.

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    Padinjarekkara Beach

    Located 17 kilometers from Tirur town in Malappuram, Padinjarekkara beach is a buzzing tourist destination. The shoreline extends a long distance and is suitable for beach activities. Tourists and locals alike involved in swimming, diving, kiting and sunbathing. The beach is also the point where rivers Bharathapuzha and Tirur puzha joins the Arabian sea. Hence the location provides a breathtaking view. Various migratory birds visit the beach seasonally, adding to the charm of the region. Thus Padinjarekkara Beach is one of the best tourist places to visit in Kerala.

  15. Malappuram

    Alathiyoor Hanuman Temple

    The ancient temple at Alathiyoor is a fascinating destination for tourists. It is believed to be established 3000 years ago by Vasisht Muni—a venerated sage in the epics. Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the ardent follower of Lord Rama, the temple has a tranquil atmosphere that wins the heart of anyone visiting the region. Though the presiding deity of the temple is Rama, Hanuman is worshipped here. The legends associated with the shrine is as interesting as its calmness is rejuvenating. It is believed that all the wishes of the devotees coming to the temple are fulfilled without exception. Hence many tourists traveling through Kerala, especially those who are interested in ancient monuments and myths, pay a visit to the Alathiyoor Hanuman Temple.

  16. Malappuram

    Nilambur Kovilakam

    An old construction, which proclaims the brilliance of the architects in Kerala, Nilambur Palace attracts many travelers to it. The woodwork, beautiful facade, and elaborate frescos are great attractions here. If it is not for the traditional style of construction, tourists visit the place for its historical significance. For two centuries the palace was the residing place for the Samantha Kshatriyas who served the Zamorin of Calicut. The famous Vettakkorumakan Kovil, a temple that has great religious and historical importance, is located on the premises of the palace.

  17. Malappuram

    Keralamkundu Waterfalls

    A scenic location in Malappuram, Keralamkundu is one of the best waterfalls in Kerala. The uniqueness of the cascade is the almost circular pond into where the cascade falls. The thicket in the location accentuates the beauty of the emerald green pond. Tourists love to jump into the cool water and enjoy a refreshing swim and a bath in it. Because of its enticing beauty and peaceful atmosphere, the place is preferred by many who are tormented by the hectic urban life. It is hence known as the perfect getaway and picnic spot in Malappuram.

  18. Malappuram

    Thirumandhamkunnu Devi Temple

    A prominent Hindu pilgrimage center in Kerala, Thirumandhamkunnu temple is visited by devotees year-round. The historical significance of the religious place makes it a favorite destination for history lovers. As the official goddess of the kings of Valluvanad, the Nair warriors prayed in the temple before they went to participate in the historic Mamankam festival. The famous structure called the Chaver Thara in the front of the temple commemorates the bravery of these warriors. Though the principal deity is Lord Shiva, Sree Bhadrakali is worshipped here with great reverence. Many legends with king Mandhata of the Surya dynasty as protagonist circulate about the temple and its origin. Hence it is the best place to learn about the culture and tradition of Kerala.

  19. Malappuram

    Shanthi Theeram Park

    Shanthi Theeram Riverside Park is a picturesque location best for picnicking. Located near the Civil station, the place has much to offer the tourists visiting the region. The well-kept meadows offer a charming view of the quietly flowing river. Apart from relaxing in the pasture, visitors can involve in many activities. One of them is the scintillating ride through the river in a pedal boat or Kuttvanchi (Coracle boat). Adventure lovers will enjoy the off-road ATV Biking through the uneven terrain in the area.

  20. Malappuram

    Arya Vaidyasala

    Established by the renowned scholar and academician Vaidyaratnam P. S Warrier in 1902, Arya Vaidyasala is one of the foremost centers for Ayurvedic treatment. Kottakkal is the head office of the institution, which has five hospitals, 15 branches, a research center, and 1500 retail outlets all over India. Tourists visit the center to enjoy the Sukha Chikitsa — a traditional wellness treatment that involves oil massages, body purification, meditation, and treatments using medicinal herbs. The rejuvenating treatment, which spans over seven days, improves immunity, and relaxes the body. Hence the Arya Vaidyasala is the perfect destination for those seeking wellness treatment and for those interested to know more about the traditional system of treatment in Kerala.