Kannur is a peculiar district in the Northern region of Kerala. Part of the Madras Presidency during British rule, the land was under many foreign and native rulers. The Portuguese ruled Kannur from 1498 until the Dutch captured the land in 1663. Later it was ruled by the Arakkal family, the only Muslim sultanate in Kerala. During British rule, Kannur was used as a major military station on the Malabar coast. The land also witnessed guerrilla warfare by Pazhassi Raja against British colonialists. Hence the land is replete with historic places and monuments.

Kannur is famous for the Theyyam festival which brings to life the myths and folklore of the land. Many foreigners visit the land to enjoy and study the art form and its cultural and psychological implications. Pristine beaches of Dharmadam, Thottada, and Meenkunnu are perfect for relaxation. Ezhimala, Madayipara, Paithalmala, and so on, capture the exquisite natural beauty of Kerala. Numerous such tourist destinations make Kannur a great place to tour in Kerala.