Overlooking the Arabian sea, Ernakulam allures tourists with its modern cities, pluralistic culture, and rich history. The land attracts the highest number of domestic as well as international tourists than any other district in The God’s Own Country. As it is the major financial hub of the state it is often dubbed the Commercial Capital of Kerala. With metro trains, huge shopping malls, enormous IT parks, and other metropolitan facilities, Ernakulam is one of the unique places to visit in Kerala.

The metropolitan city does not eclipse the cultural and historic significance of the land. There are records of human settlements in the region since the Stone Age. The Jewish synagogue, Jain temples, and the old Dutch, Portuguese and British buildings in Fort Kochi proclaim the cultural diversity of the land. The Muziris port, which was a prominent harbor till 1341, was located here. A biennial international exhibition of contemporary arts named Kochi-Muziris Biennale is an event attracting tourists from around the world. There are some excellent tourist places like Bolghatty palace, Hill palace, Marine drive, and Fort Kochi beach that the tourists love to visit.

Tourist Places in Ernakulam

  1. Ernakulam

    Fort Kochi

    Fort Kochi is one of the most visited tourist places in Kerala. Travelers from foreign lands love the place as it is has a multicultural history. It is one of the places in India which still holds the history of the colonial past. Starting in the late 15th century, many European colonizers understood the commercial and defensive importance of Fort Kochi and seized it. The Portuguese, the Dutch, and later the English took control of the area. Hence many historic buildings and churches with Portuguese and Dutch architecture still stand tall here. The Chinese fishing nets here are the remnants of the millennia-old trade relations with China.

  2. Ernakulam

    Mattanchery Palace

    Located in Mattanchery, the palace was built and gifted by the Portuguese to the King of Cochin in 1545. The Dutch renovated the building in 1663 and hence is popularly known as the Dutch palace since then. Constructed in the Kerala Naalukettu style architecture, the building has some elements which announce its European influence. Now the mansion acts as a museum that holds some of the best mythological murals in India. The portrait gallery contains pictures of famous Cochin kings. Thus the spot is a favorite location for the history lovers.

  3. Ernakulam

    Jewish Synagogue

    A religious place of worship for Jews was built by Spanish-speaking Jews in Mattanchery. Constructed in 1567, the synagogue is one of the oldest active places of worship for Jews in the Commonwealth Nations. The monument has peculiar chandeliers, a brass railed pulpit and a clock tower. The hand-painted tiles used on the floor are from China and each one has unique depictions. The shrine proclaims the pluralistic attitude of the people of Kerala. The Jewish synagogue hence witnesses a rush of travelers who are on a Kerala tour.

  4. Ernakulam

    Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

    Located at the heart of the Kochi city, Mangalavanam is a small grove that acts as the nesting ground for a variety of indigenous and migratory birds. The 2.74 hectare of the area supports many types of mangroves. The role Mangalavanam plays in keeping the air pollution of the city under check earned it the nickname “the green lung of Kochi”. Apart from 32 species of birds, 6 varieties of mammals, 7 kinds of fishes 17 types of butterflies, and so on have been detected here. Such an ecosystem in the middle of the metro city attracts many visitors on their tour to Kerala.

  5. Ernakulam

    Willingdon Island

    Willingdon island is famed as the largest man-made island in India. The soil dredged out while deepening the Vembanad Lake was used for the construction of the island. The British Engineer Robert Bristow was the master brain behind the project that was completed in 1939. The island proved to be very useful for the Royal Air Force during the second world war. Because of the deep wharf, rail, and road bridge, the island became a commercial point of Kochi. Now many tourists from wide and far visit Willingdon Island and marvel at the human effort and engineering skill that went into its construction.

  6. Ernakulam

    Bolgatty Palace

    Famed as one of the oldest existing Dutch Palaces outside Holland, Bolghatty palace is a great tourist place in Kerala. The mansion constructed in 1744 by the Dutch traders was home to the commander of Dutch Malabar and later became the seat of the British Resident of Cochin. Since independence, the palace was converted into a heritage hotel and resort. The beautiful lawn, swimming pool, 9-hole golf course, and Ayurvedic center beckon tourists. There is a daily Kathakali performance for visitors to the palace.

  7. Ernakulam

    Marine Drive

    A thriving hangout place facing the Vembanad lake, the Marine Drive is a charming promenade in Ernakulam. The picturesque location gives a great view of the lake and is considered as the best place to enjoy the sunset in the city. The long walkway has three bridges constructed in contemporary style, namely: The Rainbow Bridge, the Houseboat Bridge, Chinese Fishing Net Bridge. Several boat jetties, apartments, and a shopping complex under Greater Cochin Development Agency (GCDA) line Marine Drive walkway. Tourists come here in the evening to see the sunset and spend hours enjoying a stroll through the beautifully illuminated path.

  8. Ernakulam

    Hill Palace Museum

    Hill Palace Museum is acclaimed as the largest archeological museum in Kerala. Constructed in 1865, the palace served as the administrative office of the Maharaja and official residence of the royal family. Spanning across an area of 54 acres the museum consists of a children’s park, a pre-historic park, and a deer park. The 49 buildings in the complex are constructed in Kerala architecture. The exhibits in the museum are divided into 14 categories including, precious crowns and jewels, paintings, sculptures, weapons, epigraphs, and so on. It is one of the best places in Kerala to learn traditional culture and history.

  9. Ernakulam

    Cherai Beach

    Located 30 kilometers from the heart of the city, Cherai is an expansive beach. It almost 10 kilometers long and is filled with fine white sand. It is one of the best beaches in Kerala as it is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The gentle waves and low tidal activity facilitates these activities. It is one of the few places where one can see the backwaters joining the sea. Tourists enjoy the crimson sunset and relax in the seashore.

  10. Ernakulam

    Kerala Folklore Museum

    Kerala Folklore Museum is one of a kind treasure trove where the rich folklore culture of Kerala is preserved. It is a brave attempt to keep the heritage of the land which is slowly waning in the modern era. The museum showcases masks, dresses, and other paraphernalia used by the artists to perform traditional and ritual art forms. The museum conducts performing arts by eminent performers in its theater. The architecture of the building is awe-inspiring. Hence the tourists interested in the heritage of Kerala pay a visit to the Kerala Folklore Museum.

  11. Ernakulam


    Kaladi is the birthplace of the great Indian philosopher Adi Shankara. Many places related to the life of the saint who lived in the 8th century AD is preserved here. The eight stories high Sri Adi Sankara Keerthi Sthamba Mandapam portrays the complete life and works of the philosopher through paintings, sculptures, and writings. Other famous monuments include the Shankara Temple, Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram, the crocodile ghat, and so on. Thus the historic importance of the place makes it a favorite tourist spot in Kerala

  12. Ernakulam

    Wonderla Amusement Park

    Spreading over an area of 30 acres, the Wonderla is one of the most popular amusement parks in Kerala. It is the first of its kind in India to get an ISO 14001 certificate for eco-friendliness and OHSAS 18001 certificate for safety. The park has more than 50 rides that will take the visitors to the top of excitement. It is the best place to spend a holiday away from the worries of daily life. Children in particular will love the experience and will be excited to meet their favorite cartoon characters in person. Nevertheless, the park is entertaining for anyone irrespective of their age and gender.

  13. Ernakulam

    Lulu Mall

    With a floor area of 1.7 million square feet, the Lulu Mall is the largest in India. It is the best place to get the best products as it houses most of the international brands. Spanning an area of 17 acres in the heart of the city, it has hence become one of the busiest shopping centers in the district. The mall also consists of several entertainment prospects like movie theaters, a bowling alley, an ice-skating rink, and a children’s gaming arcade. Children love the toy train tour through the mall. Many foreigners visiting Kerala go to the mall as it is the one place that they can get all the provisions they need.

  14. Ernakulam

    Kochi-Muziris Biennale

    Kochi-Muziris Biennale is an international exhibition of contemporary art conducted in Kochi once in two years. It is famed as the biggest contemporary art festival in Asia. The exhibition is set across Kochi utilizing existing galleries, halls, abandoned buildings, and public spaces. Through a variety of mediums like installation, painting, sculpture, film, and so on artists across the globe exhibit their artistic skills. Various seminars, talks, performance arts, and workshops are also incorporated with the exhibition. It is estimated that Kochi-Muziris Biennale attracts more than 6 lakh people from different parts of the world. Hence it is one of the best events to attend while on a tour to Kerala.

  15. Ernakulam

    Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple

    Also known locally as Ernakulathappan Kshethram, this is one of the major temples in Kerala. The idol here is rare as the diety faces West. The legend of the temple is closely associated with the epic Mahabharatha. There are mentions in the Sangam literature about the shrine as one of the major temples under the Chera dynasty. Nevertheless, it was built in its present form in the year 1846. The temple compound is almost 1.2 acres in the heart of the city. The architecture of the temple is in the traditional Kerala style. The temple festival features procession, fireworks, and Arattu (holy bath) of diety. A percussion with traditional instruments is attended by thousands from all over Kerala. Tourists visiting Kerala have an opportunity to see traditional artforms like Ottamthullal, Kathakali, and so on conducted as part of the festival.

  16. Ernakulam

    Saint Francis Church

    Saint Francis Church is one of the oldest European churches in India. The church is historically important as the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was originally buried here in 1524. Though after fourteen years his remains were moved to Lisbon, his headstone can still be seen here. The church, constructed in 1503 by the Portuguese, was later captured by the Dutch and the British. Thus the monument has seen many years of colonialization. A cenotaph erected in 1920 can be seen in the church compound in memory of the residents of Kochi who fell in the First World War.

  17. Ernakulam

    Pallippuram Fort

    The oldest existing European fort in India, the Pallippuram fort is located in Ernakulam. It is built by the Portuguese in 1503 and was captured by the Dutch in 1661. Later it was sold to the Travancore Kingdom in 1789. The hexagonal fort, with 32 feet long sides, is built using laterite and stone. Consisting of cellars, embrasures, and underground escape routes, the fort proved to be a stronghold for the Portuguese. The walls of the monument are 6 feet thick and can stand strong against gunfire. History aficionados find the place quinte enchanting and cannot resist a visit to the fort while on their Kerala tour.

  18. Ernakulam

    Bishop house

    Formerly the residence of the Portuguese Governor, the building was converted to Bishop’s house by Don Jos Gomes Ferreira, the 27th Bishop of Diocese of Kochi. The monument was built in 1506 and is characterized by large Gothic arches. It has a circular garden path that winds up to the main entrance. The museum adjacent to the Bishop’s house is worth a visit as it contains many precious artifacts. Thus the place attracts many tourists to the location.

  19. Ernakulam

    Thrikkakara Temple

    Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple is a famous temple in Ernakulam. It is one of the few temples dedicated to the Lord Vamana — the fifth incarnation of Vishnu. Often associated with the legend of Onam, the temple has a rich history and traditional architecture that attracts tourists to it. The shrine consists of records that prove that the Onam festival was celebrated in Kerala as early as 861 AD. Alluding to the myth, the idol in the sanctum sanctorum is that of Vamana preparing to place his foot over the head of King Mahabali. The two temple ponds, austere surroundings, and rich architecture make the temple one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

  20. Ernakulam

    Jew Street

    Jew Street is a centuries-old shopping street in Mattanchery, Ernakulam. It is famous for its antique shops which were mostly run by the Jews who immigrated to Kochi several centuries back. The street leads up to the Jewish Synagogue, a historical landmark in Ernakulam. Those interested in antiques can find many rare and ancient artifacts in the shops here. Many shops that sell items from collectibles to souvenirs to clothes can be found here. Hence those who love shopping find the Jew street alluring.

  21. Ernakulam

    Santa Cruz Basilica

    Known locally as Kottepalli, the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is a historic church in Fort Kochi. Constructed by the Portuguese in 1505 and elevated to Cathedral in 1558, the church has a rich history. The impressive gothic style of architecture allures tourists here. There are many beautiful sights in the shrine; like the decorated columns, stained glass windows, and seven large paintings done on canvas. Hence the church is a must-visit place for the tourists interested in the history and religious pluralism of Kerala.

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