5 Captivating Road Trip Routes in Kerala

The incessant sound of the blowing wind…the road passing beneath…the feel of the revving of the engine.. wonderous views unraveling with each kilometer covered… what great excitement it is to go on a road trip! It is surely very difficult to explain the excitement of a road trip to someone tied to the safety of their home. Though they secretly envy the new age nomads when they see the photos of their trips on social media, they fail to acknowledge it in public.

Riders usually prefer a long journey which lasts days. Most choose the Himalayas as their destination. But what most youngsters fail to see is that there are some exceptional routes in Kerala. It will give the same excitement and more safety compared to the days-long trip to the Northern part of India.

We shall see some of the best tourist attractions in Kerala where you can enjoy a great ride.

Best routes in Kerala

The twisty, curvy, slopping, and sometimes even deteriorated roads in Kerala are not a bad place for a novice to learn the basic lessons of a road trip. The varied landscape gives you the variety that you yearn for in your ride.

Here are some of the best routes to cruise through in Kerala.

Chalakkudy to Valparai

If you prefer a good condition road on your ride, this is the best route you can choose. The 107 kilometer stretch of road is a storehouse of natural beauty. The road which curves and bends through the forest region unravels some of the best views. The path is also lined with well-known tourist places in Kerala like Athirappally and Vazhachal. It is the best stopover for photography enthusiasts. As you continue further East, the road takes you to the heart of the virgin forest. You can feel the air becoming more and more clear and cool. You may take a break near the massive Sholayar dam. When you reach your destination you will feel the treasury of nature opened up before you.

Kottayam to Vagamon

If you love to ride through the winding roads in hilly terrain, you will be enthralled by the ride through the Kottayam- Vagamon route. The path taking you to the top of the Vagamon viewpoint has exciting sights to offer with each hairpin bend. The green valley glowing in the bright sun with shadows of moving clouds creates an ambiance like nothing else. The cool climate is rejuvenating and makes the ride more enjoyable. If you are driving a car, you do not need Air conditioner while traveling through the route. Just roll down the windows and let the cool breeze in. Once you reach Vagamon you will realize why it is one of Kerala’s busiest tourist locations.

Kozhikode to Wayanad

This road trip is between two of the best tourist places in Kerala. With several ancient monuments, Kozhikode is an important place in the history of the land. You can start your trip by visiting the monuments in the region and continue north. As you approach Wayanad the terrain becomes hilly. Several hairpin bends in the route will test your driving skills.  The densely forested highway will surely make you excited. While in Wayanad, make sure to ride to the prehistoric cave of Edakkal. Soochipara waterfalls and Kuruvadweep are also some of the best tourist locations in Wayanad that attract travelers visiting Kerala.

Alappuzha – Changanassery

If you do not enjoy taxing the engine by making the vehicle climb steep gradients, you can go to State Highway-11. The road is level without many ups and downs. The route gives you some of the best views of the backwaters of Kerala which is a great tourist attraction of the land. Lying parallel to the Alleppey – Changanassery canal, the road takes you through Kuttanad. Here you will see paddy fields on both sides of the path. Photography enthusiasts will love to capture the scenic beauty of the land.

Munnar to Pollachi

Though the road crosses the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border, the exquisite beauty of the ride makes it impossible to omit it from the blog. Pollachi is a quaint town in Tamil Nadu dotted with pristine hills. Munnar is famous for its tea plantations and rejuvenating climate. A trip from the hill station of Munnar to Pollachi will unveil the scenic beauty of the landscape. If you want to imbibe the best views, it is better to take the Udumalpet road. The path has some naturally grown sandalwood trees on either side. Once you reach Pollachi, you will find vast acres of paddy fields that cover the landscape like a green carpet.

Get set and Go.

If you pride yourself on being a rider, you have to traverse these routes at least once. Else you would be missing so much. So what are you waiting for? Rev up your engine and start the journey.

Travel safe, Bon Voyage.


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