14 Amazing Things To Do In Kerala

Kerala is a paradise of tantalizing beauty crafted by nature. The emerald forest-clad the mountains like a velvet carpet. The gushing waterfalls and meandering rivers bring life to the land. The relaxing backwaters and refreshing beaches are spellbinding sights to behold. Kerala is a land of wonders that offers you a lot of activities to enjoy during your trip.

1. Paragliding – Vagamon

Go paragliding in Vagamon, a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats. If you wish to fly and have a bird's view of the panoramic charming nature, paragliding is the right option. Go surf above the clouds and fell embraced by mother nature. Let the superhero in you relish in the adventure of sport gives you. Nature here at Vagamon is boundlessly blessed with spurting waterfalls, rare wildlife, and sparkling rivulets.

2. HouseBoat Cruising

Kerala is famous for its calm backwaters and mouth-watering cuisines. Alappuzha is known as The Venice of the East. Go for a cruise in the luxury houseboats on Vembanad lake. Immerse your mind in the beauty of the backwaters and try to observe the lifestyle of the natives. Visit the bird sanctuary on the lake, one of the biggest in Kerala.

3. Enjoy Traditional Dance Forms

Kerala is a land of rich heritage and culture. You may enjoy the age-old traditional dance forms like Theyyam, Mohini Aaatam, and Kathakali. These dance forms are the vibrant colors of our culture that demonstrate stories that explain the epics, mythology, and legends. Theyyam is a dance form that invokes God’s seeking blessings. It’s a representation of equality among humans. Kathakali is a form of Indian classical dance that acts out the stories of Indian epics. It is also called as the dance of eyes as the dancers covey their stories through beautiful eye movements.

4. Snake Boating

Snake boating is a thrilling water spot that takes place on the calm backwaters of Kerala. Like any other spot, snake boating sends its spectators on a thrilling excitement. The long and slender boats can carry up to a hundred oarsmen. Once these boats were used as warships in Kerala. The normally calm backwaters become a sea of excited spectators waiting eagerly to see who wins the race.

5. Fishing With Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese fishing nets are famous in Kochi introduced by Chinese explorers. They are unique net installations used to catch delicious fish. Go fishing on a sunny day, catch some tasty fish, and eat them cooked at the shacks nearby.

6. Kalaripayattu

Kalaripayattu is a traditional martial arts form developed 3000 years ago. The traditional art form is believed to be born in Kerala. The Chinese martial arts was developed from Kalaripayattu. The art form is less practiced in modern Kerala and is showcased through dance routines.

7. Adventure Zone

Go visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve. You can enjoy adventure activities like Nature Walk, Night scouting, Border hiking, tiger trails, and jungle camping. Go for bamboo rafting and enjoy the enthralling flora, fauna, and wildlife. If you get lucky, you may even spot a tiger.

8. Elephant Riding

Go for a nature safari on the mighty tuskers. Elephant riding is a lifetime experience. You will feel like a royal sitting on the magnificent beast. Enjoy the lush green surroundings and the music of nature.

9. Ayurveda Massage

No trip to Kerala is complete without an Ayurveda Massage. Kerala is the land where Ayurveda was born. The abundantly rich nature makes the availability of medicinal herbs easier. The climate in Kerala is also ideal for Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda focuses on replenishing the mind, body, and soul. You may release all your stress through meditation and yoga.

10. Visit The Monumental Palaces and Museums

Monuments and Palaces of Kerala are the epitomai of Kerala architecture. You can learn from these architectures about the rich heritage and history of Kerala. The craftsmanship in these monuments is very much commendable. You can find original paintings of famous artist priceless ornaments and exhibits. These are the proof of our rich heritage and culture.

11. Forts Of Kerala

Visit the grandiose forts of Kerala. They are the timeless capsule of history. You can feel the pain, struggle, and the patriotic feeling of every soldier who tried to defend their motherland. Forts were the first line of defense against foreign powers who tried to invade and conquer their land.

12. Beaches

The sandy beaches of Kerala are very pretty and worth a visit. You may enjoy the tantalizing sunsets at the horizon while you relax on the long stretches of the beach. Swim with the dolphins and capture mind-blowing pictures.

13. Hill stations

Visit the emerald green covered the Western Ghats full of rich and rare wildlife. The panoramic views of nature and surroundings will remain etched on your soul forever. The misty mountains garlanded with fluffy clouds is picturesque to behold. The fresh air is a refreshing experience. The hill stations are home to rare flora, fauna, and wildlife.

14. Waterfalls

44 rivers flow through Kerala giving life and prosperity. 41 rivers are west flowing and 3 are east flowing. These mighty rivers gush out in the form of mighty waterfalls. Athirapally waterfalls are the biggest waterfalls in Kerala, also called the Niagara of India.

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