Why Plan Kerala Tour During The Monsoon Season?

9 Reasons To Plan Your Kerala Tour During The Monsoon Season

Monsoon comes to Kerala as a relief to the scorching heat of the two months-long summer season. The land hence welcomes it with much eagerness and love. Most people in Kerala deem monsoon as their favorite season of the year. The refreshing earthy fragrance of the first shower, the orchestra of the rain falling over the leaves and roofs, overflowing backwaters, cool weather and greenery is sure to make anyone ecstatic.

Nevertheless, it is not a peak tourist season. Most travelers prefer the winter to visit the land. November to February is undoubtedly the best time to tour Kerala. But there are some unique sights and experiences that the monsoon in Kerala offers. Here are some of the attractions that the season propounds.

Mild Weather

Monsoon is a time for torrential rain in many parts of India. However, this is not the case in Kerala. Except for a few days in the three months, rain does not last more than a few hours. There are interludes of soft sunshine, which breaks the monotony of downpour. The temperature during this time is also comfortable as it ranges between 23 to 29 degrees Celsius.

Stunning waterfalls

Kerala is known for its backwaters, rivers and waterfalls. With the onset of the monsoon, waterfalls in the land assume their full glory. The force with which the water plunges onto the basin is quite stunning. Adorned with a unique charm, the cascades at Athirappilly, Soochippara and Meenmutty beckon tourists. As they have a romantic air about them, they are perfect for a honeymoon. Hence many Kerala tour packages, which include a visit to these waterfalls, are available for honeymooners.

Overflowing greenery

When the monsoon starts in Kerala, nature assumes a green glow. Barren lands are covered in green carpet, hills are laden with mist, the paddy fields are filled with water and the sky is adorned with rainbows. If you are a photography enthusiast, you cannot stop clicking away at the exceptional beauty of the land.

Charming beaches

Most people think that beaches are not worth a visit during monsoon season. But the beaches assume a unique allure during this season. The waves that lash the shores become bigger, blowing winds are much stronger, and skies are filled with dark clouds. Beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, Bekal and so on are great to visit during the monsoon season.

Romantic hill stations

The hill stations in Kerala like Munnar, Thekkady and Ponmudi are great to visit during the rainy season. The rains falling on the hills and valleys, blooming trees and dancing peacocks make the place romantic. Many couples visit these hill stations during the monsoon to celebrate their honeymoon. Hence many Kerala tour packages targeting the newlyweds are available during this time.

Onam Festival

Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, immediately follows the monsoon season. The celebration proclaims the rich cultural heritage and religious harmony of the land. Arousing the interest of the tourists, there are many festivities associated with the festival. Onakali, Onappattu, Onathallu, Onapookkalam and so on are some of them. Exciting sporting events like Vadamvali (Tug of war), and Vallam Kali (Snake boat race) are also part of the celebrations. It is undoubtedly the best time to witness the culture and heritage of the land.

Time for wellness treatment in Ayurveda

Monsoon season is also the best time for the Sukha Chikilsa (wellness treatment). It is a retreat in Ayurveda — the age-old treatment system in Kerala—intended to keep the body healthy and glowing throughout the year. By incorporating oil massages, medicinal baths and soups, the treatment relaxes your body and fills your mind with peace. Make sure that you include Sukha Chikilsa on your Kerala monsoon tour package.

Discounts on tour packages

The months between November to February are deemed as the best time to visit Kerala. Monsoon, with its heavy downpour, is not a peak tourism season. One of the advantages of visiting the state during this time is that many Kerala monsoon tour packages are available at a good discount. You can pick the one you like and have a great time in the state without lightening your wallet.

Less Crowd

One of the demerits of visiting God’s own country during the peak season is that most hotels will be booked out. You may have to plan your vacation well in advance to get decent accommodation. Moreover, the tourist destinations in Kerala will be crowded during the winter season. If you yearn to escape from the crowd, it is better to visit the south Indian state during the rainy season.


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