Kerala Tourist Season

Tourist Season In Kerala

Tourism is indeed a seasonal activity. One of the things that most travelers give first importance is the climate of the place they are visiting. If the temperature is not comfortable, all the joy of a holiday evaporates. It is better to find the best time before venturing to the land.

For a place like Kerala, where the climate is moderate throughout the year, it is difficult to decide on a particular season to visit. It is one of the few places in the world where you can travel with your round necks during any season. It is not by mistake the land was termed ‘ The God’s own country‘.

But if you are looking for a quick answer, December to February will be the best time, in terms of climate, to visit Kerala.

Yet, each season has its peculiarities in the land. The famous festivals and celebrations fall at a particular time of the year. Hence it is quite useful to know the different seasons and their specialties. You can thus choose the one which suits your view of a holiday.

Different seasons and their peculiarities

There are 3 major seasons in Kerala: Monsoon, Winter, and Summer

Monsoon In Kerala

The monsoon season brings with it heavy downpour. The beauty of the South-West monsoon allures many tourists to the land. The season falls between June and September. Kerala tourism department has recently realized the potential of the season and initiated a monsoon tourism drive. The temperature during this time will be between 19 to 30 degrees Celsius. If you love to see heavy rainfall, you can plan your visit during this time of the year. The festival of Onam, which comes after the rainy season is a great time to travel to Kerala.

Winter In Kerala

Winter, which starts in October and lasts till February, is usually cool and pleasant. The atmospheric temperature, during the time, ranges from 16 to 28 degrees Celsius. Intermittent drizzles are not uncommon during this time. But they do not stall the travel plans. Hence it is the busiest tourist season in the land of Kerala.

Summer In Kerala

The summer season is quite hot and humid in the South Indian state. During the afternoon, the temperature can rise to 36 degrees Celsius. But the good news is that the season lasts only for two and a half months — from mid-March to the end of May. Tourists do not normally prefer this season. But if you can endure the heat, you can find Kerala tour packages at a minimum rate during this time. Make sure to carry sunscreen with you at all times.

Hope you now understand why Kerala is called an all-season tourist destination. So it is up to you to decide when you want to travel to the enchanting land. Whatever time you choose, one thing is assured, you will have a great trip that will etch happy memories in your mind.


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