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Joint care issues are mainly observed in ladies above the age of 40. In the olden days, joint pain was only experienced by old people. However, modern-day living conditions, our working conditions, and food habits have increased body weight. This increases the chances of joint-related issues. Also, some sort of infections may cause joint-related issues.

Degenerative arthritis is the most common joint issue observed among this age group. Degenerative arthritis occurs when the soft tissues or the fluid between the bones dry up.

Inflammations are autoimmune systems that occur in our body to protect your body from bacteria & viruses. Sometimes the inflammations occur on the wrong parts of the body leading to damaged body tissues causing inflammatory arthritis.

Injuries on your bones, ligaments, tendons, etc can cause joint pain and diseases.

Ayurveda offers a lot of treatments that help you in curing your joint issues. The Ayurveda treatments involve therapies, massages, yoga for mental health, and dietary regulation. The treatment process takes 15-21 days.

The following treatments are included in this package.

  1. Abyangam & Swedhanam: Soothing medicated oil is applied to the body to remove toxins accumulated in the body. The oil massage re-energizes your body & mind. Also, steam your body in an herbal steam bath to sweat body. The steam bath removes the heaviness & stiffness of the body. This improves body immunity, reduces anxiety and stress.
  2. Kizhi: Remove toxins from your body with linen bag massage-filled herbs and medicinal oils.
  3. Pizhichil: Pour lukewarm medicated herbal oils all over the body along with soft gentle massages.
  4. Greeva and Kadi Vatsi: Warm medicated oil is retained inside the herbal paste boundary on the neck or back area. This helps to keep your neck in good movement, improve circulation, remove stiffness and pain.
  5. JanuVasti: Lukewarm medicated oil is poured over the knees steadily for some amount of time to strengthen the muscles & improve circulation.
  6. Dhanyamla Dhara: Medicated water is continuously poured over the body to warm up the body that relieves muscle spasms, body pain and improves circulation.
  7. Upanaham: A medicated paste is applied to the affected area which is covered with a leaf with medicinal value. This helps in pain management. Application of a medicated paste on the area affected.
  8. Pichu: A thick layer of cotton soaked in warm medicated oil is applied over the affected area which is replaced periodically to keep them therapeutic & warm.
Duration : 3 - 21 Days
Includes : Accommodation, All Meals, Transfers
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