Best Kerala tourist places to visit in August

6 Stunning Kerala Tourist Places & Attractions To Visit In August

August is the month when the monsoon starts receding in Kerala. After heavy downpours for two months, rains have subdued, golden rays of the sun kiss the green abode and nature appears fresh as a flower. Though intermittent rains lash the land during the month, they will not last long enough to ruin your Kerala tour.

There are many sights worth a visit in the land in August. Some of the best tourist attractions like the Athirappilly waterfall, Kumarkom house boating and so on can best be enjoyed during this time of the year. Moreover, some famous festivals like Onam and Nehru trophy boat races fall in the month. Hence August is one of the best times to visit Kerala.

The attractions worth a visit during August are:

1. Onam

Onam, the harvest festival in Kerala, usually falls in the month of August. This year Onam festival falls in the month of September. Loaded with the myth of Mahabali, — the mythical king who ruled the land millennia ago — Onam is the festival to welcome the righteous ruler once a year. The very air in Kerala is filled with enthusiasm and joy during this time of the year.

Festivities include making pookkalam — a carpet made of flowers, having a hearty meal, involving in traditional games and so on. Hence Onam is the best time to enjoy the unique culture and experience the religious harmony of the land.

2. Houseboat cruising in Kumarakom

Backwater cruising is one of the best, if not the best, tourism activities in Kerala. Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom is the foremost cruising spot as it is the epitome of virgin beauty. The smell of fresh air, the feel of the cool breeze on your skin, and the exquisite sight of turquoise blue water bordered with emerald green shores can make you ecstatic. You can imbibe the beauty while cruising on a houseboat, which is a unique vessel with all the facilities of a house.

3. Kovalam

You can imbibe the beauty of a tropical beach in Kovalam. Ranked top among the best tourist places in Kerala, Kovalam allures tourists with its golden sandy beach, incessant waves lapping the shore and the bordering greenery. However, the best sight here is the sunset that paints the sky with glowing crimson. The activities on the beach are as exciting as the view is seductive. You can enjoy a sunbath, swim in the sea or play beach volley with your friends.

4. Athirapilly Waterfall

Referred to as the ‘Niagara falls of India’, Athirappilly waterfall is a must-visit tourist destination in Kerala. Unlike the summer months during which the fall was meek, the cascade assumes its full glory in August after the heavy rains of the monsoon. You will be baffled by the thunderous force and deafening roar of water falling down the cliff. If you look closely, you can see the spectacular rainbows in the water mist. Indeed a visit to Athirappilly waterfall will be the most cherished memory in your Kerala tour package.

5. Wellness treatment

August marks the Malayalam month of Karkidakam in Kerala. During this time, people undergo ‘Sukha Chikilsa’ — an indigenous wellness treatment that gives body immunity for the year ahead. A part of the traditional Ayurveda system, which is more than 3000 years old, the treatment uses purgation, massaging, oil baths, herbal soups, yoga and meditation for this purpose. After 14 days in the treatment, you will lose the extra weight you have been carrying around and feel rejuvenated after the process. Hence find some time to enjoy the wellness treatment while on your Kerala tour package.

6. Nehru Trophy Boat race

The snake boat race in Kerala is renowned for its thrill and anticipation. August is the perfect time to be part of this festival as the most famous Nehru Trophy boat race is conducted during this month. You will never forget the exhilaration you felt while watching more than 100 rowers putting their paddles together in tune with the vanchippatu — the fast-paced folksongs. The unique event will give you a firsthand experience of the cultural vibe of Kerala.


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