4 Must Visit Churches in Alappuzha!

Famous churches in Alleppey

Alappuzha, the backwater paradise of Kerala is jam-packed with many attractions. You know that the beauty of Alleppey is its backwaters, beaches, and historic buildings. In addition to all these attractions, this picturesque land is known for its architectural elegance and lip-smacking dishes too. Unfortunately, the Venetian Capital of Kerala – Alleppey has many beautiful churches with interesting facts and stories which is not talked about.  Most of the churches are constructed in the colonial style. These churches are not only visited by believers or pilgrims but also by architecture enthusiasts. Set on the calm and serene places the churches are a perfect place for meditation as well.

This blog gives you a detailed list of the famous churches in Alleppey. Check-out!

Arthunkal Church

Arthunkal Church
Arthunkal Church

This church is mentioned in many Malayalam movies and that clearly explains the importance and beauty of this church. Most tourists have heard and visited this church during their vacation.  This 16th-century church was constructed by the Portuguese Missionaries and in 2010; the church was crowned as a basilica. Every year, the church attracts thousands of Christians and non-Christians. In January, the Arthunkal festival is organized with pomp and josh. This event is a great attraction to those who love cultural and traditional activities. Once attended, you will love to come every year!


The Lady of Purification Church or Thankey Palli

The Lady of Purification Church, famously known as Thankey Palli is one of the finest examples of beauty and history. Thankey has found a significant place in the Catholic life in India because it is believed that the foundation of Kerala Christianity began from here. In 1583, the first chapel was established, and later in 1709, it was expanded. A major attraction of the church is the miraculous statue of the Passion of Christ. Every year, thousands of pilgrims visit the church to pray in this church. It is said that this place has a healing vibration also it is believed that the hair of the statue keeps growing. Planning a visit to the church during the holy week is exciting.

Edathua Church

Edathua Church

Edathua church constructed in the Persian artistic style is a prominent attraction of Alappuzha. The colorful procession in April and May as part of the feast is a beautiful sight. People in and around India as well as abroad visit the church during these days. Set on a serene and beautiful background, the church is a perfect place to experience inner peace and tranquility. The church is dedicated to St. George and has beautiful mural paintings and idols that attract sightseers.

Church of Chavara

Surrounded by coconut trees and paddy fields, the church of Chavara is the ancestral home of the blessed Rev Fr. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Even today, the house is well preserved and the church and the church is constructed in the same compound. The path that leads to the church is spectacular. It is a narrow path with paddy fields on one side and water canals on another. The walk gives a soothing experience.  The house is known for a historical beacon of light that is well-preserved in the primitive form. The church is only accessible by boat. Those who are on a tour package can ask the houseboat people to halt for a visit to the church. Others can take a shikara boat.

The awe-striking construction style and the fascinating interiors make these churches world-famous. Set on the most soothing background, the churches are visited by thousands of tourists every year. The churches not only speak about religious significance but also depicts the architectural and cultural significance of God's own Country, “Kerala“. Planning a visit to these churches? Contact us!


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