Monsoon in Kerala- The Carnival of the nature

Monsoon In Kerala – Why visit Kerala during monsoon season?

Monsoon is a personal nostalgia for everyone in Kerala. The black clouds over the Western Ghats shower down spreading joy and positivity. The smell of moistened earth, puddles of water with paper boats floating and the rich green surroundings are bliss to your eyes. Kerala being a tropical state, the rain dances down to the land during June – September.

Waking up to the drizzling music to the rain accompanied by the dewy lush green nature enveloped in a sheen of mist is a dreamy sight to behold. The mother earth opens her womb for tender buds to peek their heads out of the earth. The joyous time for farmers to sow their prosperity to be harvested later. The monsoon has a different vibe in every landscape you visit in Kerala. You are welcomed by the lush green hills stations garlanded by the clouds, the brimming rivers cascade down the mountains forming gushing mighty waterfalls and the clear glistening backwaters.

Monsoon is not the season to confine your soul in raincoats and burying yourself within the four walls of your home. Enjoy the rhythm of the raindrops when they touch you while reliving your childhood by sailing paper boats on the muddy puddles. There was a time, come June the seasons of school opening where you buy vibrant umbrellas, reach your classes half drenched by the naughty rain, and returning home in the evening completely unrecognizable after a puddle jumping.

Monsoon paints every landscape in a different theme. Let's explore the canvas painted by the rains.

Rain + Aromatic tea -The hill stations beacon

The rolling hills look mesmerizing blanketed with lush green tea plantations and forest. The brimming waterfalls cascade down like the molten silver lashing against the rocky terrain creating a picture-perfect canvas. The black clouds tease the hills of heavy downpour yet letting the golden streaks of sunlight peep in. The perfect backdrop for a hot aromatic tea with crispy snacks by sitting the most amazing treehouse accommodations is a dream. The dams brim with water flourishing the wildlife, flora, and fauna. If you do not mind getting a little wet, vacation to the lush green hills stations- Munnar, Thekkady, Marayoor, Vagamon, etc, in the thriving western ghats is a once in a lifetime experience.

Gushing Majestic Waterfalls

The misty air hovering around the might waterfall gushing with life gifted by the monsoon gives you a refreshing mood. The waterfalls become full of life during the monsoon season that the cool water spraying against your skin relaxed you. Set in the depth of the green forest Athirapally waterfalls are an alluring sight to behold. Known as the Niagara of India, the waterfalls flourish and cascade down the hills forming the scenic backdrop for photos, films, etc. Kerala is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls like Vazhachal, Cheeyappara, Valara, Meenukutty waterfalls, etc all become a magical land during the monsoon.

The Brimming Backwaters

Kerala is famous for its glossy green backwater becomes more lively and beautiful during the monsoon season. The palm-fringed backwater is home to migrating birds, crab, otter, vibrant kingfisher, etc. A cruise on the luxurious house boating on the backwaters is a very relaxing and refreshing time. You get to eat the authentic Kerala cuisine while enjoying the green villages along the shores. Enjoy the snake boat race on the backwaters and have the famous Kerala meal-Sadhya on banana leaves the traditional way.

Charming beaches

The beaches have a different attraction during the monsoon. A walk on the pictures beach hand in hand with your love holding an umbrella can be the most romantic gift for your better half. Though the beaches are perfect and charming for some nice pictures, we recommend you not to step into the seawater due to high tides and torrential rain.

Ayurveda Treatments

During the monsoon season, the herbs and medicinal plants are available in abundance. Also, it's believed that the Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala is more beneficial during the monsoon. Kerala being the treasure trove of Ayurveda medicine and treatments, tourists can get themselves enlisted for Ayurveda spa treatments that relax & replenish their body.

Monsoon in Kerala welcomes every tourist with its richness. If you are a nature lover who wants to get drenched in nature in its purest form, then Monsoon Kerala Package Tours offered by Funday is the right choice.


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