December – The best time for a trip to Kerala

The Best Time For Kerala Trip

Kerala popularly known as God's own country is immensely blessed with sultry beaches, sparkling backwaters, coconut lushes, and rich cultural traditions. The warm and comfy tropical climate of God's Own Country is perfect for a holiday destination in December. The Kerala temperature in December usually ranges between 32 and 23 degrees Celsius during this month, making it the perfect place to visit Kerala and to go out sightseeing. Thus, the weather in December makes Kerala perfect for planning a holiday.

There are several tourist attractions & places to visit in Kerala. One of the best places to visit in Kerala in December is Kochi as the year-end carnival takes place during this time. Areas around Fort Kochi and Mattancherry Palace are decorated with white paper buntings during this time. The carnival draws to a close with a grand procession on 31st December.

One of the best things to do in Kerala in December is to stay in a houseboat in the Alappuzha backwaters as the Kerala weather in December is cool and thus you will be able to enjoy the splendid surroundings. During this time there is also a ten-day colorful festival called Mullackal Chirapp held here in December which will be a treat to your eyes.

Another wonderful choice is visiting Munnar in December is endure as you can enjoy the misty cold weather that can fall right down to five degrees Celsius. You can keep yourself warm with a hot cup of tea at the TATA tea museum nearby and can experience the beautiful waterfalls cascading down. The chilled and cozy vibe of this place during winter makes Munnar one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

One of the best places to see in Kerala in December is the palm-fringed streets of Kumarakom, near Kottayam where you can indulge yourself in the beauty of nature. The weather at this place during winter is cool and makes for the perfect experience to explore the hazy green mangrove forests, and coconut palms lining the embankments and can enjoy a boat ride through the shimmering backwaters.

Another exotic holiday experience in Kerala is the deep puzzling valleys in Wagamon. The lush tea gardens and beautiful meadows make this one of the best places to visit in Kerala during December as they become a haven of serenity.


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