Kerala vs Andaman: Which is the best coastal destination?

Holidays are a great time to relax and rejuvenate. Nothing can re-energize you better than escaping from familiar circumstances and exploring a new land. But where should you go to have an enjoyable time? This, however, is a hard question to answer.

If you long to visit a coastal area and relax on an expansive beach, there are many options. Kerala and Andaman unquestionably top the list of such locations. But choosing between these two is difficult. Both have their boons and banes and unique beauty. But however hard it is, you have to choose. No one can be at two places at once.

If you are facing such a dilemma, this blog aims to provide you with a nudge in the right direction. By portraying the tourism possibilities of the places, we hope to give you a better picture of what to expect from each of them. This will help you to zero in on the perfect destination for your next tour.

Here are some of the factors that you can use to pit Kerala against Andaman.


Both Andaman and Kerala, as any are known for their beautiful beaches. It will be inaccurate to decide on one land based on the beaches alone. Nevertheless, it will not hurt to compare them.

Kerala has a long coastal line and has several beaches with very different environments. Beaches like Kovalam, Kappad and Bekal are promoted by the travel operators in Kerala as they have an exotic touch to them. Gleaming golden sand adorns these seashores while the green vegetation borders them. The orchestra of strong waves lashing incessantly on the shore provides music for the ears. No one can escape the allure of the beaches while they are on a Kerala tour.

Surrounded by the ocean on all sides, the coastline in Andaman is quite vast. The shores are characterized by spreading golden sand with cliffs bordering it. The clear shallow water and low tidal activity make them suitable for swimming. One cannot help but stand in awe at the picturesque beauty created by the azure water, golden sand and the bordering emerald green cliff.


While on your Kerala tour, you have many options for sightseeing. From the coastal regions of Kovalam to the hill stations of Munnar to marshes in Alleppey, Kerala has a diverse landscape. Every landscape in the state has its unique beauty. Many historical monuments proclaim the rich tradition and culture of the land. Hence the travel through Kerala is never boring.

Andaman, being an island, would not appear so diverse as Kerala. Yet the small islands in the sea has rich flora and fauna that will make you wonderstruck. The marine life, which includes different types of fishes, aquatic plants and coral reefs is enchanting. If you are interested, you can involve in scuba diving and explore the ocean floor up close; an activity that you cannot do on your Kerala tour.

Best time to visit

The tropical climate of both Andaman and Kerala makes tourism activities possible year-round. The weather of Andaman is more or less stable without many fluctuations. Hence tourists love the place as they can enjoy the pleasant weather aside from the time they chose to visit.

Kerala, as any tour agent will tell you, has weather fluctuations. The monsoon brings with it heavy rains. But the summers are hot and humid. The most pleasant time to visit Kerala is during the winter season, which falls between November and February. So it is better to plan your Kerala tour during this time of the year.

Duration of tour

Most tour operators in Kerala insist that you have to spend at least ten days in the state to get a glimpse of the famous places. Even then, you will feel that it is too short a time to relish the different attractions of the land.

Andaman is a smaller region compared to Kerala. You need to dedicate just 4 or 5 days to the place. It will be enough to pay a visit to the most famous attractions and picturesque sights of the land.


Kerala is famous for its spicy dishes and local delicacies. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available in almost all restaurants. Tourists love the unique tastes in the land like the flavor of masala in curry and the sweetness of coconut milk in treats. Most tour operators in Kerala provide traditional meals at least once on their package tours.

Like Kerala, the staple food of Andaman is rice. As it is an island, seafood forms the major share of the dishes. If you love seafood, you can have a wonderful time here. Vegetables and meat products are not very common on the island as these items are shipped here from mainland India.


Kerala and Andaman are not the cheapest places to visit in India. But they are not the most expensive ones either. Both of them require you to spend money moderately. Nevertheless, one thing assured by all travel agencies is that the money spent touring to these lands is worth every dime.

Andaman is a little more expensive compared to Kerala, especially when it comes to transportation. Most other expenses, like accommodation, food and shopping, are almost similar in these tourist destinations.


  • Accommodation:  Rs.1000 – Rs.2000 per night
  • Food: Rs.300 – Rs.500 per meal
  • Transportation: Rs.1000 – Rs.2000 (Varies according to the mode)


  • Accommodation: Rs.1500 – Rs.2000 per night
  • Food: Rs.500 – Rs.800 per meal
  • Transportation: Rs.4000 – Rs.7000 for flight


So the aforementioned are the tourism possibilities of Andaman and Kerala. Though it is difficult to choose between the destination, we hope that the blog provided a better perspective, if not a clear idea, about the two places. Choose the place that suits your taste and enjoy a wonderful vacation.


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