Kerala tour packages from Kolkata

Kerala is the southernmost state of India. Kerala is known as "God's Own Country." The state is located on the tropical Malabar coast and is famous for its palm-fringed beaches, backwaters, and the enchanting mount ranches of Western Ghats. Kerala is home to diverse flora & fauna. Kerala is the most sort after destination in the world by the tourist. The rich heritage, unusual traditions, a never-ending itinerary with a lot of amazing destinations, and mouth-watering dishes draw thousands of tourists every year to Kerala.

Lying diagonally opposite Kerala on the map is the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata. From garments to films, music to food, and sport to ideology, these states enjoy a connection unique to them. Both the states share a vast coastline which silver lines the love for fish in both the states. The extensive tea and coffee plantations in both states make them the fragrant states of these two hot drinks. The beauty of the landscapes both the states have is also very similar.

Kerala's traditional attire "Settu saree with golden border" is similar to the conventional attire of West Bengal, "the white saree with the red border". Men share the white dhoti, and the only difference lies in the way they drape it. Funday Holidays offers you Kerala Tour packages from Kolkata at affordable rates with the best services possible.

Best time to book your Kerala Tour Packages from Kolkata

Kerala is a haven for explorers who are searching for backwaters, vibrant culture, and extravagant greenery joined by stunning nourishment. Along these lines, it is genuinely hard to choose the perfect time to visit Kerala! It, for the most part, depends upon preferences. In any case, if you are venturing out to Kerala from Kolkata, the ideal time to visit Kerala is during the monsoon.

The monsoon season here is in no way like that in Kolkata. The vibrant green nature is worth the trip. The slopes, the small walkways, and each corner you visit in the state overflow with a story.

  • There are three seasons in Kerala, and all of these seasons are suitable for a visit.
  • The peak season in Kerala starts from the period of September and finishes in March. It is the best time to visit Kerala.
  • Kerala tourism experiences a decline in tourist flow from April to May. The sweltering, moist and blistering summer season may be unbearable for some.
  • The monsoon season starts from June to August for Ayurveda treatment packages and massages which are in high demand.

Kerala tourism

Kerala tourism offers you the best destinations in the whole country. The state has tried to include the most fantastic experience which is a blend of culture, traditions, food, nature, and local social life in the destinations they have approved for the guest from all over the world. Let us take a look into the goal that makes Kerala tourism is one of the best in the world. Kerala tourism offers you the following destinations.


Munnar is a quaint town and a serene hill station situated in the Western Ghats of Kerala. Munnar is a fantastic spot in Kerala, and its magnificence draws in a large number of guests consistently towards it. What makes Munnar well known is the nearness of three rivers that move through this region, specifically Mattupetti, Periavaru, and Nallathanni. Different viewpoints are available all through this region, from where you can view the breathtaking valleys, slopes, and waterways. Its charming slopes, flawless lakes, and rough landscapes have additionally made it prominent trekking and campground.


In Thekkady appreciate the all-encompassing view from Lockart’s viewpoint. Visit the acclaimed Periyakanal falls and Anayirangal dam known for its abundant environment and natural life. Visit the fragrant spice gardens sprawling in the mountains.

Enjoy boating in Periyar Lake. Enjoy elephant riding, off-road jeep rides, etc. Appreciate the traditional dance form, Kathakali, and have hands-on involvement with the Indian martial arts Kalaripayattu.


Famously known as the Venice of the East, Alappuzha is the backwater town of Kerala. The backwaters work like the inland channels connecting the most picturesque destinations in the city. The houseboat cruise on the backwaters takes you to the heart and soul of the local life here flavored with tasty seafood. Beaches are the most romantic getaway experience you can gift your loved ones. The high-end resorts are worth spending your money on. Come monsoon you may enjoy the world-famous snake boat races and fill up your memory lane with the thrill of the game.


Kovalam is globally famous for its serene beaches with three adjoining crescent beaches. It has been the most loved and frequented beaches by travelers since the 1930s. An enormous rough projection on the seashore has made a lovely inlet of quiet waters perfect for sea bathing.

The recreation alternatives at this seashore are bounty and assorted. Sunbathing, swimming, Ayurveda massages, unique social projects, cultural programs, and sailboat cruising are some of them.


Wayanad is known as the hill district of Kerala. Famous for its soothing temperature, the beautiful town offers you, Wayanad is a unique destination to explore. Here are some of the places you may visit in Wayanad.

  1. Edakkal Caves-Secluded caves with ancient petroglyphs
  2. Soochipara Waterfalls-Cascading waterfall in scenic surrounds
  3. Banasura Sagar Dam-Large dam with a lake & hiking trails
  4. Kuruvadweep- Ideal for rafting.
  5. Banasura Hill is famous for its lake and mountain views.
  6. Thirunelli Temple- Famous temple with ancient pillars
  7. Pookode Lake
  8. Kanthanpara Waterfalls, Meppadi- Best known for natural attraction for bathing & picnics
  9. Kuruva Island


Kochi, an array of colors and sights welcomes you warmly. You can explore various eating joints, historical landmarks, beautiful age-old Churches. And not to forget the most popular Chinese Fishing Net at Fort Kochi beach.


The bluish ocean water backed by the red cliffs and the green palms against the sandy beach is an enchanting view. Also known as the Varkala Papanasam due to its holy significance. Its believed that all your sins are washed away by the waters of the sacred sea. The beach here is known for its medicinal properties as the seawater is thought to flow within the medicinal plants on the beach. The sunset from the beach is mesmerizing.

Kerala group tour packages

Kerala is an excellent destination for group vacations. If you are planning to take your office team on a leisure trip or a trip with your friends Kerala is the ideal location. Funday Holidays have the best Kerala group tour packages that come with surprising inclusions like accommodations, food, comfortable transportation and group guides, etc. We thrive on giving you the best possible experience.

Family tour packages

Kerala is a great destination to spend quality time with your family. Take a family trip to Kerala and enjoy the most rewarding holiday experience in the "God's Own Country." Family tour packages offered by Funday Holidays are the safest and affordable options available. If you are looking for an ideal destination to keep your family happy with safety in mind, Kerala is the best choice. The social lifestyle in Kerala keeps great importance to family bonding. Book your next family tour packages to Kerala now!!!

How to reach Kerala from Kolkata?

By Air: Fly from Kolkata to Kerala in 2 hours 50 minutes. You can book a trip to either Kozhikode or Kochi as there are regular flights accessible from Kolkata to these locations.

By  Train: Traveling by Train is sensible. There are trains from Kolkata to Kochi (Ernakulum). The distance from Kolkata to Kerala using Train is 2286 Km. the Train’s starting stage is the Howrah Junction Railway Station. The time taken is around 40 hours 35 minutes, anyway in an express train, all that’s needed is about 37 hours, after which you will reach Ernakulum in Kerala.

By Road: With an ample amount of time road trip is the best way from Kolkata to Kerala. It is a 37 hour long drive through National Highway 16. The love for road trips and the time to enjoy the journey will be an excellent driving force for people who opt to drive to Kerala.


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