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Triund Trekking: Stunning Hiking experiences that every traveler ought to enjoy in life

Ever seen the breathtaking beauty that Himachal Pradesh offers? Well, then if you have, you will certainly understand why we have fallen in love with this pristine trekking place in India. This time we have fallen gaga over Triund in Himachal Pradesh and with Funday Holidays you can enjoy a trek too. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in hikes and trekking, this one will fit your adventure vibes with ease.

Do you know that some of the most refreshing spots in this world to de-stress are the mountains? The best way to indulge in some me-time, the Triund Weather is a wonderland for anyone. Today, this is one of the most sought-after weekend getaway locations in India, and we have a superb treat in store for you. This is a two-day trip from McleodGanj to Triund, and hikers have been awed by the viewpoint at the Triund top.

Triund is situated near Mcleod Ganj and in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It offers some of the most comforting trek scenery as one passes through the fragrant pine forests and also the rhododendron plants. Topographically, Mcleod Ganj is just about 250 kilometers from Chandigarh via the roadways and about 480 kilometers from the capital, New Delhi. So, this two-day trip can be arranged into a refreshing quick weekend trip, to ease your stress and appreciate the beauty of this non-toxic trek destination.
Treks will include walks through pit stops and steep turns that add excitement to the whole trek. Enjoy the low-lying fog that plays around the Misty Dhauladhar ranges and the green-carpeted Kangra valley will leave you speechless beyond words. As you move, there will be a walk via the Indrahar pass. Once that is done, we will help you get a taxi or auto so that you can reach the starting point of the Triund Trek. If you like, you also continue to walk to the place.

The guide will explain as you make your journey right from McleodGanj to Triund top and this ascent has been noted as an easy to moderate difficulty level. So, even first-timers can give it a try! You just need to be more cautious about the steep areas while walking, otherwise, the rest of the walk can be done at a relaxed pace.

If you are wondering about the best time to visit Triund and Dharamshala; we would suggest booking your slots for the winter months. That means between December to February. The weather will be freezing, and you could walk on a sheet of ice. For those who love to master the art of balancing and walking through the ice, this is a great place to indulge in some great adventure. You can visit between March to April also – during the summer months, but skip the monsoon for any kind of adventure. The monsoon is slippery and not fun at all.

For the Triund trek, the height is not much of an issue, but you can in any way carry your medicines for mountain sickness. Our trek packages for the McleodGanj- Triund trek, will include the Triund trek camp (made feasible as per the permit at that time), and complete tour-guided trek session up to the Triund Top and back, and finally meals packaged or on-site.

Duration : 2 Days , 1 Nights
Destinations : Dharamshala
Includes : Accommodation, Breakfast, Sightseeing
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Itinerary customization is available.

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    1.  Dharamkot to Triund Trek

    On the first day, the trek will commence from Mcleod Ganj, as it is the base camp for the walk uphill. You need to move up the ascent for a few kilometers, and stop by Dharamkot. This is the real start of the trekking journey. To reach Dharamkot, the energetic can walk or you can even catch an auto or cab for the same right from Mcleod Ganj.

    Once you reach Dharamkot, the trek has to move to the next step and that will be Bhagsu Nag. Here we have a small break so that treks can breathe a few snacks and take a rest on the way. From Dharamkot to Bhagsu Nag, the path distance is about 9 kilometers. Once we reach the gorgeous valley, you can call it a day. Enjoy the flora, fauna, the walk on ice, and the valley trail can be viewed at ease here. You can also get into your booked camps and soak in the lovely Himalayan sights that surround the area.

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    2.  Triund to Dharamkot

    On the second day, once breakfast has been done, we will guide you on how to walk the trail back to Dharamkot. On reaching this place, you can enjoy a walk in the village area, sip their classic teas in the Bohemian style café stalls and watch how loving the people are. Get a chance to interact with a lot of Israeli travel lovers in such small eatery joints.

    Once done, we can move to Mcleod Ganj, visit the village center and then arrange for the trip back to Delhi.

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Such a wonderful experience with the team. They make our holiday memorable and sweet . Good customer service.

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