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Bodyweight and obesity are the byproducts of the lifestyle that we enjoy. Technology has made our lives easy and fast. You can get anything under the sun to your doorstep with a finger touch including food. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise have resulted in obesity in many people.

However, the main issue comes from the well-connected social platforms. Everyone has the freedom to comment on your appearance. You are made body-conscious by these depressing comments, pushing you further into mental trauma. So the reduction of weight has become an important necessity for a healthy body and mind. An overweight body is prone to many lifestyle and deadly diseases. Ayurveda offers many effective weight reduction treatments.

Normally the treatments are suggested for the duration of 15-20 days. The treatments are suggested after a thorough diagnosis of body type.  A treatment process that includes a special diet, medicinal drinks, Panchakarma – a detox procedure, and Yoga is suggested for the individual. Some treatment methods exclude some of the above procedures depending on body type.

Yoga and meditation are mandatory in all treatments as they stimulate Marma energy that stimulates your mind. The basic idea of the Ayurveda weight reduction program is to lighten your mind which naturally reflects on your body.

The following treatments are included in this package.

  1. Udwarthanam: Udwarthanam is a special type of Abhyanga (massage) in which mostly dry herbal powders are used for massaging (in some steps; oils are used). It is a massage therapy in which massage is done in an upward direction (i.e. from below to upwards). It reduces cellulite and excess fat accumulation under the subcutaneous tissues of the skin.
  2. Kizhi with Herbal Powders: The body is massaged gently with linen bags filled with herbs or herbal powders and medicinal oils. It helps to prepare the body in its process of easily eliminating toxins.
  3. Bashpa Swedanam: This can be followed by sweating the body under administered circumstances which removes stiffness and heaviness of the body This helps to completely rejuvenate the body by improving the immune system and reducing the stress and anxiety with its soothing effect on the body.
  4. Yoga: Therapeutic Yogic asanas will be taught which helps to avoid recurrence. Yoga helps to control and take care of your mind by controlling and taking care of your body. This is designed in a simpler way which you can continue after the treatment period at Marmayogi.
  5. Dietary regulations: A healthy diet is what keeps you fit. Throughout the treatment process, you will be served with a strict diet depending on your body condition which you need to follow further after the treatment along with exercise to maintain the results.
Duration : 3 - 20 Days
Includes : Accommodation, All Meals, Transfers
Policies : Read more about our Tour Booking and Cancellation Policies .

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You get your money worth in Ayurvedic treatments with a highly skilled team of doctors overseeing your treatment plan daily. Really happy to share about the review with joining the team.

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