Kerala Places To Visit In February

Which Are The Most Beautiful Kerala Tourist Places To Visit In February?

Kerala, the picturesque South Indian state, is known for its year-round tourism possibilities. Many spell-binding sights and exciting activities are in store during the three distinct seasons of the land. If you are searching for the most beautiful Kerala tourist places then each tourist destination in Kerala is known either for its natural beauty or historical or cultural importance, assuming different shades during the monsoon, winter, and summer seasons.

Even though it is difficult to point out the best time of the year to visit Kerala, February is considered better. This time of the year marks the end of the winter season in ‘God’s own country.’ Hence the climate is pleasant and the temperature comfortable. If you are not a fan of scorching heat in the summer season or the heavy downpour during the monsoon, you can visit the land during February.

There are many tourism possibilities in Kerala during the season. Some of them are listed below.

Houseboat ride in Alappuzha

Riding the houseboats during February is a delightful experience. You can enjoy the refreshing breeze and the mild sun without sweating much. The serene atmosphere ensures the best view of the lush greenery and the emerald blue backwaters in Alappuzha. If you choose to go for the ride at the end of the month, you have a chance to witness the colorful Kumbha Bharani festival. Alleppey Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, and so on are nearby attractions that are best to visit during this time.

Sightseeing in Munnar

Munnar is the queen of hill stations in Kerala. During February, the climate is not as cold as during the preceding months and not as uncomfortably hot as the succeeding ones. The charming tea gardens will be covered with mist in the mornings. The time is suitable for adventure activities like trekking, safari, rock climbing, and so on. Hence many tourists visit the hill station during February.

Watching Theyyam

If you love to enjoy the ancient art form of Theyyam, February is the best time. Many temples like the Kakkarakavu Bhagavathy temple, Pulimuthappan Kavu, Aadoor Sree Panachikkavu, and so on conduct the dance form as part of their festival during this month. The vibrant and colorful ritualistic form is the testimony of the culture and artistic traditions of Kerala that date back more than 2 millennia. It is sure to make you respectful of the history of the land.

Experience Wayanad

An abode of greenery, Wayanad is visited by everyone on their trip to Kerala. The thick forests, waterfalls, paddy fields, and rolling green hills appear much more charming during the winter season. You will not get tired as the weather is not very humid. Do not forget to visit the beautiful Kuruva Dweep, enchanting Thusharagiri waterfalls, and the rock paintings of Edakkal Caves when you visit the destination in February.

Bird Watching at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

A paradise of avifauna, the Kumarakom bird sanctuary is acclaimed as one of the best of its kind in India. Many varieties of birds, both foreign and indigenous, are found in the destination. February is the season that sees an increase in the number of migratory birds in the sanctuary. Flycatchers, teal, tern, gull, and some varieties from Siberia visit the place during this month. If you love to see the colorful winged beings gracefully flying around, visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary during this time of the year.

Trekking through Periyar Tiger Reserve

Replete with tropical flora and fauna, the beautiful Periyar National Park is best to visit during February. The pleasant climate and low humidity make trekking through the park enjoyable. Many wild animals like elephants, tigers, leopards, bison, and so on can be seen up close during this journey. Do not forget to stop at nearby destinations like Ramakkalmedu, Periyar River, and so on when you visit the tiger reserve.

A walk through the Bekal Fort

Constructed in 1650 AD, the Bekal Fort is the largest of its kind in Kerala. The majestic monument proclaims the rich history of Kerala for the past four centuries. It is best to visit the fort during February as the clear sky gives the best view of the sunset from the location. The panoramic view of the greenery of the land is at once stunning and relaxing. You can spend the evening here and leave feeling completely rejuvenated.

Sightseeing in Ponmudi

An enchanting location with steep hills covered in a green blanket, Ponmudi is an incomparable beauty in Kerala. During February, the hill slopes are covered in mist, which adds to the beauty of the tourist destination. The pleasant climate and the mild sunlight of this time are suitable for picnicking. The trekking trails are most active during this season as many adventure enthusiasts who do not enjoy the scorching heat of summer in the land prefer to visit the place in February.

Beach activities in Kovalam

Seashores in Kerala, with their expansive beaches gleaming with golden sand, are best to visit during the winter season. The cozy comfortable climate makes the best time to sunbathe and enjoy beach games. If you love such a beach vacation, head to the Kovalam. You can spend a whole day and relax in the comfortable weather and return after seeing the charming sunset.

These are the charming attractions worth visiting in Kerala during February. These activities will take your stress away and make you re-energized. Hence, if you love traveling and want to enjoy the natural beauty and pleasant climate of the beautiful destination, schedule your travel to Kerala at this time of the year. It will surely be an experience that you will remember for a long time.


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