Thekkady Adventure Activities – 12 Activities You Can Never Refuse

Thekkady Adventure Activities

Are you searching for Thekkady adventure activities? Below is the list of 12 adventure activities in Thekkady you can never refuse:

Enchanting Nature Walk

Thekkady is home to the Periyar national and wildlife sanctuary. The park is famous for its abundant wildlife that includes rare birds, tigers, deer, elephants, and endangered species. The park is a haven for nature lovers wanting to spend their weekend tracing their path back to the roots. The nature walk program offered by the park takes a group of 6 for taking along the different nature trails within the park for two and a half hours. You can listen to the melodious music of nature while watching birds, beautiful butterflies. other animals. The program is open between 7 am-3 pm. A local guide appointed by the park authorities takes you for the trek.

Bamboo Rafting Exquisite

Bamboo Rafting is one of the most exciting adventure activities in Thekkady. The activity is an ideal blend of trekking and rafting across the Periyar park. You traverse through a mosaic of habitats that offers you the chance to gift your eyes with mesmerizing green tropical forest and the wildlife. The forest is rich in rare animals like Giant Squirrel and Nilgiri langur. The boat rafting on the Periyar lake gifts you the panoramic view of the densely covered mountains, wildlife like Gaur, Sambar deer, and Elephants. You will be guided by a local tourist throughout the activity. You can enjoy your lunch by sitting in small clearings surrounded by tall trees accompanied by the sweet music of the birds.

Border Hiking

A trek up the undulating mountain terrains ranging from 900 meters-1300 meters takes you through the thick tropical forest offering you the striking view of the lofty slopes bordering the park and the plains below. You get to see sloth bears, gaur, and elephants, birds, and butterflies. The bird's eye view of the Periyar Park captures the moment on your minds as a strong memory. The full-day hard trek starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. You are guided by the local guides along with armed guards for your protection.

Periyar Tiger Trails

Take a trek through the dense luxuriant forest that offers you mind-blowing picturesque views and witness the wildlife roam about in the forest carefree. Hike up the narrow mountain trails winding up the hills with every turn offering you mesmerizing beauty all along. Camp out in the middle of the jungle while you listen to the music of nature. Unwind your mind and body. Let this enchanting piece of paradise spread tranquillity in your soul. The tiger trail trek and camping activity leave sweet and refreshing memories etched to your soul. If you are lucky, you may spot the native species like Nilgiri langur, giant squirrel, elephant, and even magnificent tigers roaming carefree in the jungle.

Pugmark Trail

Pugmark trail is a self-guided one hour trek offered at Periyar National Park. Unlike other guided treks, you explore the 2km expanse of the forest-based on different biodiversity themes displayed on pictures of birds and animals carved on rocks and name boards, etc. The program is between 8 am-4 pm. The trek is ideal for solo nature lovers who wish to get lost in the beauty of nature and refresh their minds.

Jungle Camp

Who doesn't want to experience the thrill of camping out in the middle of the forest? Experience the adventure of camping in the dense forest situated in Pandalam Hills and Cardamom Hills. The campsite gives you a scenic view of the Periyar river flanked by the breathtaking jungle. Enjoy the tribal food prepared by the tribals with love and refresh your mind. Gift yourself the thrilling experience of living in tents in the middle of the dense forest.

Jungle Scouting

Periyar national and wildlife sanctuary is one of the rare parks that offers night treks under the guidance of armed guards and well-trained scouts. Explore and experience the nightlife in the dense jungle. Learn the mystery of the jungle and have a chance to meet nocturnal animals like Slender loris, Sloth Bear, Mouse Deer, Civets, Porcupines, and birds like Owls, Nightjars, and Frogmouths. The 3 hour night trekking is an adventurous and life-changing experience.

Tribal Dance

Periyar national and wildlife sanctuary shelters various tribal communities like Paliyan and Mannan tribes. The reserve is the best example of how humans should live in harmony with nature. The reserve offers you a unique opportunity to experience the rich heritage, traditions, and culture of tribal communities. You get a chance to enjoy a one-hour long tribal dance and musical concerts with traditional instruments. The performances are organized by the Vanasree Auditorium from 6 pm-7 pm every day.

Jeep Safari

Drive through the winding roads of the mountain flanked by the evergreen trees. Free your soul from the monotony of concrete jungle in the city. Break free from the mechanical lifestyle by enjoying the emerald greenery blanketing the whole region. The blue sky adorned by the fluffy white clouds add extra beauty to nature’s canvas. Drive among the jade carpeted tea estates and aromatic spice gardens. Go for a deep jungle jeep safari at the Periyar Reserve. Meet the exotic wildlife and explore the rare species of flora and fauna. A drive through the undulating terrain is both thrilling and adventurous.

Elephant Safari

Who doesn't like a ride on the majestic tuskers? Take a ride on the magnificent elephants along the jungle trails and traditionally enjoy nature. Go deep into the jungles and feel the peaceful silence of the jungle. If you are lucky, you may spot animals like bison, sambar deer, etc.


Trek up the windswept heights of Ramakkalmedu. The mighty hill station nestled in the western ghats with the wind whistling away its music. The hard trek up the mountain gives you the enchanting panoramic view of the hemlocks of Tamilnadu below. The hilltop is home to the famous statue of Kuravan and Korathi.

Chellar Kovil

At Chellarkovil, you can find a watchtower and there is a telescope placed on the balcony. This balcony is known as ‘God’s own balcony’. The view from here is great. The most beautiful sight from here is the sunrise and sunset. There is a beautiful waterfall here which is fantastic during the monsoon season. Another specialty of the waterfall is that the fall originates from Kerala but touches the land at Tamil Nadu irrigating the vegetables and growing plains of Tamil Nadu.

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