8 Days Kashmir Tour Packages


8 Days Kashmir Tour Packages

Traveling into an icy landscape like Kashmir often gives people shivers coupled with a ton of excitement many people. If you have a bucket list for the most treasured place – don't forget to place the Kashmir travel on your list. Here at Funday Holidays, we explore beyond the normal parks and markets, to give you a leveled experience for every vacation. Our 8 days Kashmir tour package is designed for those who love to unwind and give the tech life a good rest. You can stay away from gadgets and woo to some of the most iconic travel destinations in Kashmir this time with us, We have a well-trained team of travel agents who know the palace very well, and guide you on the various famous and off-beat spots that you can venture during these 8 days. Whether you want to go solo or with friends, family, or your bestie, we have the perfect Kashmir tour package for you right here. We take care of your travel dreams right from the time you reach Srinagar Aiport, We will outline the tour routes and the pattern of this vacation beforehand. This way you can choose how to travel, and any particular places you like to visit this time, From valleys to ice-capped mountains, temples, and lakes, our Kashmir travel guides will be your reliable travel experts from start to end. So, what are you waiting for?

You can get in touch with our team to know more about our most preferred Jammu Vaishno Devi Darshan Srinagar tour, scribble down the souvenirs you like to get from here, and also don't miss enjoying the luscious snacks and sweets from this area. Each of these locations has a royal and religious touch that you can experience only for real. Everyone has one life to enjoy and in between make your holidays worthwhile. We can assure to make your Kashmir a masterpiece. Come along, as we further the luxurious treatment you can enjoy once you take this 8 days Kashmir tour package. The next 8 days in Kashmir will be enchanting, and dreamy and you will be awed by the untouched beauty that nature holds in this region.


Duration : 8 Days , 7 Nights
Destinations : Kashmir
Includes :
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Itinerary customization is available.

  1. 1

    1.  Day 1: Starting off a breezy journey from Jammu

    We love keeping our travelers happy and so make sure to welcome you right from the start of the pleasurable 8 days Kashmir tour package and we have a lot in stock for you. For this, you need to come to the Jammu railway station. This is where our Funday Holidays representative would pick you up from and then take you for a long ride here. After this, in our arranged cab, we will be taking you to Katra which is a good 203 drive amongst the village landscapes. It is one of the most spectacular locations that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Also known as Vaishno Devi, a quaint town that has attracted a lot of attention since the colonial days. Since it is located in the Trikuta Mountains, you can have an aerial view of Jammu once you reach there. Here, once you reach the town, we will help book a hotel and you can rest for the night.


  2. 2

    2.  Day 2: Enjoy the Divine Bliss at Vaishanvo Devi Temple Darshan

    Day 2 will start off after you have had a luscious local breakfast. This is the first phase of our Jammu Vaishno Devi Darshan Srinagar tour once you are here. Pump in your energy as we take you for a vigorous trek session. In a single day, the trek session will be about 15 kilometers and there you can take your Darshan to the temple. Once the Darshan is done, fill your mind with positive thoughts as we make the way back to Katra. This will be all for one day, and you can have dinner and the rest of the night at the prebooked hotel.


  3. 3

    3.  Day 3: The wonder ride from Jammu to Srinagar

    On the third day, once you have had a lavish breakfast, we will assist you to check out from the hotel. Then begins our long drive from Jammy to Srinagar. In between, during the 8 days Kashmir tour package, we will have various stopovers so that you can visit places like Naag Temple, Patnitop, Nathatop, and then the Apple Garden. Each place is beautiful in its way. You can stroll at the Nathatop and the Patnitop as they are among the prized hilltop location that Jammu has to offer tourists. Once the sightseeing is over, you can go back to the hotel, have dinner and rest for the rest of the evening.

  4. 4

    4.  Day 4: Catch the beauty of the Srinagar Town

    Moving on to the next day, we have a lot of excitement planned out, as part of our special Jammu Vaishno Devi Darshan Srinagar tour. Apart from the scenic beauty that places show, you can also enjoy seeing the local markets and village lifestyle in Srinagar on Day 4. Take photos and spend quality at three major gardens of the Mughal times. These are Nishant Bagh, Mughal Garden, Cheshma Shahi Garden, and Shalimar Bagh. Out of this, the Nishant Bagh is a terraced garden, unlike the other lawns. It is the second largest garden built in Kashmir and it overlooks Dal Lake. It is known to be the Garden of Joy and the Garden of Delight The Cheshma Shahi Garden is laid out over an acre of land and is the smallest in the set of gardens here. Every tourist should see the beauty of the Shalimar Bagh as it spread across the most delightful variety of floral varieties. Once all this has been seen, we can arrange a soothing Shikara ride (a cable car ride) that is great for romantic couples and the ride will take around Srinagar. Right after that, dinner will be served at your booked hotel and you can rest for the night too.

  5. 5

    5.  Day 5:Tie to soak in the amicable Sonmarg Village culture

    On Day 5, another jolly excursion has been planned in Sonmarg. This will be a treat for the eyes as we take you through the breezy road drives. The trip will go on for about 2.5 hours and we will cover an area of 83 kilometers. Sonmarg is located within the alluring Sindh Valley. The place is laid out evenly with a large variety of flowers and other plants. This picturesque sight is even more gorgeous as you can see the nearby mountains surrounding the valley too. This is a good location for trekking for beginners and those who love to stroll in the middle of nature. You can also take the bumpy route way to the high altitudes of the lovely Himalayan lake. The experience is refreshing as you walk past the gurgling water. By evening, we will escort you back to the Hotel in Srinagar, where you can have dinner and have ample rest for the overnight stay.


  6. 6

    6.  Day 6: The Gulmarg Route is a mystical sight

    Once the breakfast is done, you can set out for Gulmarg which is about a smooth 65 kilometer roadway ride. Once you reach Gulmarg town, we will help you book a hotel as per your budget. When you take the Jammu Vaishno Devi Darshan Srinagar tour, we will next help you take the gondola ride. This is a relaxed gondola ride at your own expense, which is a cable car ride. On this high altitude ride, tourists will get a chance to witness the snow capped mountains that borders the two countries – India and Pakistan. To watch this scenery from high above is indeed a nostalgic feel. Once the ride is over, we will go back for some more local sightseeing sessions. By early evening, you can rest at the hotel, have a solo or family dinner peacefully, and have a peaceful overnight stay.


  7. 7

    7.  Day 7: Get pampered with travel experiences from Gulmarg to Pahalgam road trip

    Get packed in for a super memorable nature watch on Day 7. Today, we will travel to Pahalgam, where you can stop over to enjoy a delicious Kashmiri breakfast or the wazawan platters. Since Pahalgam is the Valley of Shepherds you will be able to enjoy a lot of local delicacies and the hospitable culture of the people. Watch the small streams making their way into the Sheshang Lake and the Lidder River within the Jammu and Kashmir state. Today, this quiet town is loved by many as one of the premier resorts as it remains pollution free and cool throughout the year. Since the temperatures do not soar up beyond 25 degrees celsius, and so this will be most comfortable for visitors throughout the year. By night, you can stay at a well furnished hotel near the floating point, hear the streams flowing at night and enjoy meals by looking at the starlit nights. You can rest for the night at this place.


  8. 8

    8.  Day 8: Return Home Safely with countless Kashmir travel memories

    On the last of our elaborate and scenic filled 8 days Kashmir tour package, you can have a lovely local breakfast at the hotel, before traveling back to the Srinagar Airport. Until this point, we will be of assistance and service to you. Make sure to post your photos and we love being part of every moment in your joyful expeditions. Our travel services are always open to help you enjoy each of your vacations now and forever. Kashmir is often known to the world as a very simple, peaceful town. There are so many beautiful places that look so pleasing and where you can take up exciting adventure sports. This excitement awaits your visit.



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