Petronas Twin Towers: Learn All About The World’s Tallest Twin Towers

Twin Towers In The World

The Petronas Twin Towers is the face of Kuala Lumpur Skyline. The towers were crowned as the tallest ones in world history. It held the position of the tallest tower from 1998 to 2004 but it still keeps the position of the tallest twin tower in the world. Known as the pride of Malaysia, the tower 1 is filled with the subsidiaries of Petronas and Tower 2 is jam-packed with offices of  Reuters, Microsoft, Al Jazeera English, IBM, Boeing, TCS and more. This stunning skyscraper which is 451.9m in height has been a major plot for many international films as well. The tower was designed and constructed under the guidance of the American architect Cesar Pelli. The Petronas Towers is the foundation stone for Petronas, the Malaysian oil company.

The identical towers, a circular structure is a true beauty. This structure is famous for its pinnacle which is built in the shape of a pyramid. The main attraction of the towers is the sky bridge that links the  41st and 42nd stories of the towers. The Sky Bridge is double-decked and also functions as an emergency exit.  The view of the Malaysian city from the skyline is spectacular. Every day there will be more than 1400 tickets sold and there will be a long queue waiting for tickets. The architectural plan of Petronas is interesting; a tube in a tube. The towers are known for Islamic architecture and are adorned with mirror motifs. The steel and glass used for the construction make the tower excellent at night.

A  tour to Petronas Tower will last for about 45 minutes. The check-in starts before registered time and the ticket covers visits to the sky bridge, observation deck, and souvenir shop. The tower is known for the stunning KLCC Park with Walkways, Joggers tracks, water parks, etc.  The Petronas Twin Towers attractions like the Petronas Art Gallery and Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Also,  the Petrosains Science Centre is situated inside Suria KLCC. This is an interactive science center that exhibits information about the petroleum industry. The center has exhibits of oil products since its origin.  A major attraction of international tour packages to Malaysia is the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas concert hall. This hall is Southeast Asia's leading center for classical music. It is one of the most notable attractions of  Petronas Twin Towers. It reminds of 19th-century European musical concert halls. Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra is the main attraction of this concert hall.

Things to know

  1. Entry: Tickets can be bought online as well. The ticket sale starts at 8.30 am. It is advised to purchase the tickets online from Petronas official website, to avoid the last-minute rush.
  2. Price:  Adult – RM80,  Kid- RM33.
  3. Timings:   Tuesday – Saturday : 9 am – 9 pm, Fridays- 1pm-2.30pm

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