8 tasty street foods to eat from a Kerala Thattukada

Kerala Thattukada – Foods to eat in Kerala

Kerala has earned the name God’s own country because of its panoramic natural beauty and its year-round pleasant climate. The unique tastes of the land include spicy dishes, sugary treats, and tasty evening snacks. They are so much related to the heritage of the land so that a tour to Kerala will not be complete without tasting some of these dishes.

However, there is no need to feel that you have to visit a star hotel to taste authentic Kerala foods. Most travel agencies in Kerala assure the tourists that the street foods in the land are safe and worth trying. The high literacy rate and quality of life ensure that the foods available in Thatukadas – the food stalls in the streets – are at once hygienic and healthy. Moreover, they are prepared in front of you and hence you can trust them. It also gives an opportunity to see expert street chefs in action.

Here are some of the best street foods that are worth trying if you are planning a food adventure in Kerala

Kerala Parotta

Kerala Parotta

Maybe the most popular and ubiquitous street food in Kerala is Parotta. Made from maida or wheat flour, only an expert chef can make it as soft as you have imagined it. Kerala parotta has a unique taste that goes well with non-vegetarian dishes like Beef fry and Chicken curry. If you are a foodie, you will love the taste of this perfect combination. Be sure to ask for the dish on your Kerala tour.


If you are a vegetarian, you can try dosa instead of Porotta. The small-sized rice pancake is unique to the land. Combined with coconut chutney, the dish creates a festival of taste in your mouth. If you have not tried Thattu Dosa before, it is sure to amaze you.


appam chicken curry

A kind of pancake that is equal parts crispy and sweet, Appam is a dish worth tasting on your Kerala tour. Side dishes like stew, Egg curry, and Kadala (Bengal gram) curry goes well with Appam and make it a delicious meal. It is a great breakfast choice on your Kerala honeymoon package.


puttu kadala curry

Puttu is one of the most famous breakfast dishes in Kerala. It is curious to see it prepared in a cylindrical vessel. After steaming, the rice cake assumes the shape of the vessel. The coconut filling sandwiched between adds flavor to the dish. A variety of side dishes can make Puttu tastier.  If you love the taste of masala, you will fall in love with the Puttu and Kadala(Chickpea) curry.


Idiyappam is a curious Kerala dish available in the street shops. Rice flour is made into a thread-like form and steamed with some coconut filings. It can be eaten alone or with some side dishes. Most travel agencies in Kerala make sure to provide at least one meal, usually breakfast, of idiyappam and egg curry to tourists interested in the authentic tastes of the land. It is also an integral dish on a honeymoon tour package in Kerala.


Pazhampori is one of the most famous snacks in Kerala. With a cup of tea, it is a tasty combination loved by Keralites. The simple snack is nothing but a special fried banana. But most tourists ask for it on their trip to Kerala because of its exceptional taste. On your night stroll through the halogen lamp-illuminated streets of Kerala, make sure to taste Pazhampori and tea from the street food vendors.


Made of lentils, Parippuvada is a crunchy Thattukada snack.  The unique taste and crispiness make it a favorite among tourists. You can get hot Parippuvadas from the street food stalls. Many tour agencies, realizing the demand for Parippuvada, serve it as a snack on Kerala tour packages.



Kumbilappam is a Kerala dumpling made of jackfruit. This nutritious snack is not common street food, but a tasty one nonetheless. It is made by steaming the ingredients wrapped in the leaves of the Elamangalam tree, which gives the snack its unique aroma.  Make sure that you relish Kumbilyappam while on your Kerala tour, as you can’t get it from anywhere else.

Now you are familiar with the famous street foods and snacks in Kerala. If you love to go for a food adventure in the land, at least get a nibble of some of these dishes. You can also demand them from your tour operator, who will happily serve you these traditional street foods.


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