5 reasons why you should spend your vacation in Valparai


Are you confused about where to spend your next holidays? You may want to visit many locations. But a place that is both compatible with your budget and up to standards will be difficult to find. Different websites and tour operators who give an unrealistic picture of the tourist destinations are of no help either.

Your frustration is understandable. You want your vacation to be perfect. Your children may be looking forward to it for a long time and you do not want to disappoint them. Also, like many others, it may be the one thing that kept you going through the tedious job and bland daily routine. So you have to choose carefully.

If you love to go to hill stations, Valparai is a perfect place for you. Located in the Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu the place has a unique stature in the tourism map of South India. Assuming you have already visited Ooty and Kodaikanal, you will find this place as beautiful as, if not more beautiful than, these tourist locations.

Why choose Valparai?

Valparai offers you a lot of different sights and experiences. Those who visit the place find it both exciting and relaxing. Most of them are very satisfied with their holiday choice.

These are five reasons why Valparai will be a perfect holiday spot for you.

The land offers numerous attractions

Valparai is unlike many tourist spots which only have one single sight for visitors. There are many attractions in Valparai that will make you enthralled. Anamalai (Elephant Mountains) is one of them with lofty hills and lush greenery. Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary is another where you can see a variety of animals, birds, and trees. There is also a waterfall near Valparai called Monkey falls that will refresh you.

Valparai is famous for its tea plantations. It offers an opportunity to spend some time in the tea plantations enjoying different varieties of tea. You will not feel like returning from the beautiful landscape which feels like a green carpet spread over hills. So a tour package to Valparai will be most enjoyable

The place is less crowded

Other tourist locations like Ooty, Kodaikanal, and so on are flooded with tourists year-round. All the viewpoints will be crowded and the hotels will be booked out; especially during the tourist season. You cannot enjoy a peaceful holiday even if you can get to the place. You feel rushed and miss the much-needed relaxation of your vacation.

Valparai on the contrary is not much crowded even during high seasons. You won’t have to wade through the crowd here like in other hill stations in South India.  At the same time, you can enjoy the serene sights in the location. You can have a very laid-back holiday. Thus it gives a good retreat from your hectic urban life.

Great climate and comfortable stay

Valparai has a cozy cool climate year-round. The average annual temperature of the place is approximately 21 degrees Celcius. The refreshing atmosphere and clean air will rejuvenate your body and soul.

You can enjoy a comfortable stay in hotels or heritage bungalows at an affordable price. Decent homestays are also available for those who prefer that. Many of them provide homely food and good facilities.

Ease of Access

Located near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, Valparai is an easily accessible place from both states. Coimbatore airport is almost 120 kilometers away. If you are from Kerala, the place is at a distance of 115 kilometers from Cochin International Airport. The Athirappalli-Valparai route is the best way to reach the land. The drive through the picturesque route is energizing. You will be in the vacation mood before even reaching the hill station.

The Pollachi-Valparai route is also heartwarmingly beautiful. If you are coming from Bengaluru or Chennai this is the best road for you. If you are a driving enthusiast, you will enjoy the ride through the hairpin bends. It will be a good test of your driving skills.

The place has many tourist destinations nearby

Valparai attracts tourists not just because of the scenic beauty of the hill station. There are many serene tourist locations near Valparai. Athirappally waterfalls, which are one of the famous waterfalls in Kerala are en route to Valparai. You can enjoy the beautiful falls and continue on the journey. Next, you will pass through the Sholayar reserve forest. The place is a tourist destination in its own right.

Parambikulam tiger reserve is also close to Valparai. It is an exciting place to spend your holidays. There is also a crocodile park en route Valparai if you are going through Athirappally. So the trip to the place can be considered a Kerala tour package in itself.

Malakkappara is another beautiful location nearby. You may also visit the massive Sholayar dam. The sheer size of the construction is sure to capture your imagination.

Pack your bags and Get ready

There are many travel agencies conducting tours to Valparai. You can avail of a very good package tour if you choose to visit the place during the off-season. A great vacation awaits you in Valparai.

I hope that clears up why the hill station is a good choice for your spending your holiday. So pack your bags and get ready to be amazed.

Bon, voyage!


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