Ayurveda: The ancient wisdom of India

The world is grasped with a great fear of COVID-19. Nothing of such a magnitude has affected the planet before. The modern medicine and healthcare system, that were deemed infallible, stumbled in the wake of the unprecedented pandemic.

Panic and confusion fill the common people as we do not know how to effectively defend the virus. Social distancing and lockdown have further disheartened the population. Never before in history has mankind felt so apprehensive and helpless. It has even prompted people to reconsider their blind beliefs and taken-for-granted social welfare facilities.

It is surely time to rethink our medical system. Scientists and common people alike search for disease resisting and immunity-boosting medicines by all possible means. Hence those systems which were ruled out as pseudoscience in the past are slowly gaining prominence.

At this time, Ayurveda, a time-proven holistic treatment from India, is worth our attention.

The Ancient Wisdom

Believed to have developed during the Indus valley civilization, Ayurveda is still one of the prominent forms of treatment in the Indian subcontinent. It has been the sole system of curing diseases for millennia in the country until the introduction of allopathy just a few centuries ago. Legend has it that Susrutha, a prominent sage who developed many techniques of Ayurveda, used to perform successful surgeries. There are records of his treatments and findings in the Sushruta Samhita, considered one of the holy texts of the treatment system.

The remarkable thing about ancient medicine is that it focuses on the holistic wellness of a person rather than curing a specific disease. Techniques like massages, oil treatments, purgation, and so on are employed to balance the three ‘DoshasVata, Pitha, and Kapha.

Ayurveda gives importance to the physical, mental, and spiritual wellness of a person. Its philosophy emphasizes the prevention of diseases rather than cure. Employing different herbal medicines, the system tries to attain vitality by building a healthy metabolic system and regulating good digestion and excretion. Physical exercises like Yoga and meditative practices are employed to this end.

Gaining world attention

The system was effectively employed by the people in the Indian subcontinent before the dawn of history. The recent decades saw the West developing an interest in oriental medicines. Ayurveda, which was hitherto unknown, thus gained popularity in Europe and North America.

Many people from around the globe, who have heard of Ayurveda treatment, come to India to try it. Those who benefitted from the ancient method certified to the effectiveness of the system. Most of them promised to return as soon as they can find a holiday. Many even become the apostles of the treatment method.

Nowadays Kerala, the South Indian state, has turned out to be the Ayurvedic hub of India. The comparatively mild climate, welcoming natives, and the thick greenery had brought it under the tourism radar long before. With the growing interest in Ayurveda, the state saw a great flow of tourists.

A unique tourism opportunity

Conceiving the possibilities of medical tourism, Kerala has incorporated many travel packages with most modern facilities. Many Ayurveda centers were refurnished with five-star facilities without compromising on the quality of treatment. Thus the land became a great spot for health tourism.

The most favored treatment in Ayurveda may be the ‘Sukha Chikiltsa‘ or wellness treatment. It involves massages, meditation, herbal soups, purgation, and traditional techniques like Dhara and Nasyam. After some days of this treatment, the immunity and vitality of a person are boosted. He or She will feel rejuvenated.

Even if someone is not having any apparent disease, they can undergo wellness treatment. It will provide them with a new holiday experience. Tourists can enjoy a medical retreat which is a great energizing experience for the body and the soul.

Further activities in Kerala

As the travel packages to Kerala also offer scenic natural beauty and unique experiences tourists do not feel like they have wasted their days on the treatment. Activities like houseboat ride through the tranquil backwaters, exciting elephant back ride, and treading through the heavy monsoon rains are distinctive experiences in Kerala.

If you are fed up with the hectic urban life and would like to enjoy a refreshing holiday, you can take a trip to Kerala. A few days in the traditional Ayurvedic retreat enjoying the massages and wellness treatment will indeed cheer you up. So book a treatment in Kerala and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

You will surely make it a point to come back again. That is guaranteed.



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Nice article I have interested in Ayurveda.so, I have read all of your topics .so this is really helpful for all of the people.

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I read your blog, it’s an excellent blog. It tells a lot about Ayurveda and its benefits. I think there are no side effects by using ayurvedic medicines on daily basis.

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