Ayurveda – Science Of Ayurveda Life & Longevity

The Science Of Ayurveda Life & Longevity

Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world that sprouted in India 5000 years ago. Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity. The treatment focuses on mental, physical, and spiritual growth and harmony. Ayurveda treatments are based on the diagnosis of the human body that uses naturalistic methods to treat the ailment.

Kerala-The Land of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been the mainstream treatment method used in Kerala for thousands of years. The famous Ayurveda doctors called the Asta Vaidyas and their disciples have treated the people of Kerala for centuries. The health care system has survived all kinds of invasions and intrusions from both locals and foreigners in Kerala.

Unlike any other state in India, Ayurveda treatments can be found in its purest and authentic form in Kerala. The Ayurveda treatments in Kerala are mainly based on Ashtangahridayam, a book that has user-friendly interpretations of Ayurveda treatments. The doctors are challenged to decipher the complex verses of the treatments compiled by the sages 1000 of years ago making the treatments traditional and pure.

Karkidakam- The Month of Rejuvenation

Monsoon paints Kerala in rich green landscapes and a cool climate especially during Karkidakam, last month in the Malayalam calendar. Karkidakam is considered as the month of mental, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation. Due to heavy downpour, the chances of catching a deadly disease are high. So the month is spent on relaxing Ayurveda treatments and reciting the epic Ramayan for spiritual wellbeing.

The abundance of natural herbs and medicines during the monsoon season and the for the scientific fact that the pores in our skin open during the season allowing the Ayurveda medicines to act ats its highest potency makes Ayurveda treatments popular during monsoon. The fertile soil in Kerala also allows the growth of medicinal plants and herbs is its highest potency. The climate in Kerala during the monsoon is maintained between 26-28 degrees Celsius which is ideal for the treatments.

Karkidaka Kanji

Diet regulation is an indispensable part of Ayurveda treatments. So a medicinal gruel known as Karkidaka Kanji made with different types of herbs and rice helps revitalize your body. It is believed that the kanji purifies your body and soul.

Kerala has become the main hub of Monsoon Ayurveda Tourism for tourists all around the world because of the effectiveness of the treatments plus its authenticity. Funday Holidays offer you the best Ayurveda treatment packages undertaken at the handpicked Ayurveda centers run by most efficient Doctors located in the most picturesque and relaxing locations.


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