A look into the potentials of Ayurveda in the time of  Covid-19

"Ayurveda is not a chemistry-based science. It includes ecology, geology, biology, botany, and many other modern sciences which are disconnected. Trusting Ayurveda as an overall approach is trusting that all sciences are deeply connected.”
Dr Bhaswati Bhattacharya

Novel CoronaVirus  or COVID-19 has hit the world  at the most unexpected time and the impact is drastic. The virus is sweeping across the world and there is a considerable amount of worry, fear and anxiety among the population especially elderly and people with underlying health conditions. The Governments and World Health Organization are reminding people about the importance and need for Prevention. By following certain rules and boosting immunity, the chances of getting infected gets reduced. Since the immune system plays a crucial role in preventing from getting infected with the Virus, the potential of Ayurveda in preventing Covid 19 has grabbed the attention of medical practitioners as well as laymen.

Since a major remedy for COVID-19 is prevention; Ayurveda's immunity boosting measures are  important.  The extensive knowledge in Ayurveda about preventive care is based on two concepts; "Dinacharya" and "Ritucharya" respectively. Dinacharya speaks about daily regimes and ritucharya about seasonal regimes. If these practices become a part of our routine life, we can be assured about a strong immunity.

The Covid 19's pathway of disease "roga margas" belong to three main symptoms;

  1. Jwara- Fever
  2. Svasa- Respiratory distress
  3. Kasa- Cough

Based on Sutra Sthana 19/7, Chikitsa Sthana 3/128, Charaka Samhita and Ashtanga Hrdayam, Ayurveda has classified the disease and has come up with certain preventive measures to control the spread of the pandemic and also to treat the patients infected. Recently, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has also highlighted the benefits of Ayurvedic treatment and asked the people to go through the tips suggested by Ayurvedic health experts to boost the  immune system.

How to boost Immune system?

As per Ayurvedic treatment, boosting the immunity is vital and the tips are as follows;

1. Have a dinacharya.

A dinacharya is important to keep digestive agni strong and it is the primary thing that Ayurveda suggests. Dinacharya focuses on daily cleansing of the body, intake of water and practice of Pranayama/ Kumbhakas. The practice of Pranayama is very helpful to cleanse your body, especially your respiratory system. This will improve your respiratory functioning.

2. Herbal Remedies

The experts request the people to use ayurvedic herbs like cinnamon tulsi, black pepper, dry ginger and raisin regularly. Also, people should practice Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation regularly as these will help them to be balanced emotionally and physically.

3. Healthy Diet

A proper diet which helps to maintain the pH balance is important. A healthy diet includes more fibre content which helps with the bowel movement. If  the digestion and bowel movements are corrected, then immunity will be boosted-up naturally. During the time of Covid-19, Ayurveda suggests to include more vegetables and to avoid red meat, coffee, cheese, Alcohol etc. Drinking warm water will help the respiratory system and improvise digestion.

You should also include more spices like turmeric, jeera, Coriander and Garlic are highly recommended. Besides, Herbal tea is very helpful to boost your immunity and you can make herbal tea with ingredients like Tulsi, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Dry Ginger and Raisin.

In addition to these tips, there are certain simple Ayurvedic Procedures recommended. It includes Neti, Basti, Nauli, Trataka etc. and also some techniques using coconut oil. Since it is better to seek help from a practitioner to perform them, if you are a first timer, we are not elaborating the process here.

To conclude,

The Ayurvedic treatment for Covid-19 mainly comprises three elements; diet, medicines and regimen. Since, Covid-19 is disastrous beyond our imagination, never hesitate to call up health experts and related authorities when needed. Following the rules and regulations are important for ourselves and our society. Kerala Ayurveda is a huge wealth of knowledge efficient to contribute in improving the immunity of people. By following these tips, rules and regulations from authorities.

Let us all be socially responsible to save our world from this deadly virus.

(Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always contact Health experts/Medical Practitioners, when you experience any symptoms or discomforts.)


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