8 Signs – The Body is Demanding an Ayurvedic Cleansing!

Ayurveda, “The Science of Life” is the world’s oldest healing system. As per this healing practice, cleansing is powerful and vital to stay healthy and fit. This cleansing process is referred to as Panchakarma. The purpose of cleansing is to balance the mind and body by removing doshas or toxins.  There are three phases for the cleansing process and a practitioner will perform the same.

A complete Panchakarma or Ayurvedic treatment takes up to four weeks. After the consultation, the practitioner will explain the process and requirements. He or she may ask the patient to follow a particular diet too.  All three phases are vital for complete cleansing. According to traditional practice, body cleansing is performed thrice in a year.  This will depend upon the changes in the season as the doshas or toxins varies with the season; Spring, Summer, and winter. However, one can go for cleansing as per the need and feel.

When to Cleanse?

You can go for an Ayurvedic treatment when your body asks you to! YES!

You heard it right!!

You can undergo detoxification or cleansing when the body sends you signals. That sounds surprising, isn’t it? According to Ayurveda, your body informs you when you need to detoxify, and to understand this, you have to listen to your body. This introspection will help you to understand the presence of excess ama or toxic products that the body and mind generate! Besides, It is observed that post-winter we produce more toxins due to lethargic climate and comfort food. This can disrupt the bodily rhythm and there will be signals which you should observe and understand! Curious to know about the signs/ indications? Here it goes…..

Take a look into the signs/indications;

Overweight/ Heaviness

There are certain toxins that slow down metabolism. When metabolism is disrupted, it results in weight gain.  The body will try to absorb toxic contents and as a result, fat cells are formed. It is very difficult to eliminate these fat cells. When you feel heavy and overweight, it is the body’s indication to go for a cleansing process that will purify and keep you fit!


Even in the morning hours, you will feel drained and lethargic. You will not feel to do anything and will choose to remain static. As a result, throughout the day, you will prefer to lie down, yawn, and remain slow. When you are feeling dizzy and fatigued for more than a week, make sure to consult a doctor.

Disturbed Sleep

Your day might have been hectic but you won’t be able to sleep properly. You will be tired and disturbed but you will not get proper sleep. At frequent intervals, you may wake up from sleep and body pains. When you experience these symptoms, understand that your body needs rest and rejuvenation!

Skin Allergy

When hair falls, skin allergy including rashes, boils, and acne, dry cough, etc start bothering you, understand that your body is asking for detoxification!

Change in bowel habits

When you notice a change in your bowel habits, understand that your body is not performing well. You might be disturbed with bloating, constipation, or gastrointestinal problems including irritable bowel syndrome. This can also happen because of the toxins in the body that affects your digestion and sleep pattern. Increase water intake and include more fiber-rich food content in your diet. Finally, Ayurvedic Treatment which includes proper cleansing will help you to stay healthy and happy!

Bad Odour

When your body is filled with toxins and waste materials, it will generate a foul smell. Also, you will notice a white coating on the tongue which is a clear sign of excess toxins in your body and an indication for the need for a cleansing process!

Emotional Rollercoaster

When your body is unhealthy due to indigestion and other physical conditions, you will be mentally disturbed. Your emotional and mental state will be upsetting and that will lead to many issues at the personal or professional level. There is no doubt about the fact that. After the cleansing process you will get good sleep and proper rest. Finally, you will feel refreshed and stable!

In a nutshell,

We should introspect whether we are merely existing or enjoying the beauty of life gifted to us. It is a must to pause once in a while! Take a break from the routine life; to be mentally and physically fit. Every day, make sure that you get enough sleep, enjoy healthy food, practice meditation, proper exercise, and timely relaxation. These are important to stay healthy and productive. Also, we should always keep in mind that there won’t be anyone else to remind us about our HEALTH, so watch your BODY and understand its LANGUAGE/INDICATIONS, detoxify when needed and enjoy the beautiful LIFE!

So, are you in need of an Ayurvedic cleansing process? Kerala Ayurveda is famous for its authenticity and result-oriented treatment process. To book/ know more about Ayurvedic treatment and cleansing process, feel free to contact us!


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