Vagamon is an ideal hill station worth a visit in Kerala. With its rolling green hills, mysterious pine forest, and charming lake, the destination is a paradise-like land. The picture-postcard beauty of the location allures tourists. Nature lovers cannot resist a visit to the destination, which is replete with transfixing sights. The pleasant climate and smell of fresh air add to the aura of Vagamon. It may be why National Geographic Traveler listed Vagamon in the ’50 most attractive places to visit in India’.

If you yearn to escape from the noise and pollution of urban life, you can elope to Vagamon. The undulating landscape, thick greenery, clean air and golden sunlight will cleanse your soul. You can feel all your stress melting away in this abode of nature. The more time you spend here, the more you will feel rejuvenated.

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Attractions in Vagamon


Located in the Idukki district in Kerala, Vagamon does not have a rich history to boast of. The British colonizers used the land for cultivation. Later the area became famous for its tea plantations. It was not until the 1950s, Vagamon captured the attention of tourists. Since then, it has had a special place in the tourism map of Kerala.

There are many places like the Pine forest, Marmala waterfalls, and Vagamon lake that proclaim the beauty of the landscape. Tangalpara, Kurishumala and Muruganmala represent the spiritual centers here. Christians, Muslims, and Hindus, hence, visit the place in pilgrimage.

The best attractions in Vagamon are:

Best Time To Visit Vagamon

The hill station is busiest during the winter season. The time from November to February is the best time to enjoy the picture-postcard beauty of the landscape. However, many tourists prefer other seasons for visiting Vagamon.

  • Summer Season: Summer is a hot and humid time in Kerala. Because of the scorching heat, it is a tourist off-season in the land. However, Vagamon, being a hill station, receives many tourists. The highest temperature here is 26 degrees Celsius, even during the hottest of the days. So if you are planning to visit Kerala from March to May, include Vagamon in your itinerary.
  • Rainy Season: Kerala receives a heavy downpour in the months between June to October. However, unlike many places in India, each session of rain has an interlude of golden sunshine. It is a beauty like no other. Many honeymooners visit Vagamon during the season because it is the most romantic time of the year.
  • Winter Season: Winter, which falls between November and February, is the best time to visit the tourist destination. The climate is pleasant and comfortable, and the view of the mist-covered hills during this time is enchanting. But make sure to make your booking in advance if you are planning to travel to the destination during this time as everything will be booked out if you wait for the last moment.

How To Reach Vagamon

Vagamon can be accessed through road, air or railways easily.

By Air : The closest airport to Vagamon is the Cochin International Airport, which is approximately 125 Kilometers from the destination. Regular flights from all around India are available to the destination. You can hire a prepaid taxi from the airport and reach Vagamon in a couple of hours.

By Rail : Kottayam is the closest railway station to the tourist destination. As it is an important station in the area, almost all trains have a halt here. You can hire a taxi or catch a bus to reach Vagamon, which is at a distance of 44 kilometers from the station.

By Road : Vagamon is well connected to the nearby towns of Pala, Erattupetta and Kottayam. Regular bus services, run by the state road transport corporation, are available from these towns. If you prefer to drive, you can have an exciting road trip that unravels the beautiful landscape with each passing kilometer.