the Queen of Hills!! 

The hypnotic beauty of Ooty tourist places will leave sightseers spellbound. From the oldest church to the green covered meadow, wildlife sanctuaries, and cloud-kissing hills; Ooty has everything that fascinates vacationers. A treat for eyes and soul, Ooty is undoubtedly nature-lovers paradise. This hill-town welcomes tourists every year to indulge in its never-ending beauty. Adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those who need a week-day off finds Ooty as the most perfect holiday destination. Ooty's other attraction is its sister town; Coonor which is as famous as Ooty tourist places.  Ooty tourist attractions are unique and lively offering a memorable experience for vacationers. The exotic natural beauty of Ooty provides solace and peace to its visitors. India's landscape, history, and tradition are always astounding and there is no wonder that the country earns the title  "Incredible India." If you wonder about the things to see and do in Ooty, then take a look at the sightseeing places of this fascinating summer resort.


Top attractions in Ooty

  1. Ooty lake, Ooty

    Ooty lake, Ooty

    Ooty tourist destination is admired for its beautiful and charming Lake; Ooty Lake. The lake is spread over 65 acres and is the brainchild of John Sullivan in 1824. The lake is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and Nilgiri mountains in the background. The presence of water birds and the mesmerizing surroundings make the lake a perfect spot for photography lovers. The lake offers plenty of activities including boat ride, paddle boating, row boating, speed boat, and more. The lake and the premises are famous among film crew, many movies including Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989) and Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani (2009) shot a few scenes from here.

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  2. Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty

    Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty

    Ooty tourist destination is well-known for its most attractive toy train, “Nilgiri Mountain Railway.” The steepest railway track of Asia, Nilgiri railways is always remembered for the famous song, “Chaiyya Chaiyya.” This toy train, a UNESCO heritage site, is one of its kind experiences. The train covers 46 km within 5 hours and offers an unforgettable ride. This mesmerizing journey takes through the picturesque landscape. The train starts from Mettupalayam and prior booking is needed to enjoy the journey leisurely. A ride in this historic railway is one of the musts to do activities in Ooty.

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  3. Avalanche lake Ooty

    Avalanche lake Ooty

    The Avalanche lake lies 26km away from Ooty and is renowned by nature lovers and photographers. The lake is perfect for trekking, rafting and fishing and vacationers can also take part in horse riding, open jeep drive, etc. The Avalanche lake Ooty is also a favorite spot for those who love camping and trekking. A major attraction of the lake is the Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to a variety of activities. The calmness and serenity of the lake are soothing and relaxing.

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  4. Doddabetta Peak, Ooty 

    Doddabetta Peak, Ooty 

    Doddabetta Peak the highest peak in Nilgiri Hills is situated at a height of 8650 feet, above the sea level and is the highest peak in the Nilgiri Hills. A visual treat for eyes, this picturesque trekking spot is an amazing place that offers stunning views of the surrounding areas. The view of the dense forest from the peak is astounding. The peak is perfect for adventure and leisure.

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  5. Dolphin’s Nose

    Dolphin’s Nose

    Dolphin’s Nose is a major attraction of Ooty which is situated at a height of 1,500mts above sea level. The enormous rock looks like a dolphin’s nose, hence named so. The most popular attraction of the peak is Catherine falls, which can be clearly seen from the rocks. The view from the Dolphin’s Nose is mesmerizing with tea plantations, hairpins, and the Catherine waterfalls in the backdrop.  Vacationers mainly enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset from here; it is a fascinating sight.

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  6. Emerald Lake Ooty

    Emerald Lake Ooty

    Emerald lake is a part of Silent Valley National Park in the Nilgiris District and is located in the Emerald Village. The lake is situated 22km away from Ooty city and is a perfect place to relish the beauty of nature. Emerald Lake Ooty, delights photographers and nature enthusiasts. This popular tourist spot is ideal for mountain biking, trekking, fishing or to sit and gaze into the wild.

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  7. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

    Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

    Nilgiri hills are where the Eastern and Western Ghats meet and it is where Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is situated. The sanctuary is an amazing holiday spot for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. This sanctuary which is a tiger reserve as well is spread over 32,155 hectares and is home to animals and birds including the mouse deer, barking deer, spotted deer, wild boar, gaur, elephants, panthers, tigers, Magpie-robin, peacock, Malabar Whistling Thrush, The Brown Dove, Grey Jungle Fowl, Bulbuls, Mynahs, etc. The sanctuary which was formed in 1940 belongs to Mudumalai National Park and offers holiday packages that include jungle safaris, camping, trekking, and more. The sanctuary is perfect to explore wildlife in the most exciting ways. Mayar waterfalls and Theppakadu Elephant Camp are tourist attractions that lie closer to the sanctuary.

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  8. Ooty Botanical Gardens

    Ooty Botanical Gardens

    Ooty Botanical Garden’s foundation was laid in the year 1848. The Garden is spread over 22 hectares is a beauty that attracts sightseers to its lush greenery filled with solace. There is a wide range of flowers that welcome the sightseers; it is a visual treat. A major attraction of the garden is the Toda Mund or Toda hill which provides an insight into the lifestyle and tradition of today, one of the tribes of Nilgiris. The garden is home to a wide variety of trees including the cork tree, the one and only one of its kind in India. The list includes trees like the monkey puzzle tree, the paperbark tree, and the old fossilized tree which is believed to be over 20 million years old.

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  9. Ooty Rose Garden

    Ooty Rose Garden

    Ooty’s Rose Garden is world-famous among nature lovers. A must visit place in Ooty, the rose garden is also known as the Nootrandu Roja Poonga, Jayalalithaa Rose Garden, and the Centenary Rose Park. The beautifully arranged and well-manicured rose garden attracts visitors from all age groups. Travelers can enjoy a stroll through the garden mesmerizing the beauty of the place. The best time to visit the garden is during the month of March to June.

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Best Time To Visit Ooty

A year-round destination, Ooty can be visited throughout the year. However, it is advised to avoid traveling during monsoon time as landslides are common. Considering this, it is best to visit Ooty during the months of April and June and between September and November. During winter; December to February, it can be extremely cold. No matter what, this hill station is all set to enthrall you throughout the year!

How To Reach Ooty

  • By air: Coimbatore Airport lies closer to Ooty.  The airport has a large network of flights providing services and is 85km away from the hill station. International travelers can deboard at Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore which is well-connected with major cities of the world. From Coimbatore or Bangalore, tourists can hire taxis/buses to Ooty.
  • By road: The well-maintained state and national highways are a blessing. The services of State road transport besides private buses are the best way to reach Ooty. Tourists can also travel to Ooty in their private vehicle and the route is enchanting; providing an amazing experience for tourists.
  • By Rail: Mettupalayam is the nearest railway station to Ooty. Trains from cities like Coimbatore, Mysore, Bangalore, and Chennai halt at Mettupalayam. From here one can hire private cabs/ buses to reach Ooty. But there is another interesting mode of transport; Ooty Train; the famous Nilgiri mountain toy train. The train moves slowly through dense forest and tunnels offering a spectacular view of the valleys. It is a lifetime experience and you can choose that if you prefer.