Ooty  - the Queen of Hills!!

Ooty, the Queen of Hills has an alluring beauty like no other hill station. The mystic beauty of this blue mountain crowned it with the title, ‘Summer Retreat'. The East India Company considered Ooty as their summer headquarters. An amazing place to relax and unwind, Ooty, has pleasant weather throughout the year. This hill station is adorned with tea gardens, green-covered mountains, waterfalls, and colonial architecture.  Families and honeymooners love Ooty for its panoramic view and the exceptionally thrilling Ooty train or the toy train ride.

The hypnotic beauty of Ooty tourist places will leave sightseers spellbound. From the oldest church to the green covered meadow, wildlife sanctuaries, and cloud-kissing hills; Ooty has everything that fascinates vacationers. A treat for eyes and soul, Ooty is undoubtedly nature-lovers paradise. This hill-town welcomes tourists every year to indulge in its never-ending beauty. Adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those who need a week-day off finds Ooty as the most perfect holiday destination. Ooty's other attraction is its sister town; Coonor which is as famous as Ooty tourist places.  Ooty tourist attractions are unique and lively offering a memorable experience for vacationers. The exotic natural beauty of Ooty provides solace and peace to its visitors. India's landscape, history, and tradition are always astounding and there is no wonder that the country earns the title  "Incredible India." If you wonder about the things to see and do in Ooty, then take a look at the sightseeing places of this fascinating summer resort.