Do-drul Chorten

Do-drul Chorten Monastery

Do-drul Chorten is a Tibetan Buddhist monument built in the year 1945. The stupa contains in it a complete set of Dorjee Phurba, Holy books, and other religious objects. You will be enthralled by the massive white structure with 108 prayer wheels around it. The statue of Vajra Kilaya – the most prominent Chorten in Sikkim – is placed on top of the monument. It is believed that the Do-drul Chorten stupa was haunted by evil spirits until Trulshing Rinpoche arrived and exorcised them. Two statues of Guru Rinpoche, Chorten Lakahng, and Guru Lakahng surround the monument. Hence it is one of the most visited places in Gangtok. You can also go to the nearby monastery of young Lamas which houses huge images of Padmasambhava and his different forms.

In order to reach the place, you need to first reach Gangtok town. From there you will take about 15 minutes to reach the place, as it is only two kilometers away. It is best to book a cab to get to the monastery, as you may not be familiar with the local language for communication, There are plenty of affordable shared taxi schemes where you can travel and get to know the place and its culture better. Once the pleasant stroll in the monastery is over, don't miss the visit to the Institute of Tibetology. In case you love history and culture, the monastery will help you find insight into Tibetan culture. For those who love to walk in the countryside, you can walk on the Deorali village roads to reach the place.

With regard to the time to visit, Gangtok is blessed with a pleasant climate most of the time. But the best times extend between March to May when they have summery days, light winds, and the days are clear and pleasant. Since the place is free from pollution you can enjoy the local cuisine and even carry back home gifts from local handicraft shops as beautiful memories.