The Rainbow Reef

Noted to be one of the most appealing sights in the Maldives, the Rainbow Reef can hold anyone's breath in mid-air. This fairy tale underwater paradise is known by many names, like HP Reef and Girifushi Thila. Today, it comes under protected marine areas and offers the best diving hub you can enjoy in the Maldives. Uncover underwater creatures and engage in exciting dives to have a face-to-face swim with grey reef sharks, dog-toothed tunas, angelfishes, yellow-mouthed morays, and snappers.
‘Thila' in the local language means the deepest submerged place, as the topography has the shallowest space which approximately spans 12 metres in area. Owing to the bright, orange, blue, and yellow coral reefs, amazing caves, and rock formations, and beautiful 25-meter vertical chimney swim through areas, this place is rightly named Rainbow Reef.

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