Underwater Restaurants Maldives

The tourism industry has transformed the meaning of enjoyment, and underwater restaurants are just the right thing to add to your dream travel bucket list. These experiences will unfold another dimension of real adventure, as you step down from land only to say a ‘Hi' to an octopus, a shark, or perhaps a sea horse!
We have handpicked some of the best underwater restaurants that the Maldives offers tourists:

Let's start with the first of its kind in the Maldives. The alluring Subsix is an underwater nightclub that allows tourists to unwind and enjoy the below-the-water feel. Anyone would think this was a Mermaid set with the spectacular aqua scenery, coral-shaped chandeliers, and beautifully coral-shaped bars. To reach the Subsix nightclub, you need to take a speedboat from land. Then descend to about 20 feet below the Indian Ocean via a staircase.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant:
When you reach the Conrad Maldives, this restaurant is positioned there about 5meters  below ocean level. It is noted for its glass crystal rooftops, outstanding architecture that allows tourists to have a panoramic view of underwater life. At one sitting, about 14 guests can enjoy the cuisine that is customized for European tastebuds along with an Asian blend.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant:
Without compromising visual treats to soothe the mind and body, this exotic underwater restaurant sets the tables with delicious meals that can be enjoyed under the romantic shimmer of moonlight and water waves. With a classy twist of international culture, the restaurant ensures the ambiance is luxurious, encapsulating the essence of local delicacies.

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