How To Travel Safely During Coronavirus, The Deadly Pandemic?

Coronavirus: How to travel safely during this deadly pandemic?

Traveling was never worry till the outbreak of coronavirus. Until then, all our worries were about packing, arriving on time, jet lag, or motion sickness, and everything changed in a blink of an eye. After being locked down for a long time, the government is lifting up some of the lockdown restrictions, and while we are enjoying the relaxation, we have to be extremely cautious too. It is good news that the flights and public transports are resuming soon.   Most of us will have some unavoidable reasons to travel. But we have to keep in mind that our negligence can make the current situation worse, so we have to be SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.  While traveling during the time of the Corona Pandemic, there are certain unavoidable instructions you must follow.

"Precautions are the need of the hour"

To know how to be socially responsible during Covid-19, take a look,

If sick, don't travel

If you show symptoms of fever, cold, cough, or other respiratory issues, DO NOT TRAVEL. Don't hesitate to cancel your travel plan, if you are feeling sick; this will help you and the people around you. Knowingly or unknowingly, we should not be a part of spreading the virus, so avoid traveling when you are sick. Instead of traveling, inform authorities and visit government hospitals without any delay.

Wash your hands frequently

According to health professionals and experts, the best way to avoid catching coronavirus disease is, " STAY CLEAN". You should wash your hands more often, especially after touching things. It is advised to wash hands using soaps for 20 to 30 seconds especially after going in public or traveling in public transport. While traveling, you may find it difficult to rinse your hands using water and soap, so it is better to carry a hand sanitizer that has 60% alcohol. However, this is not as effective as washing your hands with water and soap.

Wear Masks and Gloves

When you are going in a crowd or using public transport, it is a must to COVER-UP.  Wearing masks and gloves will help you to reduce virus contamination.  When in public, ensure that you and your dear ones wear masks. Also, when you need to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth using clothes or your elbows.  We don't know who all are affected with coronavirus and in the worst case, if we are affected and unaware of the same; we are saving our society and ourselves by wearing a mask.

Maintain  6ft distance

Maintaining social distancing is very important during this time.  When traveling, ensure that you are not jam-packed in a bus, car, or plane. Follow the queue and instructions given by the authorities.

Don't throw used masks and Gloves

You are asked to wear masks and gloves for a reason. And it is a well-known fact that these objects can be contaminated with the virus. It is not a wise decision to throw them carelessly. Ensure that you dispose of these items with the utmost care. Else the whole purpose of wearing them can go in vain.

Frequently clean used object

While traveling, make sure that you have wet tissues and sanitizers with you. You should clean the frequently used objects before touching or handing over to someone. Ensure that before eating and entering your house, you have cleaned these things and your hand thoroughly.

Stay away from the crowd

While traveling, make sure you are avoiding the crowd. When you have to be in a lift, flight or in a queue; follow 6ft distance. Keep in mind that being safe is more important than being in a hurry. Most of the elevators have the symbol where people should occupy; stick to that to be safe. Please make sure that you never take anything for granted; never be a part of creating a crowd.

Avoid food contamination

While traveling carry water bottles and food items with you. Don't consume food that is exposed to air. Besides, ensure that you eat food items that are cooked properly.

Research on the status of coronavirus

Once you decide to travel to a particular place, keep reading about the place and the status of the same. This is very important as you can prepare yourself to face the worst; including postponing travel plans, precautions, and instructions to be aware of and more.

Seek Medical Assistance

If you feel any kind of illness or uneasiness, don't hesitate to take medical assistance. Seeking medical care at the right time will help you to avoid the worsening of illness. So seeking help at the right time from the right person is very important, NEVER HESITATE ON THE SAME.

Know how to be in an airport or flight

When traveling on a flight, you should be more cautious and concerned. Besides, wearing a mask and gloves, here are a few more things listed to take care of.

  1. Download Arogya Sethu App
  2. Submit Health Declaration via mail
  3. Complete a Web-check-in
  4. Avoid too much luggage.
  5. Reach early.
  6. In a queue, during embarking and disembarking, fit into the marking created.
  7. Avoid being a part of the crowd.
  8. Follow the government and airport authority's instructions.
  9. Seek help when needed.

Go with a Travel consultant

During the time of Corona, it is always better to seek the assistance of a travel consultant.  We are in a time of uncertainty. The flights can be canceled, rescheduled or the city can go locked down at any point. When you travel alone, planning your trip by yourself, you may not be in a position to meet the unexpected changes. During this time, a well-experienced travel consultant can help you with ease. They are knowledgeable about flight timings, hotels, etc and they can help you effortlessly.

Last but not least, Don't Lie!

While you are traveling during this time, you can be nervous and worried. But that is not going to help you in any way. Be honest with the authorities about your travel plans and other details. Also, if you are feeling sick and tired, seek their help without delay; only then they can help us and our society!

In a nutshell, Let us be socially responsible, to protect ourselves and our society from this pandemic. To be worry-free, let us stay cautious!

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