7 golden rules to avoid getting sick in exotic locations

Enjoy a safe & stress-free world tour package

We are facing a new dawn. COVID-19, a pandemic that troubled humans like no other in recent history, has started receding. Already an effective vaccine is in the gets to people, we hope to regroup and bring back our world to the pre-COVID situation.

The tours and travels industry, which took a major hit during the pandemic, is slowly recovering. Many countries are opening up their borders and welcoming tourists, travel agencies are offering new world tour packages at a lower rate to attract travel enthusiasts. But some still have Virophobia and abandon their travel plans even though they greatly desire to explore new lands.

Nevertheless, with some precautions, we can indeed keep ourselves safe during an international tour. Following the right safety standards put forth by experts in the field is the best way to do so. Below are some of the approaches that you can take to protect yourself and enjoy a wonderful international tour.

Wear protective kit

While it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit when you are on your holiday tour. When you are in a foreign country, make sure to wear a mask or a visor. Protecting your hands using gloves is also a good strategy. These will ensure your safety against the Novel Coronavirus.

Avoid highly infected regions

It is better to avoid high spread areas from the world tour package. You jeopardize your health as well as those around you by taking such unnecessary risks. Map your travel judiciously after getting a good idea of the places most affected. It will help you avoid hot spots and navigate easily.

Carry an essentials kit

Keep a small kit with COVID essentials in your holiday travel bag. It should have masks, protective covers, gloves, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants. It should be placed such that you have easy access to them at the time of need.


Don't feel shy to disinfect the seats and surfaces you come in contact with. Even though most countries ensure repeated sanitization, it is better to follow this protocol everywhere. Make sure you wash or sanitize your hand frequently.

Follow the health protocols of the country

Different countries have different rules when it comes to shielding against COVID-19. Make sure that you know of these regulations before you venture for a holiday tour. Some countries do not accept the COVID negative certificate of other nations. You may have to test and wait for the results in the country you are visiting. This might delay you while you are on an international tour package.

Stay connected

Make sure that you are updated about the news on COVID. According to the spread, some places may close down or restrict entry for outsiders rather suddenly. Hence, you may have to reroute and make changes to your plan. So keep your world tour package flexible to allow for such contingencies.

Right food right sleep

Pay attention to your health while you are on an international tour. It is common to skip meals and eat junk food while you are traveling. This can make you vulnerable to many diseases, if not COVID-19. Hence eat nutritious food and get enough sleep, and make certain that your immunity is high. Ensure you have enough vitamin C intake as it aids disease resistance

Hope this blog has eased your apprehension about traveling during the pandemic. You do not need to lock yourself up inside your house to stay away from the fearsome virus. By following these simple measures, you can keep yourself and those around you safe.

So what are you waiting for? Select your favorite world tour package, pack your bag and enjoy a great holiday.


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