Team Leader – Travel Operations

Vacancies : 1
Location : Kochi
Experience : 5+ years
Job Type : Full Time
Published : March 22, 2022

Job Requirement:

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in the travel and tourism consulting industry
  • Should have a proven record of successful B2B collaborations and associations at an All-India platform
  • Developing and maintaining strategic business partnerships with travel agencies.
  • Meeting set KPI’s around financial targets.


  • Well Updated: Know the latest rules, policies, trends, and travel updates that are issued in the industry.
  • Proven Record: A proven track record of sales achievements in the travel industry
  • Go-Getter B2B Planner: Plan, train, execute, and follow up all B2B and B2C engagements so that company sales goals are met on time.
  • Problem Solving: Solve escalated customer / Agents / Clients’ concerns/issues to maintain a high level of satisfaction and continual business.
  • Negotiation Skills: Great negotiation skills to find the best travel; deals with car rentals, accommodation, and seasonal travel collaborations across India.
  • Meetings Target: Ensure that your sales targets, and also team target are fulfilled well and try to exceed our expectations
  • Team leader: Self-driven to encourage, lead, direct the team members for improved performance.
  • Creativity: Find new ideas to scale up business with your personal contribution.
  • Quality Oriented: Set benchmarks of quality performance and sales target goals for the entire team.
  • End-to-end service: Create and manage end-to-end travel bookings tailored to each customer’s needs.
  • Language Fluency: You must know English & Hindi.
  • Team Training: Timely intervention, training of team members for improved performance, client handling, workflow management, and relationship building.

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