Wayanad Tour finds a place in every traveler's bucket list. This region is exquisite like a painting that makes hearts beat stronger. Located on the Western Ghats surrounded by green in abundance Wayanad tour attractions excites and inspires tourists of all kinds. Earlier known as “Mayakshetra” which means Maya’s land later became Wayanad. The prettiness of Wayanad is striking and is a visual treat. Moreover, the climate of this god-blessed land is relaxing and refreshing too. All these elements make the Tour to Wayanad exciting.

Wayanad tour places are diverse in nature. In fact, this land takes you one step closer to nature. It is blessed with wildlife and a wide range of forest regions with abundant wildlife. Forest department arranges safari to deep forests, a great opportunity for travelers to unlock the mystery of forests. This land is also known for waterfalls and hills, things that excite trekkers and mountaineers. Other attractions Wayanad holds a special place in the history of civilization as well.

Wayanad attractions are plenty. The sights to see are thrilling and invoke the adventure spirits of the sightseers. Trekking,  Wildlife spotting and nature walks are the main Wayanad tour attractions. These attractions fill vacationers with a light mood that lifts their spirits. Since the attractions of Wayanad are spread across a wide area, it is always advisable to go for a Wayanad Tour Package.

An internationally acclaimed tourist spot, Wayanad tour places are known for its beauty, cravings and engravings, historical prominence and more. This is a green world that makes its visitors forget the worries of city life.