Top 10 Paradise Beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful places for a World Tour. This destination is known for its historic importance and natural beauty. The charm of Sri Lanka lies in its lush green landscapes, beaches, and sanctuaries. The beaches of Sri Lanka are known for its eye-pleasing scenery and exhilarating activities. If you are planning a visit to Sri Lanka, then check these beaches for a fun-filled trip!

Wijaya Beach

wijaya beach

The white-sand beach, Wijaya Beach is loved by vacationers. The beach is clean and is covered with a palm that leans towards the water. The coral reef and the little turtles are the main attractions of this beach.  The naturally formed swimming pool adjacent to the beach is an ideal location to swim and bathe. The best time to visit the beach is between December to April and July to September.

Mirissa beach

Mirissa beach

Vacationers of all types love this beach. A perfect holiday spot for sunbathers, surfers, and swimmers, the Mirissa beach is 2km long and is famous for its parrot rock. The rock is known for some excellent restaurants and bars. A famous snorkeling site, the beach is accessible from November to April and August to October

Secret Beach Mirissa

The secret beach is a secluded beach away from the bustling crowds. The beach has a few bars and coconut sellers. The view of the beach is exciting. Though it is not a great place for surfing, the beach is perfect to relax and refresh.

Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya Beach, otherwise called as the Hiriketiya Beach is loved by surfers and divers. The beach is an amazing hang-out spot for thrill-seekers. The best time to visit the beach is between November to April and August to October.

Trincomalee beach

Trincomalee Beach is one of the famous Sri Lankan beaches. The beach is loved by all, especially children. 10 minutes away from Trincomalee beach lies the Nilaveli beach which is also one of the greatest beaches. Both the beaches are perfect to spot whales and dolphins! The best time to visit the beaches is between February and August.

Tangalle Beach

Nature-lovers will go crazy about Tangalle beach. It is the prettiest beach in Sri Lanka. This quiet and beautiful beach is amazing for solitude-seekers. There are a number of resorts here that add prettiness and make your stay comfortable. The beach is not perfect for surfers.

Koggala Beach

Koggala Beach

Koggala is a paradise. The silver-color sand makes the beach a perfect play to relax and enjoy. The main attraction of this beach town is the rainforest reserve which is a perfect place for a boat cruise. The best time to visit the place is from December to April and July to September.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is one of the most amazing surfing points in Sri Lanka. This beach is a hotspot for surfers who come from different parts of the world. The bay is famous for the yearly International surfing competitions. The national park Yala or Udawalawe is closer to the bay.

Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach is a beautiful silver-sand beach with palm trees. The beach is amazing for taking a stroll. The beach is great to enjoy swimming and surfing but depends on the seasons. The village of Unawatuna is an excellent spot to explore the local culture and traditions as well.

Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa is the prettiest beach in Sri Lanka. The beach lies closer to Colombo. The sunset view from the beach is priceless. The group of huge turtles is the central attraction of this beach. The beach is loved by adventure-seekers!

If you are planning for a vacation, check the world tour packages which include a visit to Sri Lanka. This little island will surprise you with excellent sightseeing options and engrossing activities!


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