13 Amazing Places to Enjoy the Nightlife in Srilanka

Nightlife in Colombo Srilanka

Sri Lanka has, in recent decades, captured the attention of the world with its tourism possibilities. With rich culture, ancient monuments, excellent beaches, and charming natural beauty, the country has everything that a tourist wishes for. Hence Sri Lanka tourism has flourished in recent years.

However, there is a common notion that the country is not suitable for enjoyable nightlife. Thus those who are into partying on the international tour, do not believe Sri Lanka is a good holiday location.

The truth, however, is that the island country has a vibrant nightlife with beach parties, dance clubs, casinos, and bars. For those who prefer loud music and dancing, there are several options. If on the other hand, a quiet evening with a few drinks is what one wants, there are places for that too.

Thus tourists can have as great a time in Sri Lanka as they can in any other country. Here is a list of a few places that you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Sri Lanka.

1. ZAZA Bar

The ZAZA Bar at Casa Colombo Hotel is one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife in Sri Lanka. It has a great ambiance with indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. A variety of beverages available at the bar is sure to amuse any visitor. ZAZA Bar is hence packed with tourists from around the globe, especially during weekends. If you want to meet people and have a great time visit the ZAZA Bar at Casa Colombo Hotel during your Sri Lanka tour.

2. Ballys Casino

For those in love with the thrill of gambling, Bally’s Casino is the best place. It is acclaimed as one of the largest casinos in Sri Lanka. Even if gambling does not suit you, you can come here for the exquisite dishes. The buffet dinner at Bally’s is quite famous as is the ambiance and hospitality of the staff. Moreover, as they provide a pick and drop service, you don’t have to worry about getting back to the place of stay. Maybe it is the reason why tourists visiting from around the globe give a five-star rating to Ballys Casino.

3. Loft Lounge Bar

If you are a music fan, visit Loft lounge Bar during weekends. Located on top of the Hotel Colombo Courtyard, the place offers an excellent view and great music gigs. The interior of the bar is designed in an industrial style. Meticulously lit soothing lights accentuate the beauty of the design and create a festive aura. If you are a food lover, you will surely enjoy the excellent cuisines and drinks the bar offers.

4. Le Garage

Le Garage is a famous nightclub in Kandy — the second largest city in Sri Lanka. Located in the Amaya Hills Resort, the nightclub derives its name from the garage theme that adorns it. The walls and floors are decorated with spare parts and with designs of automobiles. It gives a rustic feel to Le Garage. The dance party conducted in the club is famous. Many tourists vouch that it is the best place to let yourself go on your Sri Lanka tour.

5. Barefoot Garden Café

A unique café and bar, Barefoot Garden Café is the best place to enjoy a calm evening. Because of its serene atmosphere and many couples visit the bar to enjoy a romantic evening on their international tour. It offers a wide variety of wines collected from around the world. You can taste the wine and have a relaxed night here. Barefoot Garden Café is also famous for its late evening gigs. So make sure to visit the place on your tour to Sri Lanka.

6. Old Trinitians Sports Club

Located in Asgiriya in Kandy, the Old Trinitians Sports Club is a place that reminds of the colonial era clubs in Sri Lanka. For European Premier League fans, this will be the best place to cheer your team and meet up with fellow supporters. Though the entry is restricted to members, you can pay a small price and enter the club. It is thrilling to grab a beer and enjoy the game on the big screen with those with the same passion. Hence do not miss this opportunity on your Sri Lanka tour package.

7. Yula Beach Bar

Yula Beach Bar is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in Sri Lanka. If you love to be in the open air, you will enjoy your time here even more. Located on the beach, the place offers a great view of the crimson sunset. The tiki huts and the wooden chairs out on the beach create a vibe like no other. You can go surfing and lay down on the golden sand and enjoy a chilled beer.

8. Sunset Lounge Bar

Located in the famous Galle road, Sunset Louge Bar is a 4-star facility. It is perfect to have a few drinks and to listen to some melodious music. The ambiance of the place, with a pool in the center, is impeccable. If you love a quiet evening away from the crowds, Sunset Louge Bar is the best place to visit on your international tour package.

9. Kuha Surf Lounge

Kuha Surf Lounge is famous for its old-fashioned design and setting. It is one of the best places to enjoy the exciting nightlife in Sri Lanka. It offers a wide variety of tasty Sri Lankan food. You can choose the ones you like, grab a beer, and enjoy the music. Some of the native dishes may be too spicy for you, so check with the attendant before ordering. If you feel like dancing, you can step in with the music and have a great time.

10. Ceysands Disco

If getting wasted and madly dancing is your thing, you can head to Ceysands Disco. The place is located in a unique point with a river on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. Hence it feels like a floating disco. You can visit the bar just for the stunning view. The place is sure to make you ecstatic with the exciting music. Once you join the crowd, you cannot stop dancing until early morning when the party stops. Hence many on their international tour package visit the Ceysands Disco.

11. Grain Bar & Lounge

Grain Bar & Lounge is one of the places to visit on your Sri Lanka tour package if you enjoy exquisite cocktails. The bar provides one of the best wines and cocktails in the land. The food here is also finger-licking good. Sitting above the Beruwala’s Cinnamon Bay Resort, the place also provides an amazing view. It is quite an experience to enjoy the drinks and food imbibing in the excellent view from the bar.

12. Shopping

The nightlife in Sri Lanka is not limited to Bars and Discos. There are excellent night bazaars in cities like Colombo. They offer an opportunity to collect souvenirs. Many indigenous objects are available for purchase; handicrafts, paintings, idols, and so on. Many night bazaars are open until 3 or 4 in the morning. You can walk through these markets and buy the stuff that you find amusing. Most of the items you buy here will be available at a cheap rate.

13. Beach Parties

As an island country, Sri Lanka is blessed with some exotic beaches. They conduct many tourism activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, water skating, and so on. But the celebrations on the beaches start after the sun goes down. Many beach parties are held in the regions like Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna and cities like Colombo. The parties are as exciting as you can imagine. There will be beers, karaoke, and dancing; everything you can think of to make the night a memorable one on your international tour.

So these are some of the places and activities that you can involve in on your Sri Lanka tour. From these many activities choose the ones you like and have a great time. After you go through the experience, you will change your opinion about the nightlife in Sri Lanka. You will surely recommend a tour to the island country for anyone who loves to have a blast on their trip.


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