Dachigam National Park

Spreading over an area of 141 square kilometers Dachigam National park is a charming location. The name literally means ‘ten villages’; in remembrance of the ten villages that had to be relocated to form the park. It was a protected area since 1910 but was upgraded to a National Park in the year 1981. The region is filled with alpine pastures, green meadows, and coniferous forests. The stunning beauty of the small waterfalls attracts tourists. During spring, the landscape is covered with a carpet of flowers. You have the opportunity to some rare fauna in the park. Musk deer, Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Jackal, Kashmir grey langur, Hill fox, and so on are some of them. There is also a great population of highland avifauna. Orange Bullfinch, Chough, Himalayan Rubythroat, Wallcreeper, Bearded vulture, Titmouse a few of these birds. Hence the protected area is a must-visit location in Kashmir.