10 Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

Health tourism is a growing trend among travelers. Tourists travel from distant lands to enjoy the benefits of different treatment systems in various parts of the world. If you would like to enjoy such a retreat, the south Indian state of Kerala awaits you with Ayurvedic treatment and massages.

Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine that focuses on the holistic wellness of the person. More than a system of treatment,  as the name indicates, it is the ‘science of life’. By balancing the three doshas — Vata, Pitta, and Kapha— Ayurveda achieves the complete well being of a person.

Massage is one of the many methods used for achieving this balance.

Ayurvedic massage

Abhyangam or Ayurvedic massage is a form of rhythmic rub-down on the body.  Different forms of medicinal oils are used for this process. It can be used for healthy persons and those with ailments.

Ayurveda recommends massage at least twice a week. It has to be performed according to the instructions in the traditional texts. Only trained practitioners can perform massage in the right way. If not performed properly, it will not produce the desired effect and may even prove to harm the body.

In Kerala, there are traditional Ayurvedic retreats which strictly follows the ancient method of ayurvedic massage. Here you can be sure that you will get the authentic and scientific method of treatment.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massages

JOINT CARE AYURVEDA TREATMENTThere are many short and long term benefits for availing a Kerala Ayurvedic massage package.

Short term benefits

  1. Improves blood circulation. Ayurvedic massage is so designed to help increase the flow of blood. With an improved circulation of blood, the body gets evenly oxygenated.
  1. Joint pains vanish. When the right flow of blood and life forces are achieved through massages, pain in joints disappear. The right form of massage is helpful to keep even arthritis at bay.
  1. Relaxes the Body. The pent up tension is the reason for many forms of pain. When blood circulation is improved, the muscles relax. With the right message, the tension in different parts gets dissipated and the body feels lighter.
  1. Increases Skin Glow. The dead skin is removed during massage making it softer. When medicinal oils are applied, the skin gets nourished. This will add a renewed glow to the skin.
  1. Alleviates fatigue. A good ayurvedic massage rejuvenates the body. The lethargy caused due to inactivity and improper circulation is replaced by vigor. You can instantly feel the change after a good session.

Long Term Benefits

The are many long term benefits for a regular Ayurvedic massage. There are many Ayurvedic massage packages available in Kerala concentrated on particular problems. You can avail of such packages and enjoy the treatment for 1 month to half a year.

The benefits of such treatments are:

  1. Helps you to sleep like a baby. When your muscles are relaxed the body feels light as a feather. This gives you a very deep sleep. Those who suffer from sleeplessness can resort to this treatment and resolve the problem.
  1. Migraine disappears like magic. If you are haunted by migraine and headaches for long years, an authentic Kerala Ayurvedic massage is all you need. Combined with treatment methods like Dhara and Nasyam, the system provides permanent relief to the issue.
  1. Say Bye to Toxins. With our wrong lifestyle, food, and beverages, we have accumulated many toxins in the body. Ayurveda allows you to detoxify your system. With regular massages and purgation, the body becomes clean again.
  1. Toning the Muscles. When the body relaxes and cramps are gotten rid of, the muscles are replenished. They become more flexible and toned. You can feel the heaviness disappearing within no time.
  1. Makes you sharper. Once the medicinal massage calms your body and nerves, you will feel the more alert. With each session, your stress will melt away. The right blood flow makes the brain work in its maximum efficiency. Thus making you more sharp and meticulous.

Get ready for a package tour

So these are the benefits of Ayurvedic massage. By now you must have made up your mind to try it out some time. There are many reputed Ayurvedic retreats in Kerala that provide massage packages and authentic treatments at a budget price. You can easily book a slot and enjoy the experience.

So make sure to set aside some time to enjoy a relaxing massage on your next tour to Kerala.


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