10 Must-Visit Churches in Kerala

Christianity is the third largest religion practiced in Kerala. Christianity was introduced to Kerala by Saint Thomas in AD 52. He is believed to be one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. Let us look into 12 must-visit churches in Kerala.

St. George Forane Church

St. George Forane Church is also known as Edappally Pally since it is located in Edappally. Constructed in 594 AD, the church is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in Kerala. initially constructed in 594 AD, it was very small in size at the time. In 1080 AD, adjacent to the old church, a new church was constructed to accommodate the growing number of people. Since its initial construction, this church has gone through multiple renovations. You can find a statue of St. George spearing a dragon mounting a horse. There is a wall adjacent to this Church and the water from this well is known to have miraculous power. The water from this well is known to remain 2 meters below the ground all year round irrespective of the season. Catholics observe the feast of St. George on 23rd April.

St. Sebastian's Church

You can find St. Sebastian Church located at Arthunkal in Alappuzha District. This church is an important pilgrim center for Christians. The ten-day feast held every January is the biggest attraction here. A procession carrying the statue of St Sebastian from the Church to the beach and back is held and devotees are often found crawling on their knees during the procession.

Edathua Church

This church is dedicated to St. George. It was built in 1801 and stands picturesquely on the banks of the river Pamba in Alappuzha. The architecture of this church has medieval influences. It was modeled after the medieval European churches. This church is known to miraculously cure mental disorders.

Santa Cruz Basilica

It was originally developed by the Portuguese in the year 1505. In 1558, the then Roman Catholic Pope, Pope Paul IV elevated it to a Cathedral. Today it is one of the oldest churches in India and one among the 8 Basilicas in the country. The architecture of this church is a blend of Gothic and Indo-European styles. The interiors of this church are adorned with beautiful Italian paintings from the time it was constructed.

St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church

This St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church is situated on the Malayattoor Hill in Ernakulam. It is one of the most famous Christian pilgrim centers in Kerala. This church was set up St. Thomas who brought Christianity to India. This Church is now declared as one of the 8 International Shrines in the World by the Vatican. The annual festival is known as ‘Malayattoor Perunnal' is an annual festival held every year during March /April.

Kadamattom Church, Fort Kochi

The Kadamattom Church is famous for its architecture. The Kerala church history was founded by a Monk who was from Syria, and that monk had various unnatural powers as well. The largest church in Kerala has many such legends associated with its history. Also, the surrounding beauty makes the place fantastic to visit in Kerala. The most famous church in Kerala with its beautiful grandeur along with the serenity of the church makes the area lovely to visit.

Vallarpadam Church, Ernakulam:

The beautiful church is mainly dedicated to Mother Mary, and this is one of the most popular churches in Kerala as well. This best church in Kerala will welcome anyone, from any religion and any caste. The whole ancient churches in Kerala is truly white-washed, and two tall towers attached to the main building as well. There are many legends attached to this church's history.

Parumala Church, Parumala

It is no doubt that this church Kerala has one of the most unique architectures you can ever think of. The church is also known as the tomb of Saint Gregarious Gee Varghese. It was designed by Charles Correa, and it has a current capacity of accommodating 2000 people at any time. The church was built with mass gatherings in mind. The church is also a parish church of the other church known as Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

Alphonsa's Church, Bharananganam

It was after St. Alphonsa's colonization that this church was built. She was not only the first saint of India but also a pious nun as well. The church has a red building, which very houses the mortal remains of the saint as well. Out there is also a scenic garden in that area as well. There is also a glass portrait of the saint too.

Arthunkal Church, Alappuzha

The 16th century was the time when this first church in Kerala was established. Kerala’s first Christian church is one of the top tourists' spots in Kerala, as well. The remaining of St. Sebastian is kept here, as it is his shrine. The statue of the saint was bought from Italy, and the architecture as well gets lot its inspiration from the culture in Italy. The first Christian church in Kerala has a large hallway, with two tall towers attached to the main hallway.

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