Kerala – Women friendly state for tourism

Kerala has the lowest population growth rate, highest literacy rate, highest life expectancy, highest gender ratio, and the highest Human Development Index (HDI) compared to the other states of India. These data certainly makes it one of the best places in the country. Kerala is the only Indian state where the female population is more than men. It is a women-friendly state. Even you can see 30% of the bus seats are reserved for women. Also, they provide separate doors for entry for women passengers on buses.

Kerala is one of the safest places for female travelers in India and heartwarming welcome, pleasant smiles provide a lot of tours and travel holiday packages Kerala provides a lot of tourist attractions destinations for tourists around the world. Many solo travelers mostly women choose to come over here. There are prominent taxi services in Kochi which renders protection and safety for girls while traveling. There are services that provide extra care for women especially night travelers.

There are a lot of places to visit in Kerala which provides the best treatment packages, best Ayurveda treatment packages which can be included in your Package Tour s. Tourists all around the world can book and get easy access to Kerala top holiday packages even in Online.

The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) is all set to open India's first public sector hotel run entirely by women for women in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram. Women-only floors and woman-specific rooms with enhanced security and safety features in the hotels for aiding the independent woman traveler is not new in upmarket hotels of the country.

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has released a Gender Vulnerability Index, compiled by Plan India that ranks states in India, in terms of the level of safety that they promise to women. Kerala ranks second in this index after Goa with a GVI (Gender Vulnerability Index) score of 0.634. This can be considered as the most significant evidence for Kerala being the safest place for women tourists. The safety of Kerala draws tourists from all over to the world for a happy and long stay in God’s Own Country.


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