10 Things All First Time Travellers Forget

It’s high time you tick off the destinations from your bucket list. Head start to the exotic destinations you have waited for so long to explore. Pack your travel gear and enjoy the adventure. Wait for a second, " Did you forget a few essential stuff?" No worries. Let’s check what all things first-time travelers forget to carry with them.

1. Travel Light

Do you have a tendency to carry your home in your backpack while you travel? Well, it’s time you learn to de-clutter. A traveler's gear needs to be light. Remember that the destinations you visit have stores from where you may shop for things that you require. Do not lag behind on your trips with a heavy backpack.

2. First Aid Kit

If you have medication on a daily basis, make sure you carry them in your kit. Try to include emergency medicines like aspirin, badges, disinfectants, etc. It’s always important to carry a first aid kit on travel since it’s not necessary that you may find a medical store inside a forest or a remote destination.

3. Essential Toiletries

Maintaining personal hygiene is a very important habit required for a wanderer. You may be allergic to toiletries like soap, handwash, etc available locally at the destination. So ensure you carry the toiletries you use. Make sure to include hand sanitizers as you may not get water to keep your hands clean every time and also it may come in handy when you use public loos.

4. Use Fanny Bags

Make sure you carry your travel documents, Id proofs, credit or debit cards, etc inside a fanny bag available in varied designs and brands. This helps you keep your stuff safe from pickpocketers. Not every place you visit is safe & corruption-free.

5. Carry A Universal Mobile Charger

Your phone is very important to the point of contact. Make sure your phone is fully charged and has enough call balance. Make sure you carry a universal mobile charger as different countries have different electrical specifications. Also, carry a USB portable power bank that will come in handy when you are traveling.

6. Well Planned Itinerary

Exploring places without a plan is a very adventurous and daring step a seasoned traveler can opt for. But if you are a first-timer, its not advisable to travel without proper planning. Always travel with a proper itinerary which helps you enjoy the trip tension-free. This helps you utilize your time in exploring the destination rather than searching for accommodation for the night.

7. Replenishing Food

Carry small packets for dry fruits and ready-to-eat meals on a trip. This helps you to keep you energetic throughout the trip. Carry drinking water and avoid consuming water from places that seem unhygienic to avoid water infections.

8. Avoid Valuable Items

There is a high risk of losing valuable items on a trip. Always avoid the risk of attracting thieves and pickpocketers while traveling. So kindly feel free to keep your valuable items in the safety of your home.

9. Comfortable Foot Wear

Wear comfortable footwear while traveling. Avoid heels or fancy footwear which makes your journey uncomfortable and also damages your expensive shoes. It’s preferable if you wear a pair of sneakers.

10. Emergency Contact Numbers

You may imagine- Why do I need to write down emergency numbers when I have them saved on my phone? Well, what if your phone & your power bank runs out of power? How will you contact someone during an emergency situation if you do not have the numbers by heart? So this is where the list of numbers in your notepad comes in handy.

Not even the seasoned traveler is fully prepared for unexpected situations during a trip. But the 10 things are mandatory stuff that needs to be included in your backpack. So what are you waiting for? Pick a destination from your bucket list, swing your backpack and call Funday Holidays for the tour booking your first international holiday package at reasonable rates.


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