21 Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Traveling solo is widely considered a male thing. The doubts and questions about how a woman can navigate a new land without any help are moot. However, the challenges faced on an international tour are numerous, especially if the person is traveling alone.

Nevertheless, something is exciting about venturing into an unknown land alone. It feels like an exciting expedition that can at once liberate you from the boring life and make you feel alive. There are risks involved, for sure, but these hurdles make the trip all the more exciting.

If you are sure you can manage yourself and travel safely, you do not have to give up on your dream journey. There are some things that you can keep in mind to travel safely on an international tour. The following are some of the tips by seasoned travelers for this purpose. You can follow them and keep yourself away from danger.

1. Listen to your Guts

Most often, it is your intuition that saves you from many dangerous situations. If you are feeling uncomfortable, leave the place, even if there is no apparent danger. If you are walking through the street, pay attention to the surroundings. Do not plug in your headphone, like you do when are going for work daily, when in an unfamiliar land. This can make you vulnerable.

2. Do not be too polite

Yes, you have to be nice to people. Only if you are open can you have new experiences on your holiday tour and travel. But don’t be so nice as to put yourself in peril. If you feel like something is off, be bold enough to say no and get out of the circumstance. That said, do not put everyone under the eye of suspicion. Many are just trying to be friendly and helpful.

3. Do not wear Jewelry

To be on the safer side during your international tour package, avoid flaunting your valuables. It will only attract unwanted attention. Also, avoid wearing expensive clothes. Put on something that you are comfortable with while traveling. Remember, you do not need to appear attractive in a strange place.

4. Keep your money secure

When you are out exploring the new land, do not carry more money than you need. Just take what is necessary for the day’s expenses and leave the rest in the bag you keep in the hotel room. Also, do not store all your money in one place. If at all possible, use your credit or debit card to make your payments.

5. Dress appropriately

When you are in a foreign land, try to dress according to their culture. In many countries, it is considered offensive to wear low necks and shorts. Of course, you can wear a decent dress. But take care not to be too exposed. Do a bit of research or ask your international tour operator about the dressing style and culture of the land you are traveling to.

6. Be aware of your surroundings

Wherever you go, have an internal alert system always switched on. Notice whether someone is following you or coming unnecessarily close. Learning about the problem areas before you land in the country and avoiding them is a great strategy. Also, refrain from getting drunk.

7. Do not book cheap hotels

Yes, money is a primary concern when you are traveling on a budget. But it is not above safety. There are many instances of theft and crimes against tourists that are centered around cheap hotels. Hence neither opt to stay in the cheapest hotel in the region nor the most expensive one. Read reviews and comments and choose the one that is affordable to you.

8. Know your way around your place of stay

Make sure that you walk through the nearby streets and get familiar with the area where you are staying. Keep in mind that you have to get back to the place even if you have lost your phone. Better write the address and phone number of the stay on a piece of paper and keep it safe with you whenever you go out. It will help you from getting lost.

9. Couchsurfers? Keep a second option

There are many apps like Couchsurfing, Airbnb and so on that will help you to find a stay on your world tour. There is nothing wrong with using them. But take care to keep a second option always. In case you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and have to leave in the middle of the night, you can go to the second place.

10. Take care while traveling in a cab

Taxi cabs are safe in most countries. But that doesn’t mean you will not have an argument with the driver and things won’t go south. It is better to keep your bags in the back seat rather than the trunk so that you can quickly leave the car if something goes wrong.

11. Find a travel companion

Well, finding a companion may not fit under your idea of solo traveling. But when you are in your international tour package, it is better to befriend a local in the area. If you have some Facebook friends in the country, you can ask them. They may know someone who can help you. They can take you to not-so-well-known destinations and help you to steer clear of the problem zones.

12. Be Safe, especially after dark

When you are on holiday travel, you cannot always make it back to the place where you stay before dark. Hence it is better, to be close to a group, preferably a family, when you are walking through the streets. Moreover, set helpline numbers on speed dial in your phone in case of an emergency.

13. Stay Connected

Yes, the whole point of an international tour package is to disconnect from your daily life. Nevertheless, you should not cut the cord completely. Post some pictures on Instagram and FaceBook and let your family and friends know your whereabouts. It will give them peace of mind and will alert them if your photos stop all of a sudden.

14. Use your phone

You surely do use your phone. You have to know to use it, not to while away your time on social media, but to travel in an unknown land. Use applications like Google Maps to navigate when you are in your tour and travel package. If you are facing difficulty with communication, use translation apps. Another good strategy is to drop a pin on where you have been. This will help your family and friends to know where you have been. It even helps you in case of an emergency.

15. Study the destination

Before you embark on an international tour package, it can serve you well to make an idea about the destination you are planning to visit. More than just checking for the tourist places in the land, make sure your read recent news items too. It will give you an idea of the nature of the destination. Also get accustomed to the map, on the night before travel, so that you won’t get lost in the place.

16. Meet the natives

One of the perks of traveling solo through a distant land is that you get more time to meet with and talk to the natives. Visit a local hotel or a yoga class for this purpose. It gives the best opportunity to learn their culture, cuisine, and their perspectives. Moreover, the locals will know the tourist places that usually do not come under the radar of international tour agencies. You may get them to guide you to these destinations. Thus you can explore the land and make new friends in the process.

17. Keep a copy of your Passport

A passport is undoubtedly the most important travel document. It need not be carried around everywhere you go. Lock it securely in your hotel room. Make sure you keep digital and carbon copies of it with you on your world tour. It is better to store the electronic copy in cloud storage like Google Drive. This will come in handy if in case lost your passport somehow.

18. Do not bury your head in your phone

You cannot travel without using your phone as it provides help navigating. But that does not mean you have to walk through the street with your eyes glued to it. It will make you an easy target for pickpockets, or someone can just snatch the phone from your hand and run.

19. Less luggage, more comfort

Take care to pack light on your holiday tour and travel. Lugging around huge bags can be tiring and can make you a target for thieves. Pack only those things that you absolutely need for the journey.

20. Exude confidence

Even if you are scared of traveling solo, act like you are a seasoned traveler. Self-defense experts that your most valuable asset is your self-belief. Hence, be confident in your walk, your talk, and your overall appearance. This will discourage most thieves from approaching you. Also, let no one know that you are alone unless it is absolutely necessary.

21. Seek help

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you can get into some trouble. Do not be ashamed to seek help if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation on your international tour. A local policeman, a street vendor, someone passing by can all come to your help if you request it. Trust the authorities and file a complaint if necessary. Most countries take the crimes against foreigners seriously and take quick action against them.


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