A Trip To Alappuzha, Venice Of East

Alappuzha, one of the best tourist spots in Kerala, is commonly known as Venice of the East. It got its name by the well-planned canals which stay as the doorway to the splendid backwaters. Alappuzha is a well-planned town constructed as a tribute to Raja Kesavadas. Being a Keralite, I used to hear a lot about Alappuzha and its serene beauty. So I decided to make a trip to this beautiful tourist spot and explore its inner beauty.

With this aim in mind, I searched over the internet for finding the best solution to my need. Accidently I met a site named Funday Holidays in which they provide the best Kerala tour and travel holiday packages within the budget. So I contacted the number they provided on the site and revealed them about my needs. They conveyed a lot of packages and I chose a middle budgeted package. So on the day, I started my journey from Ernakulam to Alappuzha through the bus. I started at 6.45 am from Vyttila that rode to Alappuzha via Aroor – Cherthala – Maararikulam. I reached Alappuzha by 9.30 am and have my breakfast from a nearby hotel. At sharp 9.45 am a guide from Funday Holidays contacted me and he reached the spot near the bus station with a cab.

As I opted for their one night and two-day package, first of all, they took me to a houseboat. It was one of the best options for those who want to relax and unwind their stress. Most of the houseboats are well furnished and give you an ample atmosphere. These houseboats make their trip through Punnamada backwaters, which are famous for the Nehru Trophy Boat race which is one of the best tourist attractions in Kerala. During the one hour cruise, the boat will stop at some spots and thus enable us to feel the real village life. Lunch will be provided from the houseboat itself. The food comprised of a delicious Kerala cuisine which included both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, with a staple appendage to rice.

After a lush meal, I decided to rest during the day, overlooking the backwaters. The evening, however, had something excellent to offer. Standing on the outer deck and witnessing the sunset is magical. The whole sky turns from red to gold with multiple tones. The night ended with a delicious dinner and some soft music that was played to relax which led me to fall asleep. The morning welcomed me with a beautiful view of the sunrise and pleasant weather. After a good breakfast, the houseboat moved slowly towards the mainland.

The next day in their Package Tour was their traditional Kerala Ayurveda massage. I heard a lot about their Ayurvedic massages, I went for one myself. The only thing that I can say is that that was great. I did one joint care Ayurvedic treatment. It was one of the best stress-busters for me. It helped me get rid of my stress and feel so healthy and lively. If you are planning to make a trip to Kerala, Funday Holidays is one of the best options. Not only Kerala, but they are also providing India's top holiday packages as well as international tour packages. You can simply log in to their site and book any top holiday packages online itself. They are providing the best services and I can ensure you that your entire trip will be worth its price package.


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