Kerala tourist places to visit in March

Best places to visit in Kerala in March

Kerala is undoubtedly one of the foremost tourist destinations in India. With its spectacular waterfalls, lush greenery, marvelous hill stations, and calm backwaters, the place is nothing short of paradise. The south Indian state is also known for its rich culture and history.

If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy a visit to Kerala. Though considered a year-round tourist destination, the Winter season is the best time to visit Kerala. It falls between November and February. But you can also visit the land during March if you couldn’t travel during this season.

The weather is warmer during March compared to the winter season. But it is still bearable as the maximum temperature rarely passes 33 degrees Celcius. April and May are quite hot and humid, and you will find yourself sweating profusely. Hence March is considered the last opportunity for a comfortable visit to the charming destinations in the land. The month is also time for some of the famous festivals and celebrations in Kerala.

Here is the list of places and activities in Kerala you can enjoy during March in God’s own country.

Attukal Pongala

Attukal Pongala is a spectacular festival conducted in Attukal Devi Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. Attended exclusively by women, the event holds the Guinness Book of World records for the largest annual gathering of women on the planet. They prepare a special tasty rice pudding and are seen cooking in the streets on this special day. The festival is usually held during March. Hence if you travel to Kerala at this time, make sure to visit this great festival.

Ezhara ponnana festival

Ezhara Ponnana festival is a must-see event in March. The word literally translates to the festival of seven and a half golden Elephants. The celebration is held in Etumanoor Mahadeva Temple. The major attraction of the festival is the seven and a half golden idols of elephants. Weighing over 13 kilograms of pure gold, they were donated by the Maharaja of Travancore. You have a chance to witness the festival if you visit the tourist destination during the month of March.

Guruvayoor Aanayottam

Marking the beginning of the annual festival in Guruvayoor temple, a curious elephant race is held during the beginning of March. The event is one of its kind in India, if not the world. The curious event is marked by the presence of large crowds from far and wide. The winner of the race gets to carry the Thidambu — a headgear with the replica of the idol in the temple — throughout the festival.


Munnar is undoubtedly the most visited hill station in Kerala. Tourists love the cool atmosphere and the hills covered in a blanket of green tea plantations. During March, the destination gets more visitors as it is not too cold as in the winter season. The beautiful valley covered in fog, the stunning waterfalls, and teeming wildlife make the place a paradise for nature lovers.


Popularly known among the tourists as the Venice of the East because of its charming backwaters and the interconnected canals, Alappuzha is an enchanting location. The most preferred activity during March is the relaxing houseboat ride through the turquoise blue waters. The beaches in the place like Paathiramanal, Aleppey beach and so on are crowded during this time. The sightseeing opportunities in Kuttanad are also worth mentioning. Hence include Alappuzha in your itinerary if you are planning to visit Kerala during March.

Fort Kochi

A beautiful tourist destination in Ernakulam district known at once for its historical monuments and modern facilities, Fort Kochi is best to visit during March. You can walk through the narrow streets lined with colonial-era buildings without the fear of getting a sunburn during this time. Tourists visit famous places like Jewish Synagogue, Dutch Palace, and the Jain temple. The pleasant weather also promotes beach activities. You can also see the traditional Chinese fishing nets used for catching fish during this season.


The exotic location of Kovalam the favorite destination for tourists in Kerala. The mild sun and the low humidity during March attract tourists to the golden sandy beach. This time of the year is best to involve in sunbathing, swimming and other beach activities. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset and have a romantic evening if you are visiting the place with your partner.


With exquisite greenery, high hills, and teeming wildlife, Wayanad is nature’s bounty. March is best suited for a trek to the stunning viewpoint of Lakkidi. It is also a great time to visit the Thusharagiri waterfall and enjoy a picnic near its banks. As Wayanad is known for its tribal population, you can visit their villages and experience their life up close. Moreover, you can see the ancient cave paintings at Edakkal and marvel at the artistic ability of the cavemen.

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

November to March is unquestionably the best time to visit the bird sanctuaries in Kerala. Many varieties of migratory birds visit the green abode during this season. If you love to watch the colorful winged creatures gracefully flying around, you can visit the Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary. The adventure trek through the area provides an opportunity to see some of the beautiful varieties of birds like Indian Pitta, Large Billed Leaf Warbler, Whiskered terns, Ceylon Frogmouth and Yellow-browed Bulbuls.


Thekkady is a favorite destination for anyone in love with the beauty of nature and the varied wildlife in Kerala. Trekking through the Periyar National park is one of the best activities that you can involve in during March, as the temperature is pleasant during this time. Boating through the spectacular artificial lake in Thekkady is another top activity in the area.

Munroe Island

Munroe island is a spectacular group of islands located in the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River. The place is famous for its astounding natural beauty. Coconut plantations and mangrove forests create a mesmerizing aura to Munroe island. The destination is perfect during March as the climate is pleasant.

Shivarathri festival, Aluva

Conducted in Aluva Mahadeva temple, Shivarathri is one of the most famous and ancient festivals in Kerala. Conducted during March, the event marks Balitharpanam — offering to ancestors — by the pilgrims. Many from different Kerala come to perform the ritual. If you plan to visit Kerala during March, make sure to witness Aluva Shivarathri.

Bekal Fort

Located in the Kasaragod district, Bekal is an iconic spot. The fort is loved equal parts for its four-century-old history and the panoramic view from its top.  It has witnessed many battles and sieges since its construction in 1650 AD, The panoramic view of the blue sea and the emerald green shore from the top point is mesmerizing. The historic spot receives more tourists during March as it is the weather is pleasant even though it is slightly warm.

By now, you will have gotten an idea of which all places to visit in Kerala during March. The colorful festivals, curious myths, and the religious harmony of Kerala make it a great place to spend your vacation. Plan your trip according to your interest, keeping in mind the prominent tourist destinations in the month. It is guaranteed that you will have a relaxing and enjoyable time in the beautiful land, away from all the stress and noise of your daily life.


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