Kerala Tour With Bio Bubble

Plan Kerala Tour Packages With Bio Bubble Security

The tourism and hospitality sectors are the ones worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. With travel bans, lockdowns, and social distancing norms, the industry found it impossible to function. Several countries have tried different strategies to reopen the sector, as it provided livelihood to millions worldwide, with a few results.

However, Kerala, one of the favorite tourism destinations in India, has come up with a solution. The innovative idea put forward by the state is termed bio-bubble.

As the name indicates, the bio-secure bubble is a safe environment free from the risk of Coronavirus. Usually, they are created to conduct sporting events such as the US Open, Indian Premier League (IPL) and so on. In this scenario, sportspersons are isolated, and the places they visit are restricted to the sporting venue and their hotel rooms, which are well sanitized.

Kerala tourism department now takes this idea to the next level and plans to convert a whole tourism destination into a bio-bubble.

How does it work?

Converting a whole tourism destination into a bio bubble is not an easy task. The first step is to vaccinate everyone in the tourist destination in Kerala. Thus everyone the tourist comes in contact with is ensured to be safe, from the ground staff at the airport to drivers to vendors to guides.

Of course, the tourists will have to be vaccinated to enter the area. Moreover, a negative RT-PCR certificate obtained within 72 hours is also mandatory. These constraints will ensure that the bubble is not breached.

How will it help tourism?

Kerala tourism department hopes that its attention to safety will reflect brightly on the tourism sector. Once the tourists are free of the fear of Covid-19 infection, they will visit the Kerala tourism destinations.

However, the task of vaccinating the entire population in a region is daunting. Though 43 percent of the population is estimated to have received the first dose vaccination, vaccinating 100 percent of people in a region is an uphill task. The government plans to first implement the bio-bubble model in less populated areas like Vythiri and Wayanad. As more regions are brought into the biosecure bubble, tour operators can conduct Kerala tour packages to these regions also.

A new hope

Kerala has always been a pioneer in implementing new ideas. The new bio-bubble model is no walk in the park. But if it becomes a success, it will be an example worth following for other states, even countries for that matter.

The tourism sector hopes that with the rigorous vaccination programs, the population will achieve herd immunity. But that is a far-fetched dream. Maybe this bio-bubble model will defibrillate the tourism industry, which was fatally affected by the raging pandemic.


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